Michael Augustine

I've Contributed to Bronx Baseball Daily, Rant Sports, Beyond the Box Score, Fansided, Community Research on Fangraphs and Rotoballer. I hated any and all math in school so I am self-taught in statistical analysis. I also assist with the development of Out of the Park Baseball (18 and 19). Come check out my pitching gifs: https://gfycat.com/@Augustine_MLB

Going Deep: Effective Velocity and Reaction Time

Michael Augustine discusses effective velocity and its relation to hitter perception.

Going Deep: Perceived Velocity

Michael Augustine explains the concept of perceived velocity and how it ties into a pitcher's mechanics.

Going Deep: Luis Severino Should Probably Be OK

Michael Augustine investigates if its time to be worried about Luis Severino.

Going Deep: Contextualizing Curveball Spin Rate

Michael Augustine looks into curveball spin rate and its significance to the pitch.

Going Deep: Digging Some Pitching Tunnels

Michael Augustine looks into pitch tunneling with the help of some slick gif overlays.

Statcast Update Week 14: Jed, George, and Jon

Michael Augustine reviews the past week's Statcast highlights and lowlights.

Going Deep: Derek Dietrich Is Having a Month

Michael Augustine reviews the last 30 days of Derek Dietrich's torrid run.

Statcast Update Week 13: Giancarlo, Margot, and a Jose Tandem

Michael Augustine compliments Statcast winners while lamenting the flops for week 13.

Going Deep: What’s Up With Jon Gray?

Michael Augustine looks into what's really going on with Jon Gray in 2018.

Statcast Update Week 12: Trout, Harper, and the Yankees

Michael Augustine reviews last week's Statcast studs and duds.

Going Deep: Edwin Diaz Has Become Elite

Michael Augustine discusses the propulsion system behind the meteoric rise of Edwin Diaz.

Going Deep: Albert Almora, Jr. Is Getting Special Treatment

Michael Augustine explains why Albert Almora, Jr. is being set up for a very productive season.

Going Deep: Jose Quintana Is the Best at Something

Jose Quintana has been disappointing this season but Michael Augustine has found an overlooked asset.

Going Deep: The Brewers Seem To Have Another Bullpen Ace

Michael Augustine looks into the hidden gem of the top-notch Milwaukee Brewers bullpen.

Going Deep: Finding Baseball’s Best Catcher

Michael Augustine explores and evaluates both offensive and defensive catching metrics to emphasize the best catcher in baseball.

Going Deep: Is Sergio Romo the Right ‘Opener’ for the Rays?

Michael Augustine talks some 'bullpenning' and checks if Romo is really the best option for 'The Opener'.

Going Deep: Anthony Rizzo Has Become an Enigma

Anothny Rizzo is too good of a hitter to be struggling this much for this long. Michael Augustine searches for answers.

Going Deep: Zack Greinke and the Erroneous Strike

Michael Augustine looks into how Zack Greinke and Jeff Mathis have been getting away with phantom strikes.

Going Deep: The Curve in Adam Wainwright’s Career

Michael Augustine looks at what's gone wrong early (and what might be in store) for Adam Wainwright.

Going Deep: Stanton on the Corner of Success and Failure

Michael Augustine evaluates the early performance of Yankees outfielder Giancarlo Stanton and looks for the hope of a resurgence.