Aroldis Chapman’s Slider and the Nastiest Pitches From 8/17 (Saturday’s Games)

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Aroldis Chapman’s Slider



Chapman is known for his high 90’s/100’s heat, but he can pull out a plus slider (and a change) as well. When you are sitting high heat, anything that has this much tilt is a challenge to stay on. This was called a ball by the home plate umpire (good!), but the check swing by Oscar Mercado, well, it wasn’t a check swing at all according to first base ump Phil “The Thrill” Cuzzi. Fantastic location in this situation.


Chaz Roe’s Slider



Just like his compatriot further down the list (Adam Ottavino), it feels like cheating having Chaz Roe in “Nastiest Pitches”. He works a lot and everything he throws is nasty, the 2-seamer and his slider fall off both ends of the table.


Tanner Rainey’s Slider



What a revelation this guy has been for a beleaguered (and every other adjective) Nationals bullpen. High 90s with tail and sliders like these aren’t a bad foundation to build on. Rainey has had some trouble with control, but he may be harnessing the famed “effectively wild” moniker. When you can make a good hitter like Yasmani Grandal look like that, you know you have some juice.


Joe Kelly’s Slider



So Joe Kelly had a horrendous start to the year. It was talked about, picked apart and the fantasy baseball community threw him aside as a “failed setup guy”. Not so fast, armchair managers! Kelly has been phenomenal since May 28th (1.48 ERA and a 13.5 K/9) – just what the Dodgers need, another useful player. Watch for Kelly to be a huge part of the Dodgers back end this postseason.


Adam Ottavino’s 2-Seamer



Just like Chaz Roe above “ho hum, just another Ottavino 2-seamer”. The guy is a nasty pitch factory and will be a massive part of the Yankees postseason success.


*BONUS: Tanner Rainey Slider



Gotta give my guy some props. As a Nats fan, thank God we have a young guy that can throw some steam – we’ve traded away a few in recent years (Felipe Rivero, Blake Treinen) and it is much needed. Mike Moustakas and Yasmani Grandal were completely guessing on these sliders.


GIF of the Night


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