Sit/Start Week 23: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 9/9-9/15

Max Freeze covers and scores all starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead.

Welcome to Sit/Start where, every Saturday here at Pitcher List, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are dependent on your needs in a standard 5×5 Wins 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. I’ve recently changed the ranking system to make designations a little clearer. Here’s an overview.

A few months ago, I implemented a scoring system (1-10) next to each designation. A score of 10 is a top-tier start option and a score of 1 is a bottom-of-the-barrel option. Here are the labels: Start 7-10, Maybe 4-6, and Sit 1-3. For example, Max Scherzer” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Max Scherzer at home against the Marlins would look like this: Start-10. Meanwhile, David Hess” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>David Hess against the Yankees in New York would have this designation: Sit-1.

You’ll notice a few question marks next to some of the names. These are either probable starters who have not been confirmed or are situations where the team will use the bullpen to fill innings. As with the past several Sit/Start articles, spots in the rotation where a potential opener may be used will be listed as Opener/potential long man. Feel free to question my designations in the comments, and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 23 start from 9/9 to 9/15:

Note: These matchups are subject to change.

DateGameAway PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
9/9NYY vs BOSPaxtonStart-7RodriguezStart-7
9/9OAK vs HOUFiersMaybe-4GreinkeStart-7
9/9CLE vs LAABieberStart-8SandovalMaybe-5
9/9MIL vs MIALylesStart-7DuggerMaybe-4
9/9ARI vs NYMKellyMaybe-5deGromStart-9
9/9ATL vs PHIFoltynewiczMaybe-5NolaStart-7
9/9CHC vs SDPLesterStart-7QuantrillMaybe-6
9/9PIT vs SFGWilliamsMaybe-6BumgarnerStart-8
TUESDAY – 9/10
9/10LAD vs BALBuehlerStart-9BlachSit-1
9/10KCR vs CHWJunisMaybe-6NovaMaybe-6
9/10STL vs COLWachaSit-2GonzalezSit-1
9/10NYY vs DETGreen/Cessa?Maybe-6JacksonSit-1
9/10OAK vs HOURoarkMaybe-4MileyMaybe-6
9/10CLE vs LAAPlesacMaybe-4SuarezSit-3
9/10MIL vs MIAAndersonMaybe-6HernandezSit-3
9/10WSH vs MINSanchezSit-3BerriosStart-7
9/10ARI vs NYMGallenStart-7WheelerStart-7
9/10ATL vs PHIFriedStart-7VargasSit-3
9/10CHC vs SDPQuintanaStart-7PaddackStart-8
9/10CIN vs SEABauerStart-7SheffieldMaybe-5
9/10PIT vs SFGAgrazalSit-3WebbMaybe-5
9/10TBR vs TEXYarbroughStart-7LynnStart-7
9/10BOS vs TOREovaldiMaybe-6Font/BulkSit-1
9/11LAD vs BALMaeda?Start-7MeansSit-2
9/11KCR vs CHWSparkmanSit-3LopezMaybe-6
9/11STL vs COLHudsonMaybe-5SenzatelaSit-2
9/11NYY vs DETGermanStart-9BoydMaybe-6
9/11OAK vs HOUAndersonSit-3ValdezMaybe-5
9/11CLE vs LAAPlutkoSit-3PetersMaybe-4
9/11MIL vs MIADaviesStart-7LopezMaybe-6
9/11WSH vs MINStrasburgStart-8PerezMaybe-4
9/11ARI vs NYMRayStart-7MatzStart-7
9/11ATL vs PHIKeuchelStart-7EflinMaybe-5
9/11CHC vs SDPHamelsStart-7LametStart-7
9/11CIN vs SEAGrayStart-8GonzalesMaybe-5
9/11PIT vs SFGMusgroveStart-7SamardzijaStart-7
9/11TBR vs TEXPruittMaybe-6JuradoSit-2
9/11BOS vs TORChacinSit-3ThorntonSit-2
9/12LAD vs BALHillMaybe-5BundySit-2
9/12KCR vs CHWLopezSit-3GiolitoStart-9
9/12STL vs COLMikolasSit-3MelvilleSit-2
9/12NYY vs DETHappStart-7TurnbullSit-2
9/12OAK vs HOUBaileySit-3VerlanderStart-9
9/12MIL vs MIAGonzalezStart-7SmithStart-7
9/12WSH vs MINCorbinStart-7PinedaMaybe-6
9/12ARI vs NYMYoungMaybe-4StromanMaybe-5
9/12ATL vs PHITeheranMaybe-5SmylySit-3
9/12CHC vs SDPDarvishStart-8LucchesiMaybe-6
9/12CIN vs SEAMahleStart-7MiloneSit-3
9/12PIT vs SFGBraultMaybe-6BeedeSit-3
9/12TBR vs TEXMcKayMaybe-6AllardStart-7
9/12BOS vs TORPriceStart-7BuchholzSit-2
FRIDAY – 9/13
9/13CIN vs ARICastilloStart-8LeakeMaybe-5
9/13PIT vs CHCKellerMaybe-5HendricksStart-8
9/13MIN vs CLEOdorizziStart-7CivaleMaybe-5
9/13SDP vs COLLauerMaybe-4HoffmanSit-3
9/13BAL vs DETBrooksMaybe-5ZimmermannSit-3
9/13HOU vs KCRColeStart-9DuffySit-3
9/13TBR vs LAAMortonStart-8HeaneyStart-7
9/13LAD vs NYMKershawStart-8SyndergaardStart-8
9/13CHW vs SEACoveySit-2KikuchiSit-3
9/13MIA vs SFGAlcantaraStart-7RodriguezMaybe-4
9/13MIL vs STLHouserMaybe-6WainwrightMaybe-6
9/13OAK vs TEXBassittMaybe-4BurkeMaybe-5
9/13NYY vs TORTanakaStart-7KaySit-3
9/13ATL vs WSHSorokaStart-7ScherzerStart-8
9/14CIN vs ARIDeSclafaniMaybe-6KellyStart-7
9/14PIT vs CHCWilliamsMaybe-5LesterStart-7
9/14MIN vs CLEOpener/Thorpe?Sit-3ClevingerStart-8
9/14SDP vs COLQuantrillSit-3LambertSit-3
9/14BAL vs DETWojciechowskiStart-7NorrisMaybe-5
9/14HOU vs KCRGreinkeStart-9MontgomeryMaybe-4
9/14TBR vs LAAGlasnowStart-7BarriaSit-3
9/14LAD vs NYMUriasMaybe-6deGromStart-9
9/14BOS vs PHIPorcelloSit-3NolaStart-7
9/14CHW vs SEACeaseStart-7HernandezMaybe-5
9/14MIA vs SFGDuggerMaybe-5BumgarnerStart-9
9/14MIL vs STLLylesStart-7FlahertyStart-9
9/14OAK vs TEXManaeaStart-7MinorStart-8
9/14NYY vs TORPaxtonStart-8WaguespackSit-3
9/14ATL vs WSHFoltynewiczMaybe-6RossMaybe-4
SUNDAY – 9/15
9/15CIN vs ARIBauerStart-7GallenStart-8
9/15PIT vs CHCAgrazalSit-2QuintanaStart-7
9/15MIN vs CLEBerriosMaybe-6BieberStart-9
9/15SDP vs COL????GonzalezSit-2
9/15BAL vs DETBlachSit-3JacksonSit-2
9/15HOU vs KCRMileyStart-7JunisSit-3
9/15TBR vs LAAYarbroughStart-7SandovalMaybe-5
9/15LAD vs NYMBuehlerStart-8WheelerStart-7
9/15BOS vs PHIRodriguezStart-7VelasquezSit-3
9/15CHW vs SEANovaMaybe-5HernandezMaybe-5
9/15MIA vs SFGHernandezMaybe-5WebbStart-7
9/15MIL vs STLAndersonMaybe-5WachaSit-3
9/15OAK vs TEXFiersMaybe-6LynnStart-7
9/15NYY vs TORGreen/Cessa?Maybe-4Font/BulkSit-1
9/15ATL vs WSHFriedStart-7SanchezSit-3

Graphic by Michael Haas (@digitalHaas on Twitter)

Max Freeze

Max is the founder of the FreezeStats Blog and currently writes for PitcherList and FantasyPros. Max is a lifelong Cubs fan who used to pretend he was Andre Dawson while hitting rocks in his backyard as a kid.

  • Avatar Jeff says:

    Berrios and E-Rod both scare me this week with how they’ve been pitching and the matchups. I honestly was planning at benching them both this week, but am second guessing that based on the ratings here. What do you see that makes them starts right now?

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      E Rod has been very good in the second half. Outside of his 3 ER outing in Coors, he’s had 3 scoreless outings in his last 4 starts. His matchups are tough but at least at home vs NYY & as a lefty will hopefully neutralize Harper & the Phillies on the road. No DH there as well helps.

      Berrios is a bit trickier because he’s been beat up in the second half. He’s still getting whiffs and has carried high BABIPs and low strand rates. Both matchups are tough but I think he starts to turn it around this week. I’m not fully confident, hence the 6 & 7 designations. If I had to pick one, I’d lean E Rod because he’s been better, so rude the hot hand in a sense.

  • Avatar Erick says:


    I’m debating between starting Tanaka @ Toronto and Foltynewicz @ PHI and @ WAS

    This is a 16 team H2H weekly points league.

    What do you think?

    Thanks in advance

  • Avatar Steve says:

    It looks like stripling will be starting tomorrow against Baltimore. I like the matchup but will he be able to last 5-6 innings? And would you recommend starting him?

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