Ranking All of Today’s Starting Pitcher Matchups – 4/10

Nick Pollack ranks every starting pitcher matchup for today's games.

Here are your morning rankings for today’s starting pitcher options.

It’s not perfect and will be far from the actual results at the end of the day, though it should give guidance for those questioning who to slot into your lineup on a given day.

Pitchers highlighted in yellow = Possible streaming options.

FS = False Starter where there is an assumed opener actually starting the game.

Red = Postponed.

(Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

Nick Pollack

Founder of Pitcher List. Rotographs contributor. Worked with CBS Sports, Grantland, Washington Post, and SB Nation. Former pitching coach and Brandeis alum.

  • Avatar behso says:

    Run McHugh out there in a standard 12 teamer where he’s my #4 starter? I fear the Yankees offense and would normally bench all but aces against them, but without Stanton and their other injuries I’m tempted…

  • Avatar Alex says:

    Regarding the daily newsletter, please consider offering “Today’s Top Streamer” one day in advance for those of us who cannot make same day adds. Thanks

  • Avatar JJ says:

    Hi Nick.
    In H2H points league, I have too many pitchers (mostly your guys – Yu Darvish, C.Burnes, P. Lopez, C. Smith, M.Strahm, C.Paddak, R.Stripling) and lack of outfielder. I wannna get Franmil Reyes from waiver. Who should I drop?

    Thank you.

    • Avatar careagan says:

      I know I’m not Nick, but Strahm and Strip look like your weakest links. Strahm isn’t putting it together yet and may be able to survive out on the wire to be picked up later if he does, Stripling’s stuff isn’t looking as good out of the gate as last year and his long term role is in the pen (though injuries could get him 70-80 innings as a starter). I too drafted Paddack and Strahm and I’ve cut bait on Strahm for Eflin.

      • Avatar JJ says:

        Unfortunately, our leauge has 10 teams and is too fierce to have a good pitcher remaining. FYI, remaining pitcher of mine is A. Nola, G.Cole, C. Kimbrel, R. Osuna, B. Trainen, A. Colome. Looks good? but the results are still unsatisfactory.

        Thanks careagan!

    • Avatar Doug B says:

      Depends on what kind of points set-up you have, but, IMO sell Strahm, Lopez, Stripling; Diligently watch C Smith and his control (he loses his shit regularly, been watching him since the minors w/the Yankees,) watch Burnes for HR @ home. Paddack is a hold, (I… GUESS Darvish is too, but I’ve been down on Darvish for quite a while and it’s paid off…) but if he’s not given a long enough leash for W’s/QS, you know what to do. The K upside is there, but once a week acting like a sub-Hader typically isn’t enough, depending on the league, IMO.

      • Avatar JJ says:

        Points set-up : IP +3, ER -2, W +5, L -5, SV +5, K +1, H -1, BB -1

        I’m such an indecisive person, alas. I have some belif in Strahm and Lopez.
        Today’s result suggests that Darvish is the first candidate.
        I will read the today’s SP round and make a choice.

        Thank you Doug B.

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