Anibal Sanchez
Detroit Tigers


48.6% Thrown  91.1 MPH

Sanchez's Four-Seamer just hasn't been working well for him as batters destroyed the pitch, holding a .925 OPS against the straight heater. However, he began throwing more Sinkers last year and it may be wise to have the pitch be favored over the Four-Seamer - Anibal was able to throw it for a strike (51.7% zone rate) while limiting batters to just a .211 batting average against.


10.4% Thrown  77.9 MPH

This is as "Get-Me-Over" as you'll find, with an incredibly low 3.0% whiff rate but a 50+% zone rate for the pitch.


15.2% Thrown  91.2 MPH

Sanchez's Slider used to be his ticket to success, but it has seen better days as of late, losing three inches of vertical movement since its heyday. Back then it had a 16.8% whiff rate and was in the zone easily over 40% of the time. Now? 11.0% swinging strike rate and 35.4% zone rate. Yikes.


16.2% Thrown  84.1 MPH

By far Sanchez's pitch these days is a Split-Finger that is often confused for a Changeup. While not exhibiting above-average movement, Sanchez does an excellent job keeping it low down both on the plate and off - a solid 45.1% zone rate plus a 49.8% O-Swing rate makes this Sanchez's go-to pitch for any count.


6.6% Thrown  90.8 MPH

Whenever Sanchez needs a different look to throw for a strike, his Cutter is the first choice, as he's able to throw it for a strike often while avoiding mistakes often - just three XBH allowed across 170 thrown last season.