Justin Verlander’s Slider + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Thursday’s Playoff Games

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Through the playoffs, we’ll be featuring the nastiest pitches from the previous day’s games in glorious HD GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and check back after each round to see if it will be in contention for the GIF of the Second Half Contest. Did we miss your favorite pitch? Send us a tweet next time @ThePitcherList and we’ll GIF it up + give you a shoutout here in the article.

Justin Verlander’s Slider – There were some rough patches early, but Verlander battled through to give Houston the victory in Game 1. He ended an 11-pitch at-bat against Andrew Benintendi in the opening frame with an excellent Slider down into the rookie’s ankles.

Trevor Bauer’s Curveball – Bauer was on point against the Yankees, quelling any worry from Cleveland fans that Kluber should have gotten the ball for Game 1. His Curveball was his money pitch through the game and got the call against Aaron Judge in the first inning with this big hook.

Chris Sale’s Fastball – The afternoon didn’t go as planned for Sale, but he struck out his first batter of the game in George Springer by spotting this 3-2 Fastball at 98mph. The perfect pitch.

Andrew Miller’s Slider – Miller faced his former team in the later innings and did exactly as advertised, using his Slider to debilitate the Yankee offense. Check out this Slider to Aaron Hicks that falls out of the zone, though is too tempting to resist a hefty hack.

Dellin Betances’ Fastballs + Curveball – The Yankees have questioned if they are capable of turning to Betances during high leverage situations, but seeing their massive reliever strike out the side may be the one silver lining from their Game 1 loss. Watch his blow two Fastballs by Cleveland batters before turning to his unhittable Curveball for punch out the side on 11 pitches.

GIF Of The Night

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8 Responses to “Justin Verlander’s Slider + The Nastiest Pitching GIFs From Thursday’s Playoff Games”

  1. Asher Dratel

    Voted Dellin. That was a vintage performance and I was so happy to see it even in a losing effort like that last night.

    (Also that’s A-A-Ron Hicks striking out on the Miller slider.)

  2. The Kraken

    How are the lists coming? May as well take your time, but I am curious!

    • Nick Pollack

      Hoping to get a lot of it done to be up on Monday morning. I’m debating how much research I want to do for this one as I know it won’t be as polished as the rankings in February, but I obviously want them to be good n all.

      Then there are all these games I need to watch…

      Dynasty Lists next week for sure though. 100% as that’s not me!

  3. Alex Blake

    I think Sale’s was a ball. Nice frame job though.

  4. Matt

    Hi, do you think you can write about why the starting pitchers have performed horribly in the post season?