Austin Bristow’s 2019 Top 300 Rankings

Austin Bristow's top 300 players ranked for 2019 redraft leagues!

Gooooood day to you all and happy holidays! In early October I began working to create my Top 300 rankings for 2019 redraft leagues. I’ve been promising these rankings would be posted in November, so throughout the past few weeks, I’ve been hard at work checking, adjusting, and finalizing all of the positional rankings and the overall 300. Finally, I have a product I’m proud to share with all of you, the list that I will be using for mock drafts throughout the offseason and into March’s draft season.

This is the first time you’ll see my rankings, but it is far from the last. I’ll be adjusting this initial draft throughout the offseason and posting monthly updates. In the future additions, expect to read about the adjustments that have been made from the previous version. Keep in mind, trades and free agent signings (especially relievers) could have a major contextual effect on a player’s rank going into the 2019 season. For now, though, let me explain the context of these rankings.

I’ve constructed my Top 300 based on a standard 12-team, 5×5, head-to-head categories league, only considering the 2019 season. The hitting categories considered were R, RBI, HR, SB, and AVG. For pitching stats: W, K, SV, ERA, WHIP. The positional eligibility columns are filled out to reflect ESPN leagues. If you play a Yahoo or CBS league, I am truly sorry. I’ve also included positional rankings after the overall list; I’ve listed my top 20 C, 1B, 2B, 3B, and SS, the top 50 OF, top 75 SP, and top 30 RP. Please note, the RP rankings will not include any players that I expect to be starting full-time; the RP section is intended for actual relievers likely to get saves or holds.

Without further ado, here are my top 300 players for 2019.

Overall Rankings

1Mike TroutLAA27OF1OF
2Mookie BettsBOS26OF2OF
3Jose RamirezCLE263B13B
4Francisco LindorCLE25SS1SS
5Nolan ArenadoCOL273B23B
6Manny Machado26SS2SS
7J.D. MartinezBOS31OF3OF
8Alex BregmanHOU243B33B, SS
9Jose AltuveHOU282B12B
10Trea TurnerWAS25SS4SS
11Max ScherzerWAS34SP1SP
12Bryce Harper26OF4OF
13Chris SaleBOS30SP2SP
14Jacob deGromNYM30SP3SP
15Paul GoldschmidtARI311B11B
16Aaron JudgeNYY26OF5OF
17Trevor StoryCOL26SS5SS
18Christian YelichMIL27OF6OF
19Ronald Acuna Jr.ATL21OF7OF
20Freddie FreemanATL291B21B
21Aaron NolaPHI25SP4SP
22Charlie BlackmonCOL32OF8OF
23Blake SnellTB26SP5SP
24Corey KluberCLE32SP6SP
25Javier BaezCHC262B22B, 3B, SS
26Justin VerlanderHOU36SP7SP
27Giancarlo StantonNYY29OF9OF
28Clayton KershawLAD31SP8SP
29Kris BryantCHC273B53B, OF
30Gerrit ColeHOU28SP9SP
31Anthony RizzoCHC291B31B
32Andrew BenintendiBOS24OF11OF
33Trevor BauerCLE28SP10SP
34Matt CarpenterSTL331B41B, 3B
35Eugenio SuarezCIN273B73B
36Anthony RendonWAS283B83B
37Carlos CarrascoCLE32SP11SP
38Starling MartePIT30OF12OF
39Carlos CorreaHOU24SS7SS
40Cody BellingerLAD231B51B, OF
41Lorenzo CainMIL32OF14OF
42George SpringerHOU29OF15OF
43Noah SyndergaardNYM26SP13SP
44Luis SeverinoNYY25SP12SP
45Juan SotoWAS20OF16OF
46Whit MerrifieldKC302B32B, OF
47Patrick CorbinARI29SP14SP
48Xander BogaertsBOS26SS8SS
49Zack GreinkeARI35SP15SP
50Craig Kimbrel30RP1RP
51Mike ClevingerCLE28SP16SP
52James PaxtonNYY30SP17SP
53Khris DavisOAK31DH1DH
54Walker BuehlerLAD24SP18SP
55Edwin DiazSEA25RP2RP
56Ozzie AlbiesATL222B42B
57Rhys HoskinsPHI26OF18OF
58Jameson TaillonPIT27SP19SP
59German MarquezCOL23SP20SP
60Stephen StrasburgWAS30SP21SP
61Aaron HicksNYY29OF19OF
62Eddie RosarioMIN27OF20OF
63Josh DonaldsonATL333B93B
64Jack FlahertySTL23SP22SP
65Blake TreinenOAK30RP3RP
66Justin UptonLAA31OF21OF
67Nicholas CastellanosDET27OF22OF
68Vladimir Guerrero Jr.TOR203B103B
69David PeraltaARI31OF23OF
70Matt ChapmanOAK253B113B
71Corey SeagerLAD25SS9SS
72Jose AbreuCHW321B61B
73A.J. PollockARI31OF24OF
74Joey VottoCIN351B71B
75Jesus AguilarMIL291B81B
76Scooter GennettCIN282B52B
77Adalberto MondesiKC23SS10SS
78Jose BerriosMIN24SP23SP
79Mike FoltynewiczATL27SP24SP
80Kenley JansenLAD31RP4RP
81Daniel Murphy332B62B
82Joey GalloTEX251B91B, OF
83David PriceBOS33SP25SP
84Miles MikolasSTL30SP26SP
85J.T. RealmutoMIA26C1C
86Travis ShawMIL282B72B, 3B
87Jean SeguraSEA29SS11SS
88Roberto OsunaHOU24RP5RP
89Justin TurnerLAD343B133B
90Tommy PhamTB31OF26OF
91Wil MyersSD283B143B, OF
92Zack WheelerNYM29SP27SP
93Michael ConfortoNYM26OF28OF
94Gary SanchezNYY26C2C
95Aroldis ChapmanNYY31RP6RP
96Michael Brantley32OF29OF
97Madison BumgarnerSF29SP28SP
98Ross StriplingLAD29SP29SP
99Nelson Cruz38DH2DH
100Mitch HanigerSEA28OF30OF
101Matt OlsonOAK251B101B
102Mallex SmithSEA26OF31OF
103Max MuncyLAD291B111B, 3B
104Brad HandCLE29RP7RP
105Dee GordonSEA302B82B, OF
106Masahiro TanakaNYY30SP30SP
107David DahlCOL23OF33OF
108Jesse WinkerCIN25OF34OF
109Gleyber TorresNYY222B92B, SS
110Jurickson ProfarTEX251B121B, 3B, SS
111Raisel IglesiasCIN29RP8RP
112Ender InciarteATL28OF35OF
113Luis CastilloCIN26SP31SP
114Felipe VasquezPIT27RP9RP
115Robinson CanoSEA362B102B
116Robbie RayARI27SP32SP
117Yu DarvishCHC32SP33SP
118Carlos MartinezSTL27SP34SP
119Tyler GlasnowTB25SP35SP
120Willson ContrerasCHC26C3C
121Elvis AndrusTEX30SS14SS
122Rougned OdorTEX252B112B
123Nick PivettaPHI26SP36SP
124Josh HaderMIL25RP10RP
125Sean DoolittleWAS32RP11RP
126Brian Dozier312B122B
127Eloy JimenezCHW22OF36OF
128Tyler WhiteHOU281B131B
129Jose LeclercTEX25RP12RP
130Amed RosarioNYM23SS15SS
131Jon LesterCHC35SP37SP
132Edwin EncarnacionCLE361B141B
133Jose MartinezSTL301B151B, OF
134Kyle FreelandCOL26SP38SP
135Wilson Ramos31C4C
136Gregory PolancoPIT27OF38OF
137Kyle HendricksCHC29SP39SP
138Miguel AndujarNYY243B173B
139Andrew McCutchen32OF39OF
140Stephen PiscottyOAK28OF40OF
141Buster PoseySF32C5C, 1B
142Yasiel PuigLAD28OF41OF
143Shohei OhtaniLAA24DH3SP, DH
144Rafael DeversBOS223B183B
145Mike SorokaATL21SP40SP
146Brandon NimmoNYM26OF42OF
147Alex ReyesSTL24SP41SP
148Victor RoblesWAS22OF43OF
149Franmil ReyesSD23OF44OF
150Tim AndersonCHW25SS16SS
151Eduardo RodriguezBOS25SP42SP
152Salvador PerezKC28C6C
153Harrison BaderSTL25OF45OF
154Mike Moustakas303B193B
155Ian DesmondCOL331B161B, OF
156Nomar MazaraTEX23OF47OF
157Cesar HernandezPHI282B132B
158Yoan MoncadaCHW232B142B
159Jon GrayCOL27SP43SP
160Miguel CabreraDET351B171B
161Tyler SkaggsLAA27SP44SP
162J.A. Happ36SP45SP
163Kirby YatesSD32RP13RP
164Ken GilesTOR28RP14RP
165Chris ArcherPIT30SP46SP
166Wade DavisCOL33RP15RP
167Marcell OzunaSTL28OF48OF
168Cole HamelsCHC35SP47SP
169Jose PerazaCIN24SS172B, SS
170Jonathan VillarBAL272B152B
171Nathan Eovaldi29SP48SP
172Corey KnebelMIL27RP16RP
173Andrelton SimmonsLAA29SS18SS
174Yasmani Grandal30C7C
175Brandon MorrowCHC34RP17RP
176Eduardo EscobarARI303B203B, SS
177Carlos SantanaPHI321B181B
178Jose QuintanaCHC30SP49SP
179Charlie MortonHOU35SP50SP
180Seranthony DominguezPHI24RP18RP
181DJ LeMahieu302B162B
182Jonathan SchoopMIL272B172B
183Adam EatonWAS30OF49OF
184Yadier MolinaSTL36C8C
185Jeremy JeffressMIL31RP19RP
186Eric HosmerSD291B191B
187Rick PorcelloBOS30SP51SP
188Ryan BraunMIL35OF50OF
189Jake ArrietaPHI33SP52SP
190Austin MeadowsTB24OF51OF
191Chase AndersonMIL31SP53SP
192Shane BieberCLE24SP54SP
193Will SmithSF29RP20RP
194Miguel SanoMIN253B213B
196Paul DeJongSTL25SS20SS
197Hyun-Jin RyuLAD32SP55SP
198Nick Markakis35OF52OF
199Ketel MarteARI252B182B, SS
200Adam Ottavino33RP21RP
195Byron BuxtonMIN25OF53OF
201Kyle SchwarberCHC26OF54OF
202Andrew HeaneyLAA28SP56SP
203AJ MinterATL25RP22RP
204Jeff McNeilNYM262B192B
205Hunter RenfroeSD27OF55OF
206Yan GomesCLE31C9C
207Jeurys Familia29RP23RP
208Avisail GarciaCHW27OF56OF
209Joey WendleTB292B202B
210Billy HamiltonCIN28OF57OF
211Shin-Soo ChooTEX36OF58OF
212Alex WoodLAD28SP57SP
213Jimmy NelsonMIL29SP58SP
214Willy AdamesTB232B212B, SS
215Kevin GausmanATL28SP59SP
216Joshua JamesHOU26SP60SP
217Ian HappCHC243B223B, OF
218Francisco MejiaSD23C10C
219Matthew BoydDET28SP61SP
220Jordan HicksSTL22RP24RP
221Marcus SemienOAK28SS23SS
222Rich HillLAD39SP62SP
223Dallas Keuchel31SP64SP
224Joe MusgrovePIT26SP65SP
225Willians AstudilloMIN27C11C
226C.J. CronMIN291B201B
227Zack GodleyARI28SP63SP
228Yoshihisa HiranoARI35RP25RP
229Archie BradleyARI26RP26RP
230Jorge PolancoMIN25SS24SS
231Francisco CervelliPIT33C12C
232Chris TaylorLAD28SS25SS, OF
233Kyle TuckerHOU21OF61OF
234Julio UriasLAD22SP66SP
235Cody AllenCLE30RP27RP
236Corey DickersonPIT29OF62OF
237Arodys VizcainoATL28RP28RP
238Michael FulmerDET26SP67SP
239Kenta MaedaLAD30SP68SP
240Luke VoitNYY281B211B
241Willie CalhounTEX24OF63OF
242Nick SenzelCIN243B233B
243Tucker BarnhartCIN28C13C
244Robert GsellmanNYM25RP29RP
245Manuel MargotSD24OF64OF
246Danny JansenTOR24C14C
247Randall GrichukTOR27OF65OF
248Touki ToussaintATL23SP69SP
249Garrett HampsonCOL242B222B
250David Robertson33RP30RP
251Andrew Miller33RP31RP
252Dinelson LametSD26SP70SP
253Dansby SwansonATL25SS26SS
254Bo BichetteTOR21SS27SS
255Mike ZuninoTB28C15C
256Scott KingeryPHI252B232B
257Steven MatzNYM28SP71SP
258Justin SmoakTOR321B221B
259Dereck RodriguezSF27SP72SP
260Joey LuchessiSD26SP73SP
261Greg BirdNYY261B231B
262Johan CamargoATL253B243B, SS
263Yuli GurrielHOU351B241B, 3B
264Jed Lowrie352B242B
265Joc PedersonLAD27OF66OF
266Lourdes Gurriel Jr.TB252B252B, SS
267Kyle SeagerSEA313B263B
268Brett GardnerNYY35OF67OF
269Reynaldo LopezCHW25SP74SP
270Dellin BetancesNYY31RP32RP
271Raimel TapiaCOL25OF68OF
272Zach Britton31RP33RP
273Ryan ZimmermanWAS341B251B
274Luke WeaverSTL24SP75SP
275Austin BarnesLAD29C16C
276Dylan BundyBAL26SP76SP
277Marwin Gonzalez301B261B, 2B, SS, OF
278Carlos RodonCHW26SP77SP
279Jordan MontgomeryNYY26SP78SP
280Brandon BeltSF301B271B
281Forrest WhitleyHOU21SP79SP
282Scott ScheblerCIN28OF69OF
283Teoscar HernandezTOR26OF70OF
284Mike MinorTEX31SP80SP
285Peter AlonsoNYM241B281B
286Welington CastilloCHW32C17C
287Jake BauersTB231B291B, OF
288Josh BellPIT261B301B
289Justin BourPHI301B311B
290Mark MelanconSF34RP33RP
291Luiz GoharaATL22SP81SP
292Matt KempLAD34OF72OF
293Brendan RodgersCOL22SS31SS
294Yoenis CespedesNYM33OF73OF
295Didi GregoriusNYY29SS32SS
296Odubel HerreraPHI27OF74OF
297Trevor WilliamsPIT27SP82SP
298Franchy CorderoSD24OF75OF
299Delino DeShields Jr.TEX26OF76OF
300Fernando Tatis Jr.SD20SS33SS

Positional Rankings


C185J.T. RealmutoMIA28
C294Gary Sanchez"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Gary SanchezNYY26
C3120Willson Contreras"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Willson ContrerasCHC26
C4135Wilson Ramos"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Wilson Ramos31
C5141Buster Posey"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Buster PoseySF32
C6152Salvador Perez"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Salvador PerezKC28
C7174Yasmani Grandal"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Yasmani Grandal30
C8184Yadier Molina"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Yadier MolinaSTL36
C9206Yan Gomes"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Yan GomesCLE31
C10219Francisco Mejia"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Francisco MejiaSD23
C11226Willians Astudillo"}”>Willians AstudilloMIN27
C12232Francisco Cervelli"}”>Francisco CervelliPIT33
C13244Tucker Barnhart"}”>Tucker BarnhartCIN28
C14247Danny Jansen"}”>Danny JansenTOR24
C15256Mike Zunino"}”>Mike ZuninoTB28
C16275Austin Barnes"}”>Austin BarnesLAD29
C17286Welington Castillo"}”>Welington CastilloCHW31
C18N/ATravis d’ArnaudNYM30
C19N/AKurt Suzuki"}”>Kurt SuzukiWAS35
C20N/AJonathan Lucroy"}”>Jonathan LucroyOAK33

First Base

1B115Paul GoldschmidtARI31
1B220Freddie FreemanATL29
1B331Anthony RizzoCHC29
1B434Matt CarpenterSTL333B
1B540Cody BellingerLAD23OF
1B672Jose AbreuCWS32
1B774Joey VottoCIN35
1B875Jesus AguilarMIL29
1B982Joey GalloTEX253B
1B10101Matt OlsonOAK25
1B11103Max MuncyLAD293B
1B12110Jurickson ProfarTEX253B, SS
1B13128Tyler WhiteHOU28
1B14132Edwin EncarnacionCLE36
1B15133Jose MartinezSTL30OF
1B16155Ian DesmondCOL33OF
1B17160Miguel CabreraDET35
1B18177Carlos SantanaPHI32
1B19186Eric HosmerSD29
1B20226C.J. CronMIN29

Second Base

2B19Jose Altuve"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Jose AltuveHOU29
2B225Javier Baez"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Javier BaezCHC27SS
2B346Whit Merrifield"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Whit MerrifieldKC31OF
2B456Ozzie Albies"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Ozzie AlbiesATL22
2B576Scooter Gennett"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Scooter GennettCIN29
2B681Daniel Murphy"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Daniel Murphy35
2B786Travis Shaw"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Travis ShawMIL293B
2B8105Dee Gordon"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Dee GordonSEA31OF
2B9109Gleyber Torres"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Gleyber TorresNYY22SS
2B10115Robinson Cano"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Robinson CanoSEA37
2B11122Rougned Odor"}”>Rougned OdorTEX26
2B12126Brian Dozier"}”>Brian Dozier33
2B13157Cesar Hernandez"}”>Cesar HernandezPHI30
2B14158Yoan Moncada"}”>Yoan MoncadaCWS24
2B15170Jonathan Villar"}”>Jonathan VillarBAL28
2B16181DJ LeMahieu"}”>DJ LeMahieu31
2B17182Jonathan Schoop"}”>Jonathan SchoopMIL28
2B18199Ketel Marte"}”>Ketel MarteARI25SS
2B19204Jeff McNeil"}”>Jeff McNeilNYM26
2B20209Joey Wendle"}”>Joey WendleTB29

Third Base

3B13Jose RamirezCLE26
3B25Nolan ArenadoCOL28
3B38Alex BregmanHOU25SS
3B425Javier BaezCHC262B, SS
3B529Kris BryantCHC27OF
3B634Matt CarpenterSTL331B
3B735Eugenio SuarezCIN28
3B836Anthony RendonWSH29
3B963Josh DonaldsonATL34
3B1068Vladimir Guerrero Jr.TOR20
3B1170Matt ChapmanOAK26
3B1286Travis ShawMIL292B
3B1389Justin TurnerLAD35
3B1491Wil MyersSD28OF
3B15103Max MuncyLAD281B
3B16110Jurickson ProfarTEX261B, SS
3B17138Miguel AndujarNYY24
3B18144Rafael DeversBOS23
3B19154Mike Moustakas31
3B20176Eduardo EscobarARI30SS


SS14Francisco LindorCLE25
SS26Manny Machado26
SS38Alex BregmanHOU253B
SS410Trea TurnerWSH26
SS517Trevor StoryCOL26
SS625Javier BaezCHC262B, 3B
SS739Carlos CorreaHOU25
SS848Xander BogaertsBOS27
SS971Corey SeagerLAD25
SS1077Adalberto MondesiKC23
SS1187Jean SeguraSEA30
SS12109Gleyber TorresNYY222B
SS13110Jurickson ProfarTEX261B, 3B
SS14121Elvis AndrusTEX31
SS15130Amed RosarioNYM23
SS16150Tim AndersonCHW26
SS17169Jose PerazaCIN25
SS18173Andrelton SimmonsLAA30
SS19176Eduardo EscobarARI303B
SS20196Paul DeJongSTL25


OF11Mike Trout"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Mike TroutLAA28
OF22Mookie Betts"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Mookie BettsBOS27
OF37J.D. MartinezBOS31
OF412Bryce Harper"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Bryce HarperWSH27
OF516Aaron Judge"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Aaron JudgeNYY27
OF618Christian Yelich"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Christian YelichMIL28
OF719Ronald Acuna Jr."}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Ronald Acuña Jr.ATL22
OF822Charlie Blackmon"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Charlie BlackmonCOL33
OF927Giancarlo Stanton"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Giancarlo StantonNYY30
OF1029Kris Bryant"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Kris BryantCHC273B
OF1132Andrew Benintendi"}”>Andrew BenintendiBOS25
OF1238Starling Marte"}”>Starling MartePIT31
OF1340Cody Bellinger"}”>Cody BellingerLAD241B
OF1441Lorenzo Cain"}”>Lorenzo CainMIL33
OF1542George Springer"}”>George SpringerHOU30
OF1645Juan Soto"}”>Juan SotoWAS20
OF1746Whit Merrifield"}”>Whit MerrifieldKC302B
OF1857Rhys Hoskins"}”>Rhys HoskinsPHI27
OF1961Aaron Hicks"}”>Aaron HicksNYY29
OF2062Eddie Rosario"}”>Eddie RosarioMIN28
OF2165Justin Upton"}”>Justin UptonLAA32
OF2266Nicholas CastellanosDET27
OF2368David Peralta"}”>David PeraltaARI31
OF2472A.J. PollockARI32
OF2582Joey Gallo"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Joey GalloTEX251B
OF2690Tommy Pham"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Tommy PhamTB32
OF2791Wil Myers"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Wil MyersSD283B
OF2893Michael Conforto"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Michael ConfortoNYM27
OF2996Michael Brantley"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Michael BrantleyCLE32
OF30100Mitch Haniger"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Mitch HanigerSEA28
OF31102Mallex Smith"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Mallex SmithSEA26
OF32105Dee Gordon"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Dee GordonSEA312B
OF33107David Dahl"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>David DahlCOL23
OF34108Jesse Winker"}”>Jesse WinkerCIN28
OF35112Ender Inciarte"}”>Ender InciarteATL29
OF36127Eloy Jimenez"}”>Eloy JimenezCHW22
OF37133Jose Martinez"}”>Jose MartinezSTL301B
OF38136Gregory Polanco"}”>Gregory PolancoPIT28
OF39139Andrew McCutchen"}”>Andrew McCutchen33
OF40140Stephen Piscotty"}”>Stephen PiscottyOAK28
OF41142Yasiel Puig"}”>Yasiel PuigLAD28
OF42146Brandon Nimmo"}”>Brandon NimmoNYM26
OF43148Victor Robles"}”>Victor RoblesWAS22
OF44149Franmil Reyes"}”>Franmil ReyesSD23
OF45153Harrison Bader"}”>Harrison BaderSTL25
OF46155Ian Desmond"}”>Ian DesmondCOL341B
OF47156Nomar Mazara"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Nomar MazaraTEX24
OF48167Marcell Ozuna"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Marcell OzunaSTL29
OF49183Adam Eaton"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Adam EatonWSH31
OF50188Ryan Braun"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Ryan BraunMIL36

Starting Pitcher

SP111Max ScherzerWAS35
SP213Chris SaleBOS30
SP314Jacob deGromNYM32
SP421Aaron NolaPHI27
SP523Blake SnellTB26
SP624Corey KluberCLE34
SP726Justin VerlanderHOU37
SP828Clayton KershawLAD32
SP930Gerrit ColeHOU29
SP1033Trevor BauerCLE29
SP1137Carlos CarrascoCLE33
SP1244Luis SeverinoNYY26
SP1343Noah SyndergaardNYM27
SP1447Patrick CorbinARI29
SP1549Zack GreinkeARI36
SP1651Mike ClevingerCLE28
SP1752James PaxtonNYY31
SP1854Walker BuehlerLAD24
SP1958Jameson TaillonPIT27
SP2059German MarquezCOL24
SP2160Stephen StrasburgWAS31
SP2264Jack FlahertySTL23
SP2378Jose BerriosMIN26
SP2479Mike FoltynewiczATL27
SP2583David PriceBOS34
SP2684Miles MikolasSTL30
SP2792Zack WheelerNYM29
SP2897Madison BumgarnerSF30
SP2998Ross StriplingLAD29
SP30106Masahiro TanakaNYY31
SP31113Luis CastilloCIN27
SP32116Robbie RayARI28
SP33117Yu DarvishCHC33
SP34118Carlos MartinezSTL28
SP35119Tyler GlasnowTB25
SP36123Nick PivettaPHI26
SP37131Jon LesterCHC35
SP38134Kyle FreelandCOL26
SP39137Kyle HendricksCHC30
SP40145Mike SorokaATL21
SP41147Alex ReyesSTL24
SP42151Eduardo RodriguezBOS25
SP43159Jon GrayCOL28
SP44161Tyler SkaggsLAA27
SP45162J.A. Happ36
SP46165Chris ArcherPIT31
SP47168Cole HamelsCHC35
SP48171Nathan Eovaldi29
SP49178Jose QuintanaCHC30
SP50179Charlie Morton35
SP51187Rick PorcelloBOS30
SP52189Jake ArrietaPHI34
SP53191Chase AndersonMIL32
SP54192Shane BieberCLE24
SP55197Hyun-Jin Ryu32
SP56202Andrew HeaneyLAA28
SP57212Alex WoodLAD29
SP58213Jimmy NelsonMIL29
SP59215Kevin GausmanATL28
SP60216Joshua JamesHOU26
SP61219Matthew BoydDET28
SP62222Rich HillLAD39
SP63227Zack GodleyARI30
SP64223Dallas Keuchel31
SP65224Joe MusgrovePIT26
SP66234Julio UriasLAD22
SP67238Michael FulmerDET26
SP68239Kenta MaedaLAD31
SP69248Touki ToussaintATL23
SP70252Dinelson LametSD26
SP71257Steven MatzNYM28
SP72259Dereck RodriguezSF27
SP73260Joey LuchessiSD26
SP74269Reynaldo LopezCHW25
SP75274Luke WeaverSTL24

Relief Pitcher

RP150Craig Kimbrel"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Craig Kimbrel31
RP255Edwin Diaz"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Edwin DiazSEA26
RP364Blake Treinen"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Blake TreinenOAK30
RP480Kenley Jansen"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Kenley JansenLAD32
RP588Roberto Osuna"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Roberto OsunaHOU25
RP695Aroldis Chapman"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Aroldis ChapmanNYY32
RP7104Brad Hand"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Brad HandCLE30
RP8111Raisel Iglesias"}” data-sheets-numberformat=”[null,2,".000"]”>Raisel IglesiasCIN30
RP9114Felipe VasquezPIT28
RP10124Josh Hader"}”>Josh HaderMIL25
RP11125Sean Doolittle"}”>Sean DoolittleWSH33
RP12129Jose Leclerc"}”>Jose LeclercTEX25
RP13163Kirby Yates"}”>Kirby YatesSD32
RP14164Ken Giles"}”>Ken GilesTOR29
RP15166Wade Davis"}”>Wade DavisCOL34
RP16172Corey Knebel"}”>Corey KnebelMIL28
RP17175Brandon Morrow"}”>Brandon MorrowCHC35
RP18180Seranthony Dominguez"}”>Seranthony DominguezPHI24
RP19185Jeremy Jeffress"}”>Jeremy JeffressMIL31
RP20193Will Smith"}”>Will SmithSF29
RP21200Adam Ottavino"}”>Adam Ottavino33
RP22203AJ Minter"}”>AJ MinterATL25
RP23207Jeurys Familia"}”>Jeurys Familia30
RP24221Jordan Hicks"}”>Jordan HicksSTL22
RP25228Yoshihisa Hirano"}”>Yoshihisa HiranoARI34
RP26229Archie Bradley"}”>Archie BradleyARI27
RP27236Cody Allen"}”>Cody Allen31
RP28238Arodys Vizcaino"}”>Arodys VizcainoATL29
RP29245Robert Gsellman"}”>Robert GsellmanNYM25
RP30252David Robertson"}”>David Robertson33

Austin Bristow II

Raised as an Atlanta Braves fan in central Illinois, Austin Bristow II attended Eureka College. Since cofounding his home league at age 16, Austin has been obsessed with fantasy baseball, always intent to stay ahead of the changes in player value. Austin serves as the Staff Manager for Pitcher List.

  • Avatar Ole Cars O Cars' Car says:

    Austin, you are a Delight. This is awesome. Thanks for making my lunch break interesting. I especially appreciate the positional rankings.
    Surprises: Rizzo so high; Encarnacion so low
    100% agree: Corey Seager – you’re paying for the name; Bauer is for real

    • Avatar theKraken says:

      How do you figure you are paying for Seager’s name? A year ago he was top 40 easily. I would put him much higher as there are few better hitters… last time he was healthy he was one of the best combinations of floor and ceiling. If he is healthy, then he is top 10. Maybe he is hurt forever, but I certainly like him more than Bregman and he was a better hitter than Lindor when they played at the same time. Seager really couldn’t do much more than he did in his healthy time, but I guess there is something not to like.

      • Avatar Ole Cars O Cars’ Car says:

        C Seager at his best is a good four-category producer. Mid 20 homer power. Nowhere near the run or RBI production of elite 4 category guys like Arenado. A couple of steals. Good to great average. He is just good. Not very good or elite. I’ll take Bregman 10 times out of 10 over Seager.

        • Avatar Steve says:

          Sigh. These comments are so short sighted. Let us review the tale of the tape.

          Corey is 24.
          Corey is a former first round pick.
          In Corey’s 1st full season he hit 26 homers, scored 100+ runs, and hit .308.
          He was the ROY and finished 3rd in the MVP voting that year.
          In Corey’s other full season, he hit 22 homers and hit .295.
          Corey is a career .302/.372/.494 hitter.
          No, Corey doesn’t run much, but he’s not slow. SBs have high variance year to year for non-burners (see Machado, Manny).
          Corey is 6’4”, 220 lbs. – does this seem like someone who doesn’t generate power?
          Did you know that players generally improve in their 20s? (especially those on the younger side with prospect pedigree).
          Before this season, who would you have taken over Trevor Story? Over Baez? Even over Yelich who previously was good, not great until his otherwordly 2nd half. How sure are you that Yelich outhomers Seager over the next 3 years?
          IMO, young Mr. Seager looks awfully similar to one Robinson Cano who was a 1st round fixture for the better portion of his peak.

          The point is that you are dismissing Seager beacuse you seem to think he is a known commodity. You think you “know” he will have meager R and RBI totals even though he will be hitting in the middle of the Dodgers lineup for years to come. You “know” he only has mid-20 homer power (If Lindor can hit almost 40 homers, you better believe Seager can too). Bregman had an awesome season, and I’m not saying I’d take Seager over him in a 2019 scratch, but I think there is a very fair chance Seager outperforms him. He’ll certainly out-earn him based on where he’s being drafted.

          He might be better in real life than in fantasy, but there is nothing “just good” about Corey Seager. He is an elite talent.

          • Avatar Ole Cars O Cars’ Car says:

            This is a fantasy baseball article Steve. In fantasy baseball he is just good to very good.

            • Avatar Steve says:

              His floor is very good. His upside is elite. Again, think prime Cano as I think that is a strong comparable. Just a year ago this guy was a 3rd pick and deservedly so. Unfortunately, he’s lost a year of development, which has let some contemporaries surpass him. Still doesn’t take away from his talent. If he blew up with a monster season this year or next, it shouldn’t surprise anyone in the slightest.

        • Avatar theKraken says:

          I would say that 30 HR is perfectly reasonable. Mid 20s is a lock. He is also one of a few players that is capable of hitting .300. Consider that a million RBI come along with that profile as well. You should remember that he is just a kid – I think Arenado is absolutely a reasonable outcome if he ever made any kind of improvement. I think he is elite if he is healthy – but that is not a given. Fine with me if the rest of the world is out! I appreciate the reply – it is always interesting to see how other people view the world.

    • Avatar Nick Gerli says:

      I’m with Steve on this one. People are seriously underrating Seager. The guy was an MVP candidate in his age-22 season. His career line is 302 / 372 / 494. What a floor! And that’s ignoring the 30+ HR upside he has as he matures. I get this is a re-draft, but I could easily see Seager hitting 30+ HR with a 310 / 385 / 530 line next year, which would make him a late first round value.

  • Avatar Upton Funk says:

    Great list! Curious why you have Matt Chapman (70) so much higher than Tim Anderson (150) and Villar (170) in this format (all 3 are vying for my potential final [7th] keeper slot). I had Anderson and Villar both over Chapman in my early rankings. Do you expect Chapman to breakout further on the power front + retain the average gains?

    • Avatar Nick Gerli says:

      If you’re in a keeper league Chapman is the no brainer choice. With that said, I agree that 70 is a bit too high for him in re-draft. Seems like he got a bunch of fortunate batted ball luck last year based on his 370 wOBA v. 333 xwOBA.

      Anderson and Villar are both bad hitters who could very easily find themselves on the bench in the second half. Their HR+SB combo is tantalizing, but it’s nothing you should be circling in the first 10-12 rounds.

  • Avatar Dan says:

    Aaron Hicks at 61 overall is interesting to me. He went 145 in your early mock draft. Seems like an enormous discrepancy. What’s changed to put him so high? I have him in a keeper league but was leaning towards letting him loose since I can keep only 6, but at 61 that would put him back in the conversation.

  • Avatar James says:

    Thanks for giving us something to think about. I’d love it if you could adjust your rankings for OBP leagues. It seems like OBP is used almost as much as AVG, but it’s much harder to find rankings.

  • Avatar Realist says:

    This list is Solid! Peraza is the only head scratcher for me, seems too low. The jury is out on Cory S folks. It’s put up or shut up in 2019.

  • Avatar says:

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