Chris Flexen’s Changeup + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Tuesday’s Games

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Chris Flexen’s Changeup – The Mets have needed extra arms this season given their vast array of injuries and Flexen has gotten a chance in the rotation. He didn’t get plenty of strikeouts, but he did get one to Rougned Odor with an excellent Changeup that faded off the plate. Excellent slow-motion shot of the devliery as well. (Thanks to Redditor see_mohn for the tip!)

Corey Kluber’s Slider – Fine, you’ve seen plenty of Kluber Sliders through the entire year, but can we really deny him another spot in these roundups when he’s pitching like this? Didn’t think so.

Fernando Rodney’s Changeup – Rodney still makes Diamondback fans nervous when he’s on the hill – a 4.54 ERA isn’t all too pretty – but he shut the door on the possibly historic Dodgers including punching out Joc Pederson with his signature Changeup.

Carl Edwards Jr.’s Curveball – After a disastrous 4 ER appearance, Edwards got the job done in San Francisco Tuesday night. He earned his first out with a big hook that somehow hit the dirt despite starting at the top of the strikezone.

Chris Sale’s Sliders – We featured Kluber, how could we ignore Sale and his 13 strikeouts? First is a backdoor Slider that he casually sits on the corner for strike one, then there’s a slide piece that broke Mallex Smith’s back as he considered bunting for a hit. Absolutely filthy. (Thanks to Redditor MundaneInternetGuy for the tip!)

GIF Of The Night

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