Round 2: Aaron Nola’s Fastball VS Chris Sale’s Slider

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We have two distinctly different pitches squaring off in the second round. First up is Aaron Nola’s Fastball that starts well off the outside corner before taking a U-turn and whizzing back at 93mph to clip the outside corner. His competitor is a breaking ball that defies physics, getting a huge whiff from Trey Mancini as Chris Sale unleashed a Slider that went from one batter’s box to another. Is Nola’s craftiness good enough for a Semi-Final spot or does Sale’s patented Slider keep the Boston ace alive for another day?


Aaron Nola’s Fastball vs. Chris Sale’s Slider

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One Response to “Round 2: Aaron Nola’s Fastball VS Chris Sale’s Slider”

  1. Tom B August 28, 2017

    On this one I just need more velocity on Nola’s heater to beat the slider.