Michael Augustine

I've been writing about baseball for several years on various sites. I'm a student of pitching and hope to work with a baseball (MLB) organization in some capacity. I like to create pitching art on gfycat (@Augustine_MLB) and also assist with roster and scouting development for Out of the Park Baseball.

Going Deep: Location. Location. Location.

Michael Augustine breaks down the issue of location in relation to the home run output in game five of the 2018 World Series.

Going Deep: On Yasiel Puig’s Home Run

Michael Augustine examines the hit that could have shifted the dynamic of the 2018 World Series

Going Deep: What Happened Ryu?

Michael Augustine explores the 5th inning downfall of Dodgers starter Hyun-Jin Ryu.

Going Deep: Jeremy Jeffress Just Couldn’t Win

Michael Augustine explores the biggest failure of Jeremy Jeffress's 2018 postseason

Going Deep: The Hit That Sent the Astros Crashing Down to Earth

Michael Augustine explores the Verlander/Moreland plate appearance that started a chain reaction of events to sink the Houston Astros.

Going Deep: Sometimes the Numbers Do Lie

Michael Augustine explores last night's grand slam, game-sealing home run from Jackie Bradley Jr. which seemed to defy the odds.

Going Deep: The Anatomy of an EV Mistake

Michael Augustine explores the home run Boston Red Sox starter David Price allowed in the top of the third of the American League Championship series.

Going Deep: Effective Sequential Pitching

Michael Augustine looks at how several pitching tools can be used to create an effective pitch sequence.

Going Deep: Craig Kimbrel’s Effective Strikeout

Michael Augustine explains how Perry Husband's Effective Velocity allowed Craig Kimbrel to strike out Aaron Judge.

Going Deep: Jameson Taillon Could Have Been Even More Effective

Michael Augustine looks at the first inning Jameson Taillon versus Jorge Bonifacio at-bat through the lens of Effective Velocity.

Going Deep: A Basic Example of Effective Velocity

Michael Augustine shows us an example of the ideology known as Effective Velocity.

Going Deep: Bauer Units With Four-seam Fastballs

Michael Augustine checks in on and discusses four-seam Bauer Unit scores to see if the pitch is being used to an advantage.

Going Deep: Effective Velocity and Reaction Time

Michael Augustine discusses effective velocity and its relation to hitter perception.

Going Deep: Perceived Velocity

Michael Augustine explains the concept of perceived velocity and how it ties into a pitcher's mechanics.

Going Deep: Luis Severino Should Probably Be OK

Michael Augustine investigates if its time to be worried about Luis Severino.

Going Deep: Contextualizing Curveball Spin Rate

Michael Augustine looks into curveball spin rate and its significance to the pitch.

Going Deep: Digging Some Pitching Tunnels

Michael Augustine looks into pitch tunneling with the help of some slick gif overlays.

Statcast Update Week 14: Jed, George, and Jon

Michael Augustine reviews the past week's Statcast highlights and lowlights.

Going Deep: Derek Dietrich Is Having a Month

Michael Augustine reviews the last 30 days of Derek Dietrich's torrid run.

Statcast Update Week 13: Giancarlo, Margot, and a Jose Tandem

Michael Augustine compliments Statcast winners while lamenting the flops for week 13.