Sit/Start Week 3: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 8/3-8/9

Max Freeze scores every starting pitcher matchup for the week ahead.

Welcome back to Sit/Start, where every Saturday here at Pitcher List, we review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: Start, Maybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are circumstantial and dependent on your needs in a standard 5×5 ,wins-based 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. Last year, I modified the ranking system to make designations a little clearer. Here’s an overview. I implemented a scoring system (1-10) next to each designation. A score of 10 is a top-tier start option and a score of 1 is a bottom-of-the-barrel option. Here are the labels: Start 7-10, Maybe 4-6, and Sit 1-3. For example, Max Scherzer at home against the Marlins would look like this: Start-10. Meanwhile, Kendall Graveman against the Rockies in Colorado would have this designation: Sit-1.

It’s important to note that several teams have not officially announced how their rotations will unfold but given the information we have, the starters listed below are the expected starters for week 3. Spots in the rotation where a potential opener may be used will be listed as Opener/potential long man. It’s important to note the Phillies, Blue Jays, Marlins, and Nationals rotations have not been determined as of this morning, so the probable starters below are my best guess. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 3 start from 8/3 – 8/9:

Note: Given the increase in COVID-19 outbreaks and postponements, these matchups are subject to change. 

DateGameAway PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
08/03NYM vs ATLdeGromStart-9SorokaStart-7
08/03KCR vs CHCDuffyMaybe-4MillsStart-7
08/03CLE vs CINPlesacMaybe-6GrayStart-9
08/03SFG vs COLCuetoSit-1GonzalezSit-1
08/03STL vs DETHudsonMaybe-4BoydStart-7
08/03CHW vs MILRodonSit-2LindblomMaybe-6
08/03PIT vs MINHollandSit-1HillStart-8
08/03LAD vs SDPBuehlerStart-7PaddackStart-7
08/03OAK vs SEAMontasStart-7SheffieldSit-3
08/04HOU vs ARIValdezMaybe-5BumgarnerSit-3
08/04TOR vs ATLShoemakerMaybe-6FriedStart-8
08/04KCR vs CHCSingerSit-3HendricksStart-9
08/04CLE vs CINBieberStart-9MahleMaybe-4
08/04SFG vs COLGausmanSit-2MarquezMaybe-6
08/04STL vs DETMartinezStart-7NovaSit-3
08/04PHI vs MIANolaStart-8AlcantaraMaybe-6
08/04CHW vs MILGiolitoStart-7WoodruffStart-8
08/04PIT vs MINMusgroveSit-3BerriosStart-8
08/04TEX vs OAKGibsonMaybe-6LuzardoStart-7
08/04LAD vs SDPMayMaybe-6LametMaybe-6
08/04LAA vs SEAHeaneyStart-8DunnSit-2
08/04BOS vs TBREovaldiSit-3MortonMaybe-6
08/04NYM vs WSHMatzMaybe-4ScherzerStart-9
08/05HOU vs ARIJavierStart-7RaySit-3
08/05TOR vs ATLRyuMaybe-6NewcombSit-3
08/05NYY vs BALColeStart-9WojciechowskiSit-2
08/05MIL vs CHWBurnesMaybe-5KeuchelMaybe-6
08/05CIN vs CLECastilloStart-8ClevingerStart-8
08/05SFG vs COLWebbSit-1GraySit-3
08/05CHC vs KCRDarvishStart-8BubicSit-3
08/05PHI vs MIAWheelerStart-8SmithMaybe-6
08/05TEX vs OAKLynnStart-8ManaeaSit-3
08/05MIN vs PITDobnakMaybe-6WilliamsSit-2
08/05LAD vs SDPStriplingStart-7RichardsMaybe-6
08/05LAA vs SEABundyStart-7GonzalesSit-3
08/05DET vs STLTurnbullMaybe-6Ponce de LeonMaybe-5
08/05BOS vs TBRPerezSit-3YarbroughMaybe-5
08/05NYM vs WSHPorcelloSit-2CorbinStart-8
08/06HOU vs ARIMcCullers Jr.Start-7GallenMaybe-6
08/06TOR vs ATLThorntonSit-3ToussaintSit-3
08/06MIL vs CHWAndersonSit-3GonzalezSit-2
08/06CIN vs CLEBauerStart-7CarrascoStart-8
08/06SFG vs COLSmylySit-2FreelandSit-3
08/06CHC vs KCRChatwoodStart-7BolanosSit-2
08/06PHI vs MIAArrietaMaybe-5LopezMaybe-5
08/06TEX vs OAKMinorStart-7FiersSit-3
08/06MIN vs PITMaedaStart-8KellerSit-3
08/06LAA vs SEAAndrieseMaybe-5WalkerMaybe-4
08/06DET vs STLFulmerSit-3FlahertyStart-9
08/06NYY vs TBRHappSit-3SnellMaybe-6
FRIDAY – 8/7
08/07TOR vs BOSRoarkSit-3WeberSit-2
08/07CLE vs CHWCivaleStart-7CeaseSit-3
08/07MIN vs KCRBaileyMaybe-6TBD
08/07SFG vs LADSamardzijaSit-1UriasStart-8
08/07CIN vs MILDeSclafaniSit-3HouserMaybe-5
08/07MIA vs NYMHernandezSit-3WachaMaybe-4
08/07HOU vs OAKGreinkeStart-7BassittSit-3
08/07ATL vs PHIWrightMaybe-5VelasquezSit-3
08/07DET vs PITNorris/TBD?Sit-3Brault/KuhlMaybe-5
08/07ARI vs SDPWeaverMaybe-6LucchesiMaybe-4
08/07COL vs SEASenzatelaSit-3KikuchiMaybe-5
08/07CHC vs STLLesterMaybe-4WainwrightSit-3
08/07NYY vs TBRMontgomerySit-3GlasnowStart-8
08/07LAA vs TEXCanningStart-7LylesMaybe-4
08/07BAL vs WSHMeansSit-3StrasburgStart-8
08/08TOR vs BOSPearsonMaybe-5HallSit-2
08/08CLE vs CHWPlesacStart-7RodonSit-2
08/08MIN vs KCRHillStart-8DuffySit-3
08/08SFG vs LADCuetoSit-3KershawStart-8
08/08CIN vs MILGrayStart-8LindblomMaybe-4
08/08MIA vs NYMYamamoto?Sit-2PetersonMaybe-5
08/08HOU vs OAKJamesMaybe-5MontasMaybe-6
08/08ATL vs PHISorokaStart-7EflinSit-3
08/08DET vs PITBoydStart-7HollandSit-3
08/08ARI vs SDPKellyStart-7DaviesSit-3
08/08COL vs SEAGonzalezSit-2GravemanMaybe-4
08/08CHC vs STLMillsMaybe-5HudsonSit-3
08/08NYY vs TBRTanakaMaybe-4ChirinosMaybe-5
08/08LAA vs TEXOpener/PenaSit-3AllardSit-2
08/08BAL vs WSHCobbSit-3SanchezMaybe-5
SUNDAY – 8/9
08/09TOR vs BOSShoemakerMaybe-4GodleyMaybe-4
08/09CLE vs CHWBieberStart-9GiolitoStart-8
08/09MIN vs KCRBerriosStart-9SingerSit-3
08/09SFG vs LADGausmanSit-3BuehlerStart-8
08/09CIN vs MILMahleSit-3WoodruffStart-8
08/09MIA vs NYMAlcantaraMaybe-6deGromStart-10
08/09HOU vs OAKValdezMaybe-4LuzardoMaybe-6
08/09ATL vs PHIFriedStart-7NolaStart-8
08/09DET vs PITNovaSit-3MusgroveStart-7
08/09ARI vs SDPBumgarnerMaybe-4PaddackStart-9
08/09COL vs SEAMarquezStart-9SheffieldSit-3
08/09CHC vs STLHendricksMaybe-6MartinezMaybe-5
08/09NYY vs TBRPaxtonMaybe-4MortonMaybe-6
08/09LAA vs TEXOhtaniMaybe-6GibsonMaybe-5
08/09BAL vs WSHLeBlancSit-1VothMaybe-6


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