Going Deep: Effective Velocity and Reaction Time

Michael Augustine discusses effective velocity and its relation to hitter perception.

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Nick Pollack breaks down Touki Toussaint's MLB debut with 22 GIFs.

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Jake Greenberg examines Trevor Cahill's rejuvenation with the Athletics and investigates the sustainability of his performance.

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MikeTheRotoCop uses Dee Gordon to present his case for why he will never draft speed early again.

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Michael Augustine explains the concept of perceived velocity and how it ties into a pitcher's mechanics.

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Scott evaluates which players are better and worse off after an exciting trade deadline.

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Finding hitters struggling to adjust to the shift.

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The Rockies third basemen has taken a complete 180.

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Michael Augustine investigates if its time to be worried about Luis Severino.

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Scott examines the 2017 breakout and 2018 struggles of Logan Morrison and suggests the 3 simple steps for LoMo to turn it all around.

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Andy Patton takes a look at Starlin Castro's rapidly improved hard-hit rate in 2018.

Going Deep: Using Pitch Acceleration to Predict Batted Ball Quality

Using pitch acceleration metrics to measure how difficult a pitcher is to hit.

Going Deep: “Swing away, Avi. Avi? Swing away.”

Scott examines Avisail Garcia, the enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a White Sox jersey.

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Michael Augustine looks into pitch tunneling with the help of some slick gif overlays.

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The Yankees star has failed to live up to expectations in 2018.

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Andy Patton examines Stephen Piscotty's hot month of June and what that means for him going forward.

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David Peralta has had a major power increase, and Ben Palmer thinks it might be more legit than not.