Dan Richards

Dan is a lifelong New York Yankees and Giants fan. Though a young lawyer, Dan is better known for aggressively bothering his leaguemates about trades. You can follow him on Twitter @Fantasy_Esquire.

Going Deep: Cruz’n USA

Dan Richards goes deep on old man Nelson Cruz, detailing a swing change and the subsequent results.

Going Deep: Fried Out Of Luck

Dan Richards dives deep on Max Fried's peripherals, command issues, and 2020 outlook.

Going Deep: A Fantasy Star Is Born

Dan Richards goes deep on Roberto Pérez and the changes he's made to become a fantasy star.

Going Deep: Freddie Freeman Finds Another Gear

Freddie Freeman is living his best life. Dan Richards goes deep on the changes he has made to his game.

Going Deep: Reintroducing pHR

Dan Richards gives you pHR so that you no longer have to guess at whether a hitter's home runs are the product of luck or skill.

Going Deep: Introducing pHR

Dan Richards introduces pHR, a new metric designed to discern skilled sluggers from lucky ones.

Going Deep: Becoming Joey Votto

Dan Richards compares burgeoning young star Jesse Winker to Joey Votto's 2016 campaign.

Going Deep: José Ramírez is Benjamin Buttoning

In this article, Dan Richards breaks down José Ramírez's struggles.

Going Deep: The Real Value of Statcast Data Part I

Dan Richards dives deep on Statcast metrics and which are most indicative of a player's raw power.

Going Deep: The Relative Value of FIP, xFIP and SIERA

Dan Richards dives deep into the value of using certain ERA indicators (e.g., FIP, xFIP, SIERA) over others.

Going Deep: How MLB Trends Inform Fantasy for 2019

Dan Richards dives deep into how 2018 fits into league-wide trends and how those trends affect 2019.

Dan Richards’ 10 Bold Predictions for 2019

Dan Richards gives his bold predictions for the 2019 season.

Going Deep: 2019 HR/FB% Regression Candidates

Dan Richards utilizes Statcast to identify a few HR/FB% regression candidates.

Going Deep: Leonys Martín Is the Most Overlooked Player in Fantasy Baseball

Dan Richards looks at one hitter probably no one is thinking about — though everyone should be.

Going Deep: Using HROpp% and Exit Velocity to Identify Breakouts

Dan Richards utilizes his new stat, HROpp%, in connection with Statcast power metrics to identify this year's biggest breakouts.

Going Deep: Introducing HROpp%

Dan Richards dives into his new stat, HROpp%.

Going Deep: Using Statcast to Identify This Year’s Busts

Dan Richards predicts three players will be the biggest busts of 2019 drafts.

Going Deep: Learning From Last Year’s Biggest Busts

Dan Richards derives lessons from the biggest busts of 2018 to help you avoid the same pitfalls this draft season.

Going Deep: An Exposition on BABIP

Dan Richards goes deep on BABIP to help you better utilize it to evaluate fantasy hitters.

Fantasy 101: The 10 Commandments of Auction Drafts

Dan Richards gives his 10 commandments of auction drafts to help you prepare for your next auction.