Going Deep: Barrels and Ballpark Factors

Dan Richards derives new park factors based on barrels to help you properly evaluate hitters going into 2020 drafts.

Going Deep: David Freese Saved His Best for Last

The recently retired David Freese will always be remembered for his World Series heroics. He was also one of the most improved hitters in 2019. Matt Wallach takes a look back at Freese's career as well as how he improved in his final season.

Going Deep: A Clinic In Hospposite-Field Hitting

Jai Correa looks at yet another subpar campaign from Eric Hosmer, but there is light at the end of the tunnel—hopefully.

Going Deep: How Contenders’ Contact Profiles Shape Up for October

Tim Jackson looks at contenders' contact profiles to see which teams might be primed for a long October run or a swift exit.

Going Deep: Eloy Jimenez is Crushing Everything in His Way

Eloy Jimenez has been on fire this month, and Matt Wallach takes a look at what Jimenez is doing at the plate that is driving his red-hot month.

Going Deep: 2020 Changes in Eligibility

Austin Bristow II takes a look at changes in positional eligibility and what it means for players and positional strength.

Going Deep: The Nine Faces of Ryan Yarbrough

Nicklaus Gaut goes deep on the 2019 success of Ryan Yarbrough.

Going Deep: A Postmortem on the Pitching Staffs That Regressed Most

Tim Jackson tries to figure out the cause of cold, hard regression for starting pitchers on the Phillies, Rockies, and Mariners.

Going Deep: James Paxton is Acing Up

The Yankees may have gotten an ace starting pitcher after all. James Paxton has been pitching like one over the past few weeks, and Matt Wallach looks into Paxton's hot stretch and what he's improved that makes him the team's best pitcher going into the postseason.

Going Deep: Cardinals Starters are Stepping It Up at the Best Time Possible

Tim Jackson inspects what's made the Cardinals a top five pitching staff over the last month and how it's impacting the stretch run.

Going Deep: Hitting the Ball As Profar As You Can

Jai Correa looks into Jurickson Profar's recent offensive surge and it might signal a breakout.

Going Deep: Drafting Ahead for 2020 Picks 28-56 Part One—The Hitters!

The breakdown of the first live 2020 draft of the season continues as Daniel Port breaks down the hitters from picks 29-56!

Going Deep: The House(r) of the Rising (Second-Half) Sun

Nick Bucher explores how Adrian Houser has evolved into a starter down the stretch, and what it means for him moving forward.

Going Deep: New Zac in Town

Zac Gallen has all the tools to be an impact starting pitcher, and it's starting to come together for him as a D-Back. Matt Wallach takes a look at Gallen's profile to see if more strong results are in his future.

Going Deep—the Chosen Juan is Getting Better

Shelly Verougstraete details how Juan Soto has improved in his rookie campaign.

Going Deep: Nathan’s Eoval-ution

Jai Correa examines Nathan Eovaldi's injury-plagued season to date and how his landing foot is the key to solving his control issues.

Going Deep: Kyle Seager Is Back, With A Caveat

In the past two months, Kyle Seager has quietly been looking like the Kyle Seager of old. Michael Ajeto goes deep to find out what's behind his success.

Going Deep: A Plea to Understand the Struggles of Edwin Díaz

Tim Jackson builds off the Pitcher List Discord community's reaction to Edwin Díaz’s latest meltdown to see if the reliever is possibly tipping his pitches.

Going Deep: Wade Miley, Elite 4th Starter

Nick Bucher pulls back the curtain to show just how Wade Miley has been so successful in 2019, and explores whether his improvements are sustainable.

Going Deep: Drafting Ahead for 2020

Believe it or not, Daniel Port has already done a real live draft for the 2020 MLB fantasy season! Join him as he breaks down the first two rounds of the draft!