The Rotation: A History of the Vedder Cup, Baseball’s Strangest Rivalry

Andy Patton takes a look at the Vedder Cup, a heated rivalry between the Mariners and Padres, named after dedicated Cubs fan Eddie Vedder. Huh?

The Baltimore Orioles and Home Runs

Ryan Fickes dives into the homer-happy Baltimore pitching staff.

The Rotation: Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Andy Patton creates a lineup of baseball players who have been mentioned in popular songs, including shoutouts to Nelly, Blake Shelton, Rod Carew and Hoodie Allen.

The Rotation: Alright Stop, Hammer Time

Andy Patton's weekly column musing about baseball and music.

The Rotation: Musings About Baseball and Music

Andy Patton's weekly column musing about baseball and music.

The Plunk Deservability Scale: Early Season Ratings

Should a given hitter get plunked? Ben Ellenberg has the answer.

Anti-List: I Need Pitching, Send Me Offers

I'm looking to make a deal for one starting pitcher as a stopgap until my pitching comes around. Send me offers.

Wacky Leagues, Week 3 Recap: WorstBallers Dropping Like Flies

Myles Nelson recaps this week in Pitcher List's unusual fantasy baseball leagues.

Wacky Leagues, Week 2 Recap: I Finally Have a Full Lineup!

Taking a look back on what happened in the wild trio of Wacky Leagues for Week 2.

Anti-List: Major League — Sub Marine

Travis Sherer explains how we are living a real-life sequel to the movie Major League based in Seattle.

The Rotation: The Five Best Baseball-Themed Band Names

Andy Patton's weekly column musing about baseball and music, discussing five bands with baseball-themed names.

Wacky Leagues, Week 1 Recap: Catching Thieves

Catching up with Wacky Leagues, the trio of unique and strange formats.

Pitcher List 2019 Best Ball pVal Draft

Reviewing the Pitch Value draft one week into the season.

The Rotation: A look at Bernie Williams, Baseball’s Best Musician?

Andy Patton debuts his weekly column musing about baseball and music, with this week's discussion centered around former Yankees OF Bernie Williams, with a fun cameo by DMX.

Wacky Leagues, Week .5 Recap: WorstBall is the Best

Myles Nelson recaps what has happened so far in his three experimental fantasy baseball leagues.

Anti-List: Ichiro Comes Clean on Rampant Steroid Use

Satire: Ichiro Suzuki finally comes clean about his rampant steroid use.

Anti-List: Myles Nelson’s Bold Predictions for 2019

Myles Nelson makes his VERY bold predictions for 2019.

Anti-List’s Wacky Leagues Introduction

Myles Nelson introduces three unique and quirky leagues he'll be competing in this season.

Anti-List: Manfred to Restrict Time to First, Renews Aim at Pace of Play

Manfred announces a surprise rule change. He takes aim at pace-of-play with a rule change that's set to revolutionize the base paths.

Anti-List: Miguel Andujar is Off the Charts

How one Yankee managed to go completely off the grid.