Eduardo Rodriguez
Boston Red Sox


67.3% Thrown  93.4 MPH

Rodriguez holds a near 3-to-1 ratio of Four-Seamers to Two-Seamers, holding much more success with the former generating flyballs (52.4% rate) that often turn into pop-ups (27.6% rate). Additionally, its 9.7% whiff rate is above average and gives him flexibility when looking to close the door on batters.


16.1% Thrown  85.7 MPH

Eduardo's Slider needs a bit of work. It doesn't have the bend to make it a serious strikeout threat, nor does he throw it enough in the zone to help him earn strikes when he needs one. No wonder he turns to his Changeup a lot more often.


16.7% Thrown  87.3 MPH

The best pitch is Rodriguez's repertoire is his Changeup, which gets swings off the plate at an excellent 44.6% as Rodriguez can spot the pitch perfectly along the low-and-away corner. It's a great start for a deadly repertoire, the only question is if his other options can pick up the slack to let the pitch shine.