Injury Report 7/9: Every Player’s DL Situation

Hello and welcome!

Big one today featuring approximately 40 new additions to the table, which now totals of 225 entries. Keep in mind at this point in the season that many players will have their returns pushed back until after the All-Star break.

Despite no longer being on the DL and therefore not included in the table, I will continue to monitor Shohei Ohtani for any news regarding pitching. Nothing is available at this time.

The following players have returned to regular play or have been optioned and have been removed from the report: Alex Avila, Randall Delgado, Steven Souza, Freddie Freeman, Dylan Bundy, Luis Sardinas, Mitch Moreland, Addison Russell, Rob Zastryzny, Carl Edwards Jr., Carlos Carrasco, Brandon Guyer, Max Stassi, Carlos Correa, Justin Grimm, Mike Moustakas, Jefry Marte, Rich Hill, Garrett Cooper, Martin Prado, Lorenzo Cain, Tyler Saladino, Devin Mesoraco, Brett Anderson, Edubray Ramos, Francisco Cervelli, Michael Feliz, Phil Hughes, Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, Matt Bowman, Paul DeJong, and Adrian Beltre.

Let’s check out the table:

TeamDLPosPlayerInj. DateInjuryTimetableEst. ReturnCountdown
ARI10SPClay Buchholz6-24-18L Oblique strain2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
ARI10OFJarrod Dyson7-4-18R Groin discomfortDTD7-21-180y 0m 12d
ARI103BDevin Marrero6-30-18L Oblique strain4-6 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
ARI10SPTaijuan Walker4-14-18R Elbow inflammation12-18 months5-15-190y 10m 6d
ATL60RPGrant Dayton8-29-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months9-1-180y 1m 23d
ATL60RPJacob Lindgren3-28-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
ATL10SPBrandon McCarthy6-25-18R Knee tendinitis2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
ATL10RPPeter Moylan7-2-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
ATL10RPJose Ramirez4-18-18R Shoulder impingement4-6 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
ATL10SPMike Soroka6-19-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks9-1-180y 1m 23d
BAL10RPPedro Araujo6-11-18R Elbow inflammation4-6 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
BAL10RPRichard Bleier6-13-18L Lat strain (3)4-6 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
BAL10OFCraig Gentry6-22-18L Rib fracture2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
BAL10RPDarren O’Day6-27-18L Hamstring strain (2)3-6 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
BAL10SPChris TIllman5-11-18Lower back strain2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
BAL60SPGabriel Ynoa3-9-18R Shoulder inflammation2 weeks9-1-180y 1m 23d
BAL103BSteve Wilkerson7-1-18L Oblique strain (2)1-2 months8-21-180y 1m 12d
BOS603BMarco Hernandez5-26-17L Shoulder surgery4-6 months9-1-180y 1m 23d
BOS10RPAustin Maddox3-1-18R Shoulder inflammation1-2 weeks9-1-180y 1m 23d
BOS102BDustin Pedroia5-30-18L Knee inflammation2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
BOS10SPDrew Pomeranz5-31-18L Biceps tendonitis2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
BOS10RPCarson Smith5-15-18R Shoulder subluxation4-6 weeks5-1-190y 9m 22d
BOS10RPStephen Wright6-23-18L Knee inflammation2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
CHC103BKris Bryant6-22-18L Shoulder soreness2-4 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
CHC60RPEddie Butler4-20-18R Groin strain2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
CHC10SPYu Darvish5-26-18R Triceps tendititis2-4 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
CHC10RPBrian Duensing7-1-18L Shoulder fatigue2-4 weeks7-14-180y 0m 5d
CHC10RPJustin Hancock6-26-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
CHC60SPDrew Smyly6-17-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months8-15-180y 1m 6d
CWS10OFNick Delmonico5-18-18R D3 Metacarpal fracture4-6 weeks7-15-180y 0m 6d
CWS60RPDanny Farquhar4-20-18Hemorrhagic strokeIndefinite4-1-190y 8m 23d
CWS60SPMiguel Gonzalez4-18-18R RTC inflammation4-6 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
CWS10RPNate Jones6-13-18R Pronator strain2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
CIN10SPHomer Bailey5-30-18R Knee inflammation2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
CIN60SPRookie Davis10-9-17R Hip surgery8-10 months7-28-180y 0m 19d
CLE60SPCody Anderson3-27-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months9-1-180y 1m 23d
CLE10OFLonnie Chisenhall7-3-18L Calf strain4-8 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
CLE10RPNick Goody5-3-18R Elbow strain2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
CLE10RPEvan Marshall6-19-18R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
CLE10SP/RPRyan Merritt3-23-18L Shoulder soreness2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
CLE10RPAndrew Miller5-26-18R Knee inflammation2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
CLE10RPTyler Olson6-16-18L Lat strain4-6 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
CLE10SP/RPDanny Salazar1-15-18R Shoulder impingement2-4 weeks4-1-190y 8m 23d
COL10SPChad Bettis7-1-18R D3 HotspotDTD7-13-180y 0m 4d
COL10OFDavid Dahl5-28-18R Foot fracture6-8 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
COL60RPCarlos Estevez3-19-18R Elbow sprain4-6 weeks7-25-180y 0m 16d
COL60RPRayan Gonzalez4-1-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-21-180y 0m 12d
COL10RPZac Rosscup3-27-18L Long finger injury2 weeks7-11-180y 0m 2d
COL10RPBryan Shaw6-23-18R Calf strain2-4 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
DET10RPJohnny Barbato6-22-18R Rotator cuff strain4-6 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
DET101BMiguel Cabrera6-12-18L Biceps tendon rupture4-6 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
DET10SPRyan Carpenter5-31-18R Oblique strain4-6 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
DET10RPShane Greene7-2-18R Shoulder strain4-6 weeks8-7-180y 0m 29d
DETOFLeonys Martin7-1-18L Hamstring strain2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
DET60SPDaniel Norris4-29-18L Groin tightness8-12 weeks8-7-180y 0m 29d
DET10RPDrew VerHagen6-19-18Broken nose6-8 weeks7-9-180y 0m 0d
HOU10SSCarlos Correa6-26-18Back stiffness2 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
HOU10RPJandel Gustave6-21-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months8-21-180y 1m 12d
HOU10CBrian McCann7-3-18R Knee surgery4-6 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
HOU10SPBrady Rodgers5-2-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-20-180y 0m 11d
KC10RPBlaine Boyer5-30-18Low back strain2-4 weeks7-29-180y 0m 20d
KC103BCheslor Cuthbert5-14-18Low back strain2 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
KC60SPJesse Hahn3-6-18R Elbow UCL sprain (1 or 2)8-10 weeks8-21-180y 1m 12d
KC10SPNate Karns7-20-17R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks8-21-180y 1m 12d
KC10SPIan Kennedy7-4-18L Oblique strain2-4 weeks7-11-180y 0m 2d
KC60SPEric Skoglund5-27-18L Elbow UCL sprain (1)1-2 months8-15-180y 1m 6d
KC10OFJorge Soler6-15-18L Toe fracture4-6 weeks7-28-180y 0m 19d
LAA103BZack Cozart6-13-18L Shoulder subluxation2-4 weeks4-1-190y 8m 23d
LAA10RPJake Jewell6-27-18R Fibula fracture4-6 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
LAA10RPJim Johnson6-15-18Lower back strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
LAA10SPJohn Lamb6-26-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-1-190y 11m 22d
LAA60SPAlex Meyer9-12-17R Glenoid labrum surgery12-14 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
LAA10RPKeynan Middleton4-29-18R Elbow inflammation12-18 months6-1-190y 10m 23d
LAA60SPJ.C. Ramirez4-17-18R Elbow sprain12-18 months5-1-190y 9m 22d
LAA10CRene Rivera5-17-18R Meniscus repair4-6 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
LAA60SPMatt Shoemaker4-1-18R Forearm strain3-4 weeks4-1-190y 8m 23d
LAA10SPTyler Skaggs7-1-18R Adductor strain2-4 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
LAA10SPNick Tropeano6-15-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks7-14-180y 0m 5d
LAA10RPBlake Wood4-23-18R Elbow UCL sprain12-18 months6-1-190y 10m 23d
LAA10OFChris Young7-3-18L Hamstring strain4-6 weeks8-7-180y 0m 29d
LAD10RPPedro Baez6-15-18R Biceps tendonitis2-4 weeks7-15-180y 0m 6d
LAD10SPWalker Buehler6-29-18Rib contusion2-4 weeks7-14-180y 0m 5d
LAD10RPTony Cingrani6-6-18L Shoulder strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
LAD10RPJosh Fields6-27-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
LAD60SP/RPTom Koehler3-2-18R Shoulder strain (2)1-3 months8-15-180y 1m 6d
LAD10SPHyun-Jin Ryu5-2-18L Groin strain (3)2-4 months8-15-180y 1m 6d
LAD60RPDennis Santana6-5-18R Lat strain (3)6-8 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
LAD60SSCorey Seager4-30-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-190y 10m 23d
LAD60SPJulio Urias6-27-17L Shoulder surgery, anterior capsule12-14 months8-15-180y 1m 6d
MIA10SPSandy Alcantara7-3-18R Axillary infection2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
MIA10OFLewis Brinson7-4-18R Hip inflammation2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
MIA10RPChris O’Grady4-17-18L Shoulder sprain2-4 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
MIA10SPCaleb Smith6-24-18L Lat strain (3)4-6 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
MIL10RPMatt Albers6-12-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
MIL10SPZach Davies5-30-18R RTC inflammation2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
MIL102BNick Franklin5-8-18R Quad strain4-6 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
MIL10SPWade Miley5-9-18R Oblique strain (2)6-8 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
MIL60SPJimmy Nelson9-20-17R Shoulder surgery12-14 months9-1-180y 1m 23d
MIL10CStephen Vogt2-28-18R Shoulder strain4-6 weeks4-1-190y 8m 23d
MIN10SSEhire Adrianza7-2-18L Hamstring strain2-4 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
MIN10CJason Castro5-3-18R Knee meniscus tear6-10 weeks4-1-190y 8m 23d
MIN7OFTaylor Motter6-28-18Concussion2-4 weeks7-10-180y 0m 1d
MIN60SPMichael Pineda7-18-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-1-180y 0m 23d
MIN60SPErvin Santana2-6-18R Long finger surgery10-12 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
NYM10OFJay Bruce6-18-18R Hip strain2-4 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
NYM10OFYoenis Cespedes5-14-18R Hip flexor strain2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
NYM10CTravis d’Arnaud4-17-18R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months5-17-190y 10m 8d
NYM60OFJuan Lagares5-16-18L Big toe plantar plate tear4-6 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
NYM60SPRafael Montero3-22-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
NYM10RPA.J. Ramos5-27-18R Shoulder surgery4-6 weeks5-1-190y 9m 22d
NYM601BT.J. Rivera9-14-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months7-25-180y 0m 16d
NYM10SPNoah Syndergaard5-29-18R D2 sprain2-4 weeks7-13-180y 0m 4d
NYM10SPJason Vargas6-20-18Calf strain2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
NYM603BDavid Wright6-17-16Shoulder/back injury2-3 months9-1-180y 1m 23d
NYY60OFJacoby Ellsbury3-2-18R Oblique tightness, L hip discomfort1-2 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
NYY60RPBen Heller3-27-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-190y 9m 22d
NYY10SPJordan Montgomery5-1-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-190y 10m 23d
NYY10CGary Sanchez6-24-18R Groin strain (1)2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
NYY10SPMasahiro Tanaka6-8-18R and L hamstring strains (1)2-4 weeks7-10-180y 0m 1d
NYY102BGleyber Torres7-4-18R Hip strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
OAKSPTrevor Cahill6-9-18Achilles injury2-4 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
OAK60SPJharel Cotton3-21-18R Tommy John surgery4-6 months5-1-190y 9m 22d
OAK10SPDaniel Gossett6-3-18R Flexor strain6-8 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
OAK10SPDaniel Mengden6-23-18R Foot sprain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
OAK10OFBoog Powell4-7-18R Knee sprain4 weeks7-15-180y 0m 6d
OAK10SPA.J. Puk3-27-18Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-190y 9m 22d
OAK10SPAndrew Triggs5-17-18R Forearm nerve discomfort2-4 weeks8-21-180y 1m 12d
PHI10SSJ.P. Crawford6-19-18L Hand fracture4-6 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
PHISPZach Eflin7-3-18R D3 BlisterDTD7-9-180y 0m 0d
PHI60SPJerad Eickhoff3-16-18R Lat strain6-8 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
PHI10SSPedro Florimon5-29-18R Foot fracture4-6 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
PHI10RPLuis Garcia6-16-18R Wrist sprain4-6 weeks7-15-180y 0m 6d
PHI10SPVince Velasquez6-30-18R forearm contusion2 weeks7-11-180y 0m 2d
PIT60RPNick Burdi5-31-17R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months8-15-180y 1m 6d
PIT10SPChad Kuhl6-26-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
PIT10SPJoe Musgrove6-30-18R Index finger infection2 weeks7-10-180y 0m 1d
PIT102BSean Rodriguez6-25-18R Quad strain2-4 weeks7-10-180y 0m 1d
PIT10RPA.J. Schugel2-25-18R Shoulder discomfort1-2 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
PIT60RPNik Turley6-28-18L Elbow UCL sprain4-6 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
SD60OFFranchy Cordero5-27-18R Elbow bone spur2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
SD60OFAlex Dickerson3-28-18L Tommy John surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
SD10SPDinelson Lamet3-25-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months5-1-190y 9m 22d
SD10RPJordan Lyles6-21-18R Forearm tightness2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
SD10SPBryan Mitchell6-5-18R Elbow impingement2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
SEA10RPDan Altavilla6-7-18R Flexor strain (1)4-6 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
SEA102BRobinson Cano5-13-18R 5th metacarpal fracture8-12 weeks8-10-180y 1m 1d
SEA10RPDavid Phelps3-17-18R Elbow UCL sprain (3)12-18 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
SEA10SPErasmo Ramirez5-1-18R Teres major strain4-8 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
SF60SPJulian Fernandez3-27-18R Elbow UCL sprain12-18 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
SF103BEvan Longoria6-14-18L D5 Fracture6-8 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
SF10RPHunter Strickland6-18-18R Hand fracture6-8 weeks8-21-180y 1m 12d
STL10RPLuke Gregerson5-16-18R Shoulder impingement2-4 weeks7-14-180y 0m 5d
STL60RPDominic Leone5-4-18R Arm Nerve irritation2-4 weeks8-7-180y 0m 29d
STL10RPTyler Lyons6-6-18L Elbow UCL sprain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
STL10SPAlex Reyes5-31-18R Lat strain (3)6-8 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
STL10SPMichael Wacha6-20-18L Oblique strain4-6 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
STL60SPAdam Wainwright4-20-18R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
TB10SPChris Archer6-2-18Abdominal strain2-4 weeks7-9-180y 0m 0d
TB102BChristian Arroyo6-15-18L Oblique strain4-6 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
TB60SPJose De Leon3-13-18R Tommy John Surgery12-18 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
TB10SPJake Faria5-22-18L Oblique strain4-6 weeks8-7-180y 0m 29d
TB10RPWilmer Font6-29-18R Lat strain (2)8-10 weeks9-1-180y 1m 23d
TB10RPVidal Nuno7-3-18R Hamstring strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
TB10RPJonny Venters6-24-18R Hamstring strain2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
TEX10RPTony Barnette7-4-18R Lat strain6-8 weeks9-4-180y 1m 26d
TEX10RPMatt Bush6-14-18R Elbow strain4-6 weeks8-21-180y 1m 12d
TEX60SPClayton Blackburn4-12-18R Tommy John surgery12-18 months6-1-190y 10m 23d
TEX10SPDoug Fister6-8-18R Knee strain4-6 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
TEX60RPRonald Herrera3-16-18R Shoulder inflammation4-6 months8-15-180y 1m 6d
TEX60SPJoe Palumbo4-20-17L Tommy John surgery12-18 months7-24-180y 0m 15d
TEX10CCarlos Perez6-15-18R Ankle sprain2-4 weeks7-12-180y 0m 3d
TEX10SPMartin Perez4-30-18R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks7-14-180y 0m 5d
TOR10RPDanny Barnes6-22-18L Knee tendinitis2-4 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
TOR103BJosh Donaldson5-28-18L Calf tightnessDTD8-1-180y 0m 23d
TORSPMarco Estrada7-3-18Glute strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
TOR10SPJaime Garcia6-23-18L Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
TOR10SPAaron Sanchez6-23-18R Index finger contusion10 days7-21-180y 0m 12d
TOR10RPRyan Tepera6-30-18R Elbow inflammation2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
TOR60SSTroy Tulowitzki2-25-18R Heel bone spur8-10 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
WSH10RPJoaquin Benoit3-17-18R Forearm strain4-6 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
WSHSPErick Fedde7-4-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
WSH60RPKoda Glover2-18-18R Shoulder tendinitis2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
WSH102BHowie Kendrick5-19-18R Achille’s tendon tear6-10 months4-1-190y 8m 23d
WSH60SPJoe Ross7-19-17R Tommy John surgery12-18 months9-1-180y 1m 23d
WSH60CJhonatan Solano4-10-18R Elbow bone spurs6-8 weeks8-15-180y 1m 6d
WSH10SPStephen Strasburg6-8-18R Shoulder inflammation2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
WSH10CMatt Wieters5-10-18L Hamstring strain6-8 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
WSH101BRyan Zimmerman5-12-18R Oblique strain4-6 weeks7-20-180y 0m 11d
ATLSPAnibal Sanchez7-7-18Hip contusionDTD7-12-180y 0m 3d
ATL10RPMax Fried7-5-18L D3 Blister2 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
BAL10SPAlex Cobb7-8-18R D2 BlisterDTD7-21-180y 0m 12d
BOSDHJ.D. Martinez7-7-18Sore calf, footDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
BOS10RPBrian Johnson7-3-18L Hip inflammation2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
BOS10CChristian Vazquez7-7-18R D5 Fracture4-6 weeks8-21-180y 1m 12d
BOSRPJoe Kelly7-7-18LightheadedDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
CHC10RPAnthony Bass7-5-18Skin infection1 week7-15-180y 0m 6d
CLE2BJason Kipnis7-6-18Hamstring tightnessDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
COL10RPMike Dunn7-7-18Undisclosed2 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
CWSOFAvisail Garcia7-8-18R Hamstring tightnessDTD7-21-180y 0m 12d
DETOFNick Castellanos7-8-18L Wrist sorenessDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
KC10SPJake Junis7-5-18Lower back inflammation2 weeks7-15-180y 0m 6d
LADOFYasiel Puig7-8-18R Oblique strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
LAD10RPYimi Garcia7-4-18R Forearm inflammation4-6 weeks8-7-180y 0m 29d
MIA10RPTayron Guerrero7-4-18L Lumbar strain2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
MIL10CManny Pina7-7-18L Biceps strain4-6 weeks8-7-180y 0m 29d
MIL10OFRyan Braun7-8-18Back strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
MIL10SPBrent Suter7-3-18L Forearm tightness2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
NYYOFAaron Hicks7-7-18Hamstring crampingDTD7-9-180y 0m 0d
OAK10SPPaul Blackburn7-6-18R Lateral epicondylitis2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
OAK10OFMatt Joyce7-5-18Lumbar strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
PHI2BCesar Hernandez7-6-18Foot contusionDTD7-9-180y 0m 0d
SD10RPJose Castillo7-6-18R Hamstring strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
SEA10CMike Zunino7-5-18L Ankle bone bruise2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
SF3BPablo Sandoval7-8-18L Thumb sprainDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
SFOFGorkys Hernandez7-8-18L Calf tightnessDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
SF102BJoe Panik7-7-18L Groin strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
STLOFTommy Pham7-8-18L Ankle contusionDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
STLCYadier Molina7-6-18R Shoulder sorenessDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
STL10OFTyler O’Neil7-5-18L Groin strain2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
TBOFMallex Smith7-8-18Leg crampsDTD7-9-180y 0m 0d
TBOFKevin Kiermaier7-7-18Back tightnessDTD7-10-180y 0m 1d
TB10RPChaz Roe7-7-18L Meniscus tear4-6 weeks9-1-180y 1m 23d
TBSSWilly Adams7-7-18IllnessDTD7-9-180y 0m 0d
TEX10RPChris Martin7-4-18L Groin strain2-4 weeks8-1-180y 0m 23d
TOR10RPRhiner Cruz7-7-18R Groin strain2-4 weeks7-21-180y 0m 12d
WSHRPSean Doolittle7-6-18L Big toe strainDTD7-9-180y 0m 0d


Jarrod Dyson (OF, Arizona Diamondbacks) – Dyson was diagnosed with a groin strain and was moved to the DL10. Dyson will likely be out until after the ASB.

Carlos Correa (SS, Houston Astros) – With how slowly the Astros are playing this and the limited information provided I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect Correa to return before the ASB. Bummer.

Cheslor Cuthbert (3B, Kansas City Royals) – Cuthbert suffered a setback and has been pulled off his rehab assignment.

Jimmy Nelson (SP, Milwaukee Brewers) – Finally a concrete update on Nelson, as the Brewer’s GM stated that while Nelson is likely to pitch in 2018 he is not currently expected until September. Nelson has yet to resume mound work.


Anibal Sanchez (SP, Atlanta Braves) – Sanchez took a liner off the hip. He should be fine to make his next start.

Max Fried (RP, Atlanta Braves) – Fried’s blister warranted a DL move which will hold him out until after the All-Star break.

Alex Cobb (SP, Baltimore Orioles) – Cobb is DTD for now, though I suspect he won’t throw again until after the ASB.

J.D. Martinez (OF, Boston Red Sox) – Martinez should return to the Red Sox lineup in the first half of this week.

Brian Johnson (RP, Boston Red Sox) – Johnson will be shut down through the ASB and may be able to return shortly thereafter.

Christian Vazquez (C, Boston Red Sox) – Vazquez will miss close to 6 weeks with this fractured finger. At the moment it doesn’t appear that an operation is required – if that changes add about 2 weeks to his expected return.

Joe Kelly (RP, Boston Red Sox) – I presume this isn’t anything serious – likely just heat related. We should have an update on Monday though I don’t anticipate Kelly will be out for an extended period.

Anthony Bass (RP, Chicago Cubs) – Limited details are available, but there is currently no indication that this will be an extended absence.

Jason Kipnis (2B, Cleveland Indians) – Kipnis is considered DTD for now, but a DL10 stint may make sense here. Look for that decision tomorrow.

Mike Dunn (RP, Colorado Rockies) – Not a ton to say at the moment as the Rockies made the DL move without disclosing a condition. I’m guessing that Dunn’s previously injured Rhomboid is acting up again – if that’s the case he’s likely out until August.

Avisail Garcia (OF, Chicago White Sox) – Considering that this is the same hamstring that cost Garcia months earlier this year it may be prudent to throw him on the DL10 and hold him out until after the ASB. No move has been completed at this time.

Nick Castellanos (OF, Detroit Tigers) – I’m not thrilled that this is Castellanos left wrist, though all reports state it’s just minor soreness. I expect Castellanos to return on Monday or Tuesday.

Jake Junis (SP, Kansas City Royals) – The injury doesn’t sound like a big concern, and the retroactive DL move means the Royals can bring Junis back prior to the ASB. I anticipate he won’t take the ball until after the break, though.

Yasiel Puig (OF, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Reports indicate that Puig is DL bound, though and MRI will need to be completed to inform his timetable. For the moment, don’t expect him back until after the ASB, and keep in mind that an absence until August is a strong possibility.

Yimi Garcia (RP, Los Angeles Dodgers) – Garcia will be shut down from throwing and isn’t likely to return until early-to-mid August.

Tayron Guerrero (RP, Miami Marlins) – No degree of strain has been reported. Guerrero may be out until August.

Manny Pina (C, Milwaukee Brewers) – No degree of strain reported, though Pina will likely be out until early-to-mid August.

Ryan Braun (OF, Milwaukee Brewers) – Braun is likely to return shortly after the ASB.

Brent Suter (SP, Milwaukee Brewers) – I anticipate Suter will be out until after the ASB. As with most forearm issues for pitchers, this could quickly evolve into larger concerns.

Aaron Hicks (OF, New York Yankees) – Hicks dealt with some minor hamstring discomfort this weekend. He may be in the lineup for one of the two double-header games on Monday.

Paul Blackburn (SP, Oakland Athletics) – There is good an bad here. The good: this is the lateral side of the elbow, which is generally less concerning. The bad: epicondylitis is an inflammation condition so this could linger a bit or even recur later this season. For now, expect Blackburn out until after the ASB.

Matt Joyce (OF, Oakland Athletics) – Joyce continues to battle back issues, and will likely sit out until after the ASB.

Cesar Hernandez (2B, Philadelphia Phillies) – Hernandez has missed a couple of starts due to soreness in his foot, though he has been able to pinch hit in that time. He should return to full duties in the first half of this week.

Jose Castillo (RP, San Diego Padres) – Retroactive DL move indicates that this is minor and that Castillo has a shot to return just after the ASB.

Mike Zunino (C, Seattle Mariners) – The Mariners are playing this safe which seems like a sound idea. Expect Zunino to return shortly after the ASB.

Pablo Sandoval (3B, San Francisco Giants) – I anticipate an MRI to determine degree of sprain and inform our timetable. Considering Sandoval stayed in the game Sunday, we’re not dealing with a Grade 3 sprain. He is DTD for now.

Gorkys Hernandez (OF, San Francisco Giants) – Hernandez should return to the lineup in the early half of this week.

Joe Panik (2B, San Francisco Giants) – No degree of strain reported. If it is mild, Panik may be able to return after the ASB. Otherwise, we’re looking at some time in August.

Tommy Pham (OF, St. Louis Cardinals) – Pham should be able to return after Monday’s day off.

Yadier Molina (C, St. Louis Cardinals) – Molina missed time this weekend but is hopeful to return on Tuesday.

Tyler O’Neil (OF, St. Louis Cardinals) – O’Neil was likely headed back to the minors before dealing with a groin strain. He should be good to go sometime between the ASB and the start of August, though he is likely to be sent back down to the minors at that time.

Mallex Smith (OF, Tampa Bay Rays) – Smith is currently expected to be in the lineup on Monday after leaving Sunday’s game early with leg cramps.

Kevin Kiermaier (OF, Tampa Bay Rays) – Kiermaier is likely to return in the first half of this week.

Chaz Roe (RP, Tampa Bay Rays) – Roe has been diagnosed with a meniscus tear in his left knee and will undergo surgery on Friday. Since this is his landing leg, I anticipate he will be near the latter half of the timetable – sometime near the beginning of September.

Willy Adames (SS, Tampa Bay Rays) – Adames should return in the first half of this week.

Chris Martin (RP, Texas Rangers) – No degree of strain reported, though Martin is likely out until the start of August.

Rhiner Cruz (RP, Toronto Blue Jays) – Since this is Cruz’s back leg he may be able to return sooner than the aforementioned Chris Martin. However, there likely won’t be a roster spot available for Cruz.

Sean Doolittle (RP, Washington Nationals) – This sounds like it may be a mild case of turf toe, which can often linger. The good news is that the condition has been linked to a particular incident (avoiding a liner back to the mound) and not Doolittle’s pitching mechanics in general. That should bode well for his recovery. Doolittle may see sparse action for the next week or so, though it doesn’t appear the Nats feel a DL stint is necessary.

Jeff Davis

Jeff is a registered occupational therapist with experience in upper extremity rehabilitation. Jeff pitched at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.




Nevermind, I see him now. You have him as 10-12 week timetable, he is on rehab right now…

Jeff Davis

Hi Alex,

The timetable is still the original from back when he had his surgery – I did not change it as a result of his setback. What’s more important at the moment is the estimated return date. His rehab appears to be trending in the right direction to have him return shortly after the All-Star Break.

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