Pitcher List Dynasty Mock: Kyle Horton’s Picks

It’s my first off-season here with Pitcher List, which also means it’s the first time I’m doing mock drafts that aren’t filled with computer bots and people that left after the third round. It’s exciting, fun, and new. What’s even more new to me is a dynasty mock draft. I’m going into my seventh consecutive […]

Player Profiles 2020: San Francisco Giants Starting Pitchers

Michael Ajeto analyzes the San Francisco Giants rotation for 2020 with in-depth player profiles.

Fantasy 101: Playoff Strategies

Colin Ward gives his tips on how to win your fantasy playoffs.

On The Corner Episode 177 – AL Fringe SPs To Consider

Nick Pollack & Alex Fast discuss AL starting pitchers on the fringe of helping you in 12-teamers.

Player Profiles 2020: Oakland Athletics Bullpen

Matt Wallach breaks down the Oakland Athletics bullpen for the 2020 season.

Pitcher List Dynasty Mock: Zach Lindgren’s Picks

Zach Lindgren details the thought process between his picks in the dynasty mock draft.

Fantasy 101: How to Design a Good Trade

David Fenko gives his key habits that make up a good trader.

Hall of Fame For and Against: Bobby Abreu, OF

PitcherList writers Andy Patton and Dave Cherman debate the Hall of Fame candidacy of former outfielder Bobby Abreu.

Going Deep: 10 Under-the-Radar Pitchers with Money Pitches in 2019

Ben Palmer takes a look at 10 under-the-radar pitchers who had money pitches in 2019.

Pitcher List Mock Draft #3: Dave Cherman’s Picks

It's Dave Cherman’s turn to detail his round-by-round thoughts as we continue our coverage of the Pitcher List 2020 Mock Drafts.

Player Profiles 2020: Chicago White Sox Starting Pitchers

Nick Pollack analyzes the Chicago White Sox rotation for 2020 with in-depth player profiles.

Going Deep: Built Ford Tough!

So I’m not sure if you are aware of Mike Ford but he is an underdog that deserves your attention for the upcoming season. The Yankees ZiPS projections were released recently on FanGraphs and Ford’s projected for .257/.340/.481 with 25 home runs, 75 RBI, and 69 runs! That is an impressive line for a player […]

On The Corner Episode 176 – Dan Richards’ PL Mock Draft

Nick Pollack & Dan Richards discuss Dan's draft picks in #PLmock2 including Nelson Cruz, Max Fried, and JD Davis.

2020 Pitcher List Staff Hall of Fame Voting

Who's In? Who's Out? Joe Garino breaks down the Pitcher List staff's Hall of Fame ballots.

Fantasy 101: How to Turn Projections Into Rankings and Auction Values

In this part of the Fantasy 101 series, Alexander Chase explains how to build your own projections and turn them into draft rankings and auction values.

An Intro to Ottoneu: So, You Want to Play Ottoneu?

Mark McElroy introduces the Pitcher List Ottoneu Rookie League (Ottonewbs) and outlines the rules and some of the ways that Ottoneu is different from other fantasy formats.

Pitcher List Dynasty Mock: Travis Sherer’s Picks

Travis Sherer breaks down his mock dynasty draft selections.

Going Deep: Barrels and Ballpark Factors Pt. II

Dan Richards updates his park factors to add 2017-18 data and include directionality.

Player Profiles 2020: Seattle Mariners Starting Pitchers

Michael Ajeto analyzes the Seattle Mariners rotation for 2020 with in-depth player profiles.

On The Farm Episode 14: Pittsburgh Pirates with Max Freeze

Adam Lawler and Max Freeze talk about players Freeze likes and dislikes this season on this episode of the On the Farm podcast.