Jameson Taillon
Pittsburgh Pirates


63.0% Thrown  94.2 MPH

While Taillon was primarily a Four-Seamer pitcher in the minors, he turned to a Two-Seamer after his introduction to the majors and had quick success with the pitch. In concert with his ability to command it arm-side with ease, Taillon racked up the grounders and set a great foundation for his Curveball and Changeup.


26.3% Thrown  80.1 MPH

Taillon's breaker is a Curveball with a bunch of potential as he gets nearly three inches of bonus drop more than the typical deuce. It helps with his groundball approach (66.0% rate last season) as he keeps it low in the zone constantly. Additionally, it freezes plenty of batters, allowing it to hold an excellent 42.6% K rate despite a low 10.6% whiff rate.


10.6% Thrown  86.8 MPH

Last season, Taillon used a Four-Seam circle-change grip for his slow ball, limiting the upside with his FB/CH combination. Expect more lively movement in 2017 as he shifts to a Two-Seam grip, allowing for increased fade and more deception as it matches the spin and arm action of his Two-Seam Fastball.