Tyler Skaggs
Los Angeles Angels


60.4% Thrown  92.7 MPH

Skaggs came back from TJS abandoning his Two-Seamer in favor of nearly exclusive Four-Seamers. He threw the pitch harder in 2016 than ever before, topping out at 95.8mph and while he was able to pump it for strikes constantly, his inability to trust his other pitches deep into counts had Skaggs uncomfortably relying on his heater too often, leading to walks or hard hit balls as batters held a 15.7% walk rate and .924 OPS on the pitch.


26.6% Thrown  76.1 MPH

Skaggs has a deadly hook that gets well above average vertical drop, the problem here is that it doesn't get enough whiffs to justify its sub 40% zone rate. With Skaggs' hesitance to use his Changeup deep in counts, being able to throw this Curveball for a strike with confidence would help across the board.


13.0% Thrown  85.9 MPH

Expect to see more of Skaggs' Changeup in 2017 as the southpaw was able to throw it over the plate above the 50% mark while limiting line drives to just a 13.3% rate. Considering its seven inch vertical drop differential, there's a ton of potential for Skaggs to excel with the pitch.