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Updated October 13th, 2021 - Join the Pitcher List team!

Pitcher List is a constantly evolving company with a large vision for 2022 and beyond. We hope you’re the right person to join us as we continue our goal to create the best baseball experience on the internet.

We have many positions on staff ranging from graphic design to database management and baseball writing, with this being the largest hiring period of the year. All open positions are listed below.

Experience is not a requirement in writing positions. Your samples are more important than your resume as they better display your abilities.


We are accepting applications through October 31st, 2021


Updated: October 13th, 2021.


How To Apply


Fill Out This Google Form To Apply


Inside the form you will be asked to submit:

  • Your resume with relevant experience.
  • Samples of your work (your written articles or otherwise relevant examples).
  • A cover letter with any additional information you’d like to share (optional).
  • A new written sample from one of the topics listed (only if you’re applying as a writer or an editor).


We will be collecting applications through October 2021 and will reach out in early November.


Things We Do As A Staff

With a staff full of people enthusiastic about baseball, we have a rare opportunity to do a lot of fun things as a community. Here are some of the things to expect as a member of the Pitcher List staff:

  • Staff mock drafts during the winter and pre-season
  • Hangouts and Voice Chats inside our Discord
  • Bold Predictions / Season awards / Staff Consensus rankings in the pre-season
  • Work together to exchange ideas, give feedback, and improve Pitcher List as whole
  • Arrange meetups across the various cities
  • Help each other improve inside the industry
  • Relegation fantasy leagues where the top and bottom move up/down each year (Trophies are included!)
  • Freedom to contribute outside of your single position. Examples:
    • Writing a Going Deep piece as a Data Scientist
    • Contributing for our newsletter and taking an editing shift


Positions Available


We’re looking for much more than just writers here at the site. Don’t hesitate to send us an email ([email protected]) if there’s an area of expertise not listed here or with any questions that you have.

Every position is paid, part-time, and fully remote.


Fantasy Baseball Columnist

  • Our articles do more than just cite a few stats and call it day. We’re looking for writers who not only are able to display the true value of the numbers, but do so in a way that sounds like a story instead of a textbook of stats.
  • Expectation is one regular fantasy column a week during the season with the freedom to write more.


DFS & Sports Betting Specialist

  • We have plans to expand our DFS & Sport Bettings sections for 2022 in a major way and we’re looking for the right people to be large voice.
  • Expectations would be active inside our Discord and on Twitter outling your picks and helping others make their choices.
  • Help us craft the perfect DFS section on the Pitcher List site as we expand in 2022 and beyond.


Dynasty Writer

  • We’re looking to continue expanding our focus on dynasty fantasy content, including prospect assessments, keeper-focused strategies, and dynasty-specific rankings.
  • In addition to the sample from inside the Google Form, please submit your ranking of the Top 30 prospects from the organization of your choice – just the rank and prepared to outline your thought process during an interview.


Long-Form Baseball Writer


Short-Form Baseball Writer

  • We are expanding our baseball coverage to include, well, standard baseball coverage. Possible articles would include:
    • Player movement updates and implications (free agent signings, trades)
    • Team previews and year-in-reviews
    • Awards predictions and announcements
  • Expectation is one regular column a week during the season with the freedom to write more.


Light-Hearted Baseball Writer


Stats and Analytics Focused Baseball Writer

  • Our Going Deep section features pieces that utilize advanced metrics, charts, and tables to thoroughly answer questions about the game.
  • Work with our data science team and flex your muscles as you expand the library of baseball analytics for our readers.
  • Expectation is one regular fantasy column a week during the season with the freedom to write more.


Content Editor

  • Each editor is on shift to look over our articles before they are published on the site – Note: Editors are not expected to re-write paragraphs or dramatically shift content. It’s more for ensuring polish before publication.
  • We have a full style guide and schedule created to help keep everything organized
  • Discord is used to help communicate between writers and editors for when a piece is ready and any quick feedback to help the writer in future pieces.
  • Would have at least one shift per week and work with the team to ensure consistency and polish across the Pitcher List site.


Graphics Designer

  • Help us create graphics for not just articles on the site, but charts showcasing data, event images, and site banners.
  • One graphic designer position is open for working specifically on Pitcher List merch, including designs for shirts, mugs, hats, etc.
  • Expectation is roughly 12 graphics per month, but more of a case-by-case situation.


Senior WordPress Developer

  • Extensive experience with WordPress, PHP/MySQL, SCSS, git, grunt, jquery & AJAX
  • Understanding of caching, page speed, DNS, and Cloudflare
  • Paid 10 hours a week
  • Requirements:
    • Multiple years in a similar role
    • Ability to communicate and outline progress via Click Up and Discord
    • Passion for baseball and creating new experiences for our users


Database Engineer


  • Maintain the batch processes to load pitch data into our data warehouse on a daily basis.
  • Administrate the data warehouse. Including DDL changes based on data feed changes, provisioning users, creating indexes and views for usage by the site.
  • Ongoing development of the APIs that drive the leaderboard and player pages throughout the site.
  • Performance is key. We’re working to cut as much latency as possible both in the database side and the application side of the API.
  • Working with the data science team to allow for the implementation of models in such a way that it is available to the site.
  • Ad hoc requests by the analysts at Pitcher List for data scraping and organization.

Technologies in Use:

  • Postgres
  • Python / Flask
  • Redis
  • R
  • Apache Airflow
  • Heroku
  • GitLab – including CI/CD using GitLab runners
  • Potential Technologies:
    • AWS – especially if you have experience with RDS, Cassandra / Redshift, EC2, or ECS
    • Columnar Databases
    • GraphQL
    • Infrastructure as Code tooling like Terraform (Cloudstack, Pulumi) and Configuration Management tooling like Ansible (Puppet, Chef, Salt)
    • Go – as a possible replacement for the Flask API


Director of Sales

  • We’re exploring opportunities in the podcast space and as we grow to feature more shows and a larger audience, we’d love to work with a dedicated team member with experience running flights and podcast ad campaigns.
    • Experience as a podcast sales rep is a must
    • Work with the team to find partners that fit with the Pitcher List brand
    • Required familiarity with podcast hosting services to insert ads into our podcast library


UI/UX Designer

  • Work with our development team to bring our vision for PL 7.0 and beyond to life
  • Meeting once a week to outline roadmap and review designs
  • Paid 5-10 hours a week
  • Requirements:
    • Multiple years experience creating mock-ups and wireframes
    • Deep understanding of modern design trends
    • Experience with baseball analytics
    • An innate enthusiasm for design and user experience


Data Scientist

  • Work closely with the Pitcher List team to craft new statistics, create regression models, and utilize machine learning to push the boundaries of public baseball statistics.
  • Heavy experience in modeling, algorithm creation, and modern baseball statistics are required.
  • Paid 5-10 hours a week



Fill Out This Google Form To Apply


I’m looking forward to meeting you and we hope you’re a great fit!

-Nick Pollack

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Creator of CSW, The List, and SP Roundup. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former pitching coach and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

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    Apparently in need of an editor, as well: “Your samples are more important as they better display your ability than your resume.” >> “Your samples are more important than your resume, as they better display your ability.”
    Just jerking your chain, Nick. Love the site and all the content.

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