Sit/Start Week 3: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 4/16 – 4/22

Here's a giant table of every starting pitcher matchup this week, telling you which pitchers should get in your lineup or stick on your bench.

Every Sunday here at Pitcher List, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are circumstantial and dependent on your needs in a 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 3 start from 4/16 – 4/22:

Date Game Away PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
4/16PHI vs ATLAaron NolaStartMike FoltynewiczMaybe
4/16BAL vs BOSAndrew CashnerSitBrian JohnsonSit
4/16STL vs CHCAdam WainwrightSitJon LesterMaybe
4/16CIN vs MILLuis CastilloStartBrent SuterSit
4/16WSH vs NYMA.J. ColeSitJacob DegromStart
4/16MIA vs NYYCaleb SmithSitMasahiro TanakaStart
4/16CHW vs OAKReynaldo LopezStartDaniel MengdenSit
4/16COL vs PITGerman MarquezMaybeSteven BraultSit
4/16LAD vs SDPHyun-Jin RyuMaybeLuis Perdomo?Sit
4/16HOU vs SEADallas KeuchelStartJames PaxtonStart
4/16TEX vs TBRMartin PerezSitBlake SnellStart
4/16KCR vs TORDanny DuffyStartAaron SanchezStart
4/17SFG vs ARIJohnny CuetoMaybePatrick CorbinStart
4/17PHI vs ATLNick PivettaMaybeBrandon McCarthyMaybe
4/17STL vs CHCMichael WachaMaybeKyle HendricksStart
4/17BAL vs DETKevin GausmanMaybeJordan ZimmermannSit
4/17BOS vs LAADavid PriceStartTyler SkaggsSit
4/17CIN vs MILSal RomanoSitJunior GuerraSit
4/17CLE vs MINCarlos CarrascoStartKyle GibsonSit
4/17WSH vs NYMGio GonzalezStartZack WheelerSit
4/17MIA vs NYYJarlin GarciaSitSonny GrayStart
4/17CHW vs OAKCarson FulmerSit ???Sit
4/17COL vs PITChad BettisSitTrevor WilliamsSit
4/17LAD vs SDPAlex WoodStartBryan MitchellSit
4/17HOU vs SEALance McCullersStartAriel MirandaSit
4/17TEX vs TBRMatt MooreSit ???Sit
4/17KCR vs TORIan KennedyMaybeMarco EstradaStart
4/18SFG vs ARIChris StrattonMaybeRobbie RayStart
4/18PHI vs ATLVince VelasquezMaybeAnibal SanchezSit
4/18STL vs CHCLuke WeaverStartYu DarvishStart
4/18BAL vs DETChris TillmanSitMichael FulmerStart
4/18BOS vs LAARick PorcelloStartAndrew HeaneySit
4/18CIN vs MILTyler MahleSitZach DaviesSit
4/18CLE vs MINTrevor BauerStartJose BerriosStart
4/18WSH vs NYMTanner RoarkMaybeSteven MatzSit
4/18CHW vs OAKJames ShieldsSitAndrew TriggsStart
4/18COL vs PITKyle FreelandSitChad KuhlSit
4/18LAD vs SDPKenta MaedaStartTyson RossMaybe
4/18HOU vs SEAGerrit ColeStartMike LeakeSit
4/18TEX vs TBRCole HamelsMaybeJacob FariaMaybe
4/18KCR vs TORJason HammelSitMarcus StromanStart
4/19SFG vs ARITy BlachSitZack GreinkeStart
4/19NYM vs ATLMatt HarveySitSean NewcombMaybe
4/19BAL vs DETAlex CobbSitMike FiersSit
4/19BOS vs LAAEduardo RodriguezStartGarrett RichardsStart
4/19MIA vs MILDillon PetersSitChase AndersonStart
4/19TOR vs NYYJaime GarciaSitJordan MontgomeryStart
4/19PIT vs PHIJameson TaillonStartJake ArrietaStart
4/19HOU vs SEACharlie MortonStartMarco GonzalesSit
4/20SDP vs ARIClayton RichardSit???Sit
4/20NYM vs ATLNoah SyndergaardStartJulio TeheranSit
4/20CLE vs BALMike ClevingerStartDylan BundyStart
4/20HOU vs CHWJustin VerlanderStartLucas GiolitoSit
4/20CHC vs COLJose QuintanaSitJon GraySit
4/20KCR vs DETJakob JunisStartFrancisco LirianoSit
4/20KCR vs DETEric SkoglundSitMatthew BoydSit
4/20SFG vs LAADerek HollandSitNick TropeanoMaybe
4/20WSH vs LADMax ScherzerStartRich HillMaybe
4/20MIA vs MILTrevor RichardsSitJhoulys ChacinSit
4/20TOR vs NYYJ.A. HappStartLuis SeverinoStart 
4/20BOS vs OAKChris SaleStartKendall GravemanSit
4/20PIT vs PHIIvan NovaSitBen LivelySit
4/20CIN vs STLBrandon FinneganSitMiles MikolasStart
4/20MIN vs TBRLance LynnMaybeChris ArcherStart
4/20SEA vs TEXFelix HernandezMaybeMike MinorStart
4/21SDP vs ARIJoey LucchesiMaybeZack GodleyStart
4/21NYM vs ATLJacob DegromStartMike FoltynewiczMaybe
4/21CLE vs BALCorey KluberStartAndrew CashnerSit
4/21HOU vs CHWDallas KeuchelStartMiguel GonzalezSit
4/21CHC vs COLTyler ChatwoodSitTyler AndersonSit
4/21KCR vs DETDanny DuffyStartDaniel NorrisSit
4/21SFG vs LAATyler BeedeSit???Sit
4/21WSH vs LADStephen StrasburgStartClayton KershawStart
4/21MIA vs MILJose UrenaSitBrent SuterSit
4/21TOR vs NYYAaron SanchezSitMasahiro TanakaStart
4/21BOS vs OAK???SitSean ManaeaStart
4/21PIT vs PHISteven BraultSitAaron NolaStart
4/21CIN vs STLHomer BaileyMaybeCarlos MartinezStart
4/21MIN vs TBRJake OdorizziMaybeBlake SnellStart
4/21SEA vs TEXJames PaxtonStartBartolo ColonSit
4/22SDP vs ARILuis PerdomoSitPatrick CorbinStart
4/22NYM vs ATL ???SitBrandon McCarthyMaybe
4/22CLE vs BALJosh TomlinSitKevin GausmanMaybe
4/22HOU vs CHWLance McCullersStartReynaldo LopezSit
4/22CHC vs COLJon LesterSitGerman MarquezSit
4/22KCR vs DETIan KennedyMaybeJordan ZimmermannSit
4/22SFG vs LAAJohnny CuetoStartShohei OhtaniStart
4/22WSH vs LADA.J. ColeSitHyun-Jin RyuSit
4/22MIA vs MILCaleb SmithSitJunior GuerraSit
4/22TOR vs NYYMarco EstradaSitSonny GrayStart
4/22BOS vs OAKDavid PriceStartDaniel MengdenSit
4/22PIT vs PHITrevor WilliamsMaybeNick PivettaStart
4/22CIN vs STLLuis CastilloStartAdam WainwrightSit
4/22MIN vs TBRKyle GibsonMaybe ???Sit
4/22SEA vs TEX ???SitMartin PerezSit

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Worked with MSG, FanGraphs, CBS Sports, and Washington Post. Former pitching coach and Brandeis alum. Wants every pitcher to be dope.

  • Avatar J.C. Mosier says:

    You had Marcus as a “start” against K.C., but he was moved to today against the Yankees. Does that make him a “maybe”?

  • Avatar JerryOnDrums says:

    Hey Nick! FYI, Yankees website is showing The Bear as the probable pitcher for Saturday. Which two would you start the rest of this week out of .Edu, Clevinger, Minor, and The Bear? Thanks man!

  • Avatar James says:

    Is Drew Pomeranz a start vs Oakland on Friday?

  • Avatar Josh says:

    Any updates to this now that Yonny Chirinos is the TBR starter for today?

    Love all of your work as always, Nick!

  • Avatar Robert says:

    12-team mixed H2H Points, MAX 7 starts per week. I’ve got DeGrom, Nola, Castillo, and Paxton all starting twice, Maeda, Arrieta, and Richards (who I would assume you would start on 4/21 vs SFG) are also all starts on your list…

    Came here for help with my decision damn you… (Love what you guys do despite your reluctance to actually break down Ohtani performances instead of just saying you don’t trust him to stay healthy before moving on).

    • Nick Pollack Nick Pollack says:

      Ha! We’ve only seen two starts from Ohtani thus far and I’ve moved him into the Top 20 for now, but I keep mentioning the injury history on purpose because it’s the most important part! There isn’t anything new I can provide on his stuff – it’s great, y’all know that – but I feel it’s my duty to remind everyone of the risks he presents.

      I’m sorry I didn’t see this yesterday, but I would have probably told you to roll with those four of deGrom, Nola, Castillo, and Paxton. Possibly switching Richards for Castillo if you couldn’t get both of Castillo’s starts, but it would have been very close.

      • Avatar Robert says:

        Went with all 4. You know how that went. Damnit Icarus

        Guess I can count on a solid breakdown on the “slow pitch” Wednesday am after Ohtani’s impressive 66 pitch, 2 IP, 3ER effort tonight.

        It’s like 65°, I’m surprised they let him blow on his hand so much while on the mound.

  • Avatar B Hoobs says:

    This is a Fantastic list. Thanks a lot Nick. I know this is a bit off the list topic but would love to know which of my pitcher(s) you’d advise to trade right now. I am looking to upgrade at a hitter’s spot. Berrios, C. Martinez, J. Taillon, Luke Weaver, Rich Hill, Manaea, Newcomb, Roark with Danny Salazar and Pomeranz on the DL right now.

  • Avatar Erik Benson says:

    Hey Nick,

    Great article as always! I was wondering if you might entertain the thought of formatting this differently. Its hard to distinguish when a week ends and a new one begins. Also great job on the podcast, everything is coming along nicely. Keep it up!

  • Avatar Grenache says:

    If I followed your recommendations I would have 1 starter 1 maybe and 6 sits!

  • Avatar Mike says:

    Rich Hill? Darvish? Not sure I see every pitcher here.

  • Avatar Michael G says:

    Much as I love The List on Mondays, this is my favorite post of the week. Thanks Nick!

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