Sit/Start Week 1: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 7/23-7/26

Max Freeze covers and rates every pitching matchup for the week ahead.

Welcome back to Sit/Start where every Saturday here at Pitcher List, or in this case, Wednesday, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: Start, Maybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are circumstantial and dependent on your needs in a standard 5×5 Wins 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. Last year, I modified the ranking system to make designations a little clearer. Here’s an overview. I implemented a scoring system (1-10) next to each designation. A score of 10 is a top-tier start option and a score of 1 is a bottom-of-the-barrel option. Here are the labels: Start 7-10, Maybe 4-6, and Sit 1-3. For example, Max Scherzer at home against the Marlins would look like this: Start-10. Meanwhile, Kendall Graveman against the Rockies in Colorado would have this designation: Sit-1.

Given the Thursday start, this article will only cover the games through Sunday, 7/26. This Saturday, another Sit/Start article will come out covering the week ahead. It’s important to note that several teams have not officially announced how their rotations will unfold but given the information we have, the starters listed below are the expected starters for week 1. Spots in the rotation where a potential opener may be used will be listed as Opener/potential long man. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 1 start from 7/23 – 7/26:

Note: These matchups are subject to change.

DateGameAway PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
07/23NYY vs WSHColeStart-9ScherzerStart-8
07/23SFG vs LADCuetoMaybe-5KershawStart-10
FRIDAY – 7/24
07/24BAL vs BOSMiloneSit-2EovaldiMaybe-6
07/24MIL vs CHCWoodruffStart-7HendricksStart-7
07/24MIN vs CHWBerriosStart-7GiolitoStart-8
07/24DET vs CINBoydMaybe-6GrayStart-8
07/24KCR vs CLEDuffySit-3BieberStart-9
07/24SEA vs HOUGonzalesSit-1VerlanderStart-9
07/24SFG vs LADSamardzijaSit-1StriplingStart-8
07/24ATL vs NYMSorokaStart-7deGromStart-9
07/24LAA vs OAKHeaneyStart-7MontasStart-8
07/24MIA vs PHIAlcantaraSit-3NolaStart-9
07/24ARI vs SDPBumgarnerStart-7PaddackStart-8
07/24PIT vs STLMusgroveStart-7FlahertyStart-9
07/24TOR vs TBRRyuMaybe-6MortonStart-8
07/24COL vs TEXMarquezStart-7LynnStart-8
Saturday – 7/25
07/25BAL vs BOSCobbSit-1PerezMaybe-5
07/25MIL vs CHCBurnesMaybe-6DarvishStart-7
07/25MIN vs CHWOdorizziMaybe-5KeuchelMaybe-6
07/25DET vs CINNovaSit-3CastilloStart-9
07/25KCR vs CLEMontgomerySit-3ClevingerStart-9
07/25SEA vs HOUWalkerSit-2McCullers Jr.Start-8
07/25SFG vs LADGausmanSit-3UriasStart-8
07/25ATL vs NYMFriedStart-7StromanMaybe-6
07/25LAA vs OAKBundyStart-7ManaeaMaybe-5
07/25MIA vs PHISmithMaybe-6WheelerStart-8
07/25ARI vs SDPRayStart-7LametStart-7
07/25PIT vs STLWilliamsMaybe-5WainwrightMaybe-6
07/25TOR vs TBRShoemakerMaybe-4YarbroughMaybe-6
07/25COL vs TEXGrayMaybe-6MinorStart-8
07/25NYY vs WSHPaxtonStart-7StrasburgStart-8
Sunday – 7/26
07/26BAL vs BOSLeBlancSit-2WeberSit-3
07/26MIL vs CHCPeraltaMaybe-4ChatwoodSit-3
07/26MIN vs CHWMaedaStart-7R. LopezSit-3
07/26DET vs CINTurnbullMaybe-5BauerStart-8
07/26KCR vs CLEJ. LopezSit-3CarrascoStart-7
07/26SEA vs HOUKikuchiSit-2GreinkeStart-8
07/26SFG vs LADSmylySit-3WoodStart-7
07/26ATL vs NYMNewcombSit-3PorcelloSit-2
07/26LAA vs OAKOhtaniStart-7FiersMaybe-4
07/26MIA vs PHIUrenaSit-3VelasquezMaybe-6
07/26ARI vs SDPGallenStart-7RichardsMaybe-6
07/26PIT vs STLKellerMaybe-6HudsonMaybe-5
07/26TOR vs TBRRoarkMaybe-4SnellStart-7
07/26COL vs TEXFreelandSit-3KluberStart-7
07/26NYY vs WSHKing/LoaisigaSit-3CorbinStart-7

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Max Freeze

Max is the founder of the FreezeStats Blog and currently writes for PitcherList and FantasyPros. Max is a lifelong Cubs fan who used to pretend he was Andre Dawson while hitting rocks in his backyard as a kid.

  • Avatar Yants says:

    Well, this is very helpful. Good work, Max Freeze.

  • Avatar Matt says:

    This is great. Any advice on converting for use in a 15 teamer? Just go by gut feel, or would you add a certain number of points to each score?

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Thanks for checking it out Matt!

      That’s a good question. Based on the scoring system, 7-10 Starts are typically for 10-12 team leagues. For a 15-team format, you’re going to need more pitching options. I think a maybe-6 rating and possibly a maybe-5 are options I’d consider in 15-team and deeper formats. Beyond that it gets very dicey.

  • Avatar David says:

    Awesome article!

    Would you put Corbin vs NYY or Lynn vs COL?

    My heart tells me Corbin because he’s a beast but I can see Lynn rolling through that lineup!

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Thank you David!

      I’d go with Lynn at home against the Rockies who are a completely different team on the road (.367 wOBA at home 1st and .288 wOBA on the road 29th). I like Paxton as long as he can regain his velo but a road start against the Nationals is relatively tough.

  • Avatar Zach says:

    ESPN is showing Gallen going on Sunday. If this is true, what would you start/sit Gallen?

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Hi Zach, thanks for checking us out. That’s where I have him. I’d start him. I have him at a 7, the matchup is moderate and on the road otherwise, he’d be higher. I really like Gallen this year and going forward.

  • Avatar Tommy says:

    Would you start Gray at Texas or sit and Start Kimbrel for saves in Roto this weekend?

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      I’d lean Kimbrel. His velo looked good in his last tune up. He was awful last year but I’m willing to give him a pass. If you prefer strikeouts, go with Gray. The Rangers struck out almost as much as anyone in 2019.

  • Avatar Stephen says:

    Wheeler vs Marlins or Bauer vs DET

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Great options! Can you just start both? I’d say Wheeler has the safer floor but Bauer has the higher ceiling and strikeout potential. Both should have a great shot at a W, so no edge there.

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