Mike Soroka’s Changeup and the Nastiest Pitches from 4/29

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Mike Soroka’s Changeup


Mike Soroka came to play in his third start of the season, striking out eight over six innings of one run ball. We at Pitcher List have been blowing Soroka’s horn for a quite a while, and disgusting offspeed stuff this is a huge reason why. Soroka’s a budding star and we should see plenty of him in these roundups going forward.

Diego Castillo’s  Slider


Another day, another Rays pitcher throwing filth. This time it’s Diego Castillo, baffling the red hot Alex Gordon with a nasty slider, loads of bite with a 10 MPH disparity between it and his heater. The Rays bullpen may lack consistency right now, but once it gets clicking, it’s going to be unstoppable.


Jordan Hicks’ Sinker


Honestly, I could probably just write “100 MPH with sink” here and it would be totally adequate. But I thought some context would be nice. Not only does his sinker AVERAGE 100 MPH on the season, but his fastball averages a whopping 102 MPH. How many pitchers EVER can boast two offerings that average triple digits? None (At least as far as I know, let me know if I’m somehow wrong).


Taylor Rogers’ Slider


It’s no easy feat to make Jose Altuve look like he’s just flailing away up there, but Taylor Rogers manages it with a devastating backfoot slider, one that’s been an absolute weapon for him thus far in a 2.13 ERA campaign.


Alex Colome’s Cutter


To be fair, this pitch is probably made a little nastier looking by the fact that Jonathan Villar is seemingly trying to hit the ball to Osceola County, but it’s a nice pitch in its’ own right as well. A gorgeous late drop on this one makes Villar look even more foolish than his own hitting approach of swinging at anything that moves often does.


GIF of the Night


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