Francisco Liriano
Houston Astros


51.6% Thrown  92.7 MPH

It's pretty much all Two-Seamers from Liriano, which explains his excellent groundball rate year to year. It also explains his poor walk rates as he fails to locate it in the zone over the 50% mark.


0.1% Thrown  26.6 MPH

Liriano doesn't really have a Curveball, but this pitch to Chris Davis was such a surprise to everyone that we had to include it. Yes, it was the only one he threw all season.


29.0% Thrown  85.3 MPH

If you're wondering where Liriano gets his strikeouts, you should realize it's with his Slider just by looking at that gorgeous pitch above. A 21.0% career whiff rate and 42.1% O-Swing mark should also help as Liriano gets some sharp bite on his bender.


19.4% Thrown  85.3 MPH

Despite the large amount of whiffs Liriano gets with this Changeup (I mean, just look at it), he doesn't turn to it often to close the door, electing to use his Slider more often than not. Instead, it's a great one-strike pitch to set the tone for his breaking ball. But seriously, bonus vertical and horizontal movement, a 43.6% O-Swing rate last year and just 61.3% contact rate last season. The only problem is its low 30.4% zone rate that lead to a 10.5% walk rate with the pitch.