The 5 Best MLB Moments from Wednesday

Dingers, souvenirs, and fun in the rain! Classic April baseball stuff!

Happy Hump Day! We’re already through the first week of baseball, somehow. Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess! We have to enjoy it as much as we can because even though the season is 162 games, it still feels like it flies by in the blink of an eye. To savor that great feeling of baseball being back, I try to eat as many hot dogs as is humanly possible during the month of April (albeit with some Passover restrictions).

With almost a full slate of baseball games yesterday, we have plenty of great moments to share. Let’s get to it!


Anthony Rizzo Gets A Bunt Down


A certain group of baseball fans gets very excited when a manager mentions wanting to bunt more, steal more, and play more small ball during the spring. Now, it’s one thing to promise that in the spring, when everything’s nice and rosy, and another thing to do it when you’re down to your final two outs in a regular-season game.

I wonder who called for the bunt here. Was it Aaron Boone? Or, did Anthony Rizzo see all that space on the left side of the infield and think, “Now’s a good time to go the other way!” Either way, Rizzo looks like an absolute genius for getting on base when his team needed it most and simultaneously picking up his first multi-hit game of the season.

This play’s going to be the perfect fodder for the fans saying that batters should simply “go the other way” or “lay down a bunt” to avoid the shift.


The Windy City Got A Little Rainy…


The White Sox and Seattle Mariners played through a nice little rainstorm yesterday. Apparently, the South Side got about 0.2 inches of rain yesterday, with a good chunk of that rain coming down during the game. Accordingly, the strong-willed fans of all shapes, sizes, colors, and furs who stayed through the storm got a little creative with their rain gear:

That’s White Sox mascot Southpaw standing in some convenient rain gear, ready to cheer on its team with the 12,291 (seems a tad generous, to be honest) fans in attendance. Southpaw even left us a little Easter Egg by picking rain gear that matches the color of his fur.

Rain, rain should have gone away for this game, but the vibes in the White Sox dugout were still just fine, despite the rough weather:

I know I’m not your mom, but it’s nice to see you too, Eloy JiménezSo glad he got a handshake from the homies to top it all off.

TA7 was having fun with it, too:

Here’s an alternate view of Jiménez’s home run, with a better look at the rain and some fans with umbrellas:




Vladimir Guerrero Sr. was pretty good at hitting homers. He did so on just about any type of pitch; he could hit golf homers, he could hit homers from balls thrown at eye-level, etc. And as it turns out, his son, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.is also really h*ckin good at hitting homers, too!

Yes, folks, that’s Vladito with 3 home runs on the evening, two of which came off of elite SP Gerrit Cole, who was forced to acknowledge Vladito’s special night…

…while the third came off of nasty pitch merchant Jonathan LoáisigaWitness the dingers in all their glory!




Why the Yankees continued to pitch to Guerrero after dinger numero dos, I’m not sure. But hey, I’m happy to see Vladdy play out of his mind under the bright lights in the Bronx.


In Memoriam

No words necessary.


Mark Kotsay Makes a New Friend


This young fan got a fun little surprise from his new friend, A’s manager Mark Kotsay.

That’s the kind of stuff that builds baseball fans for life.


Have a great Thursday, all you crazy cats and kittens! I hope it’s filled with some baseball. :)


Graphic by Justin Paradis (@JustParaDesigns)

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