Sit/Start Week 11: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 6/10-6/16

Max Freeze covers and ranks all starting pitcher matchups for week 11 (6/10-6/16).

Welcome to Sit/Start where, every Saturday here at Pitcher List, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are contingent and dependent on your needs in a standard 5×5 Wins 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. I’m trying something new this week, so let me know what you think about it in the comments, suggestions are always welcome. I’m implementing a scoring system (1-10) next to each designation. 10 is a top tier start option and 1 is a bottom of the barrel option. Here are the labels: Start 7-10, Maybe 4-6, and Sit 1-3. For example, Max Scherzer at home against the Marlins would look like this Start-10. Meanwhile, Ivan Nova against the Yankees in New York would have this designation Sit-1.

You’ll notice a few question marks next to some of the names. These are either probable starters that have not been confirmed or is a situation where the team will use the bullpen to fill innings. As with the past couple Sit/Start articles, spots in the rotation where a potential opener may be used will be listed as Opener/potential long man. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 11 start from 6/10 – 6/16:

Note: These matchups are subject to change.

DateGameAway PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
6/10PIT vs ATLMusgroveMaybe-6GausmanSit-3
6/10TEX vs BOSMinorMaybe-6SaleStart-10
6/10WSH vs CHWSanchezMaybe-6CoveySit-2
6/10CHC vs COLDarvishMaybe-5MarquezMaybe-6
6/10LAD vs LAARyuStart-9Opener/Pena?Sit-3
6/10STL vs MIAPonce de LeonMaybe-6AlcantaraMaybe-5
6/10NYM vs NYYVargasSit-2PaxtonStart-9
6/10ARI vs PHIClarkeSit-1EickhoffMaybe-6
6/10OAK vs TBRBrooksSit-3MortonStart-9
6/11PIT vs ATLArcherMaybe-4FoltynewiczStart-7
6/11TOR vs BALThorntonMaybe-5MeansMaybe-6
6/11TEX vs BOSJuradoMaybe-4Bullpen/Shawaryn?Sit-2
6/11WSH vs CHWCorbinStart-8BanuelosSit-2
6/11CIN vs CLECastilloStart-8BauerStart-8
6/11CHC vs COLQuintanaMaybe-5LambertSit-3
6/11MIL vs HOUNelsonSit-3PeacockStart-7
6/11DET vs KCRTurnbullStart-7JunisStart-7
6/11LAD vs LAAMaedaStart-8SkaggsMaybe-4
6/11STL vs MIAHudsonStart-7Chen/Bullpen?Sit-3
6/11SEA vs MINLeakeSit-3PerezMaybe-6
6/11NYM vs NYYWheelerStart-7HappStart-7
6/11ARI vs PHIDuplantierMaybe-5ArrietaMaybe-6
6/11SDP vs SFGQuantrillStart-7BeedeSit-3
6/11OAK vs TBRFiersSit-2Opener/BeeksMaybe-5
6/12PIT vs ATLDavisSit-1SorokaStart-8
6/12TOR vs BALJacksonSit-1HessSit-2
6/12TEX vs BOSLynnMaybe-6PorcelloMaybe-4
6/12CIN vs CLEDeSclafaniMaybe-5PlesacMaybe-6
6/12CHC vs COLHamelsMaybe-6SenzatelaSit-1
6/12MIL vs HOUPeraltaSit-2VerlanderStart-9
6/12DET vs KCRNorrisSit-3DuffyMaybe-6
6/12STL vs MIAMikolasStart-8UrenaMaybe-6
6/12SEA vs MINMiloneSit-3BerriosStart-8
6/12ARI vs PHIKellySit-3EflinStart-7
6/12SDP vs SFGLucchesiStart-7AndersonMaybe-5
6/12OAK vs TBRAndersonSit-2ChirinosStart-7
6/13PIT vs ATLLylesMaybe-6TeheranStart-7
6/13TOR vs BALStromanMaybe-6YnoaSit-2
6/13TEX vs BOSSampsonSit-1PriceStart-8
6/13NYY vs CHWGermanStart-8NovaSit-1
6/13SDP vs COLMargeviciusSit-2GrayMaybe-5
6/13DET vs KCRBoydStart-9BaileySit-3
6/13CHC vs LADLesterMaybe-6KershawStart-9
6/13SEA vs MINGonzalesSit-3PinedaSit-3
6/13STL vs NYMFlahertyStart-8deGromStart-10
6/13LAA vs TBRHeaneyStart-7Opener/YarbroughMaybe-5
6/13ARI vs WSHGreinkeStart-8FeddeMaybe-5
6/14PHI vs ATLPivettaMaybe-5FriedStart-7
6/14BOS vs BALRodriguezStart-8CashnerSit-1
6/14NYY vs CHWSabathiaSit-3GiolitoStart-8
6/14TEX vs CINSmylySit-2MahleStart-7
6/14SDP vs COLLauerSit-2HoffmanSit-2
6/14CLE vs DETPlutko?Maybe-4Soto?Sit-2
6/14TOR vs HOUSanchezSit-2ColeStart-10
6/14CHC vs LADHendricksStart-7HillStart-8
6/14PIT vs MIABraultMaybe-5RichardsStart-7
6/14KCR vs MINKellerSit-2GibsonStart-8
6/14STL vs NYMWainwrightMaybe-6MatzStart-7
6/14SEA vs OAKKikuchiMaybe-5BassittMaybe-6
6/14MIL vs SFGWoodruffStart-9PomeranzMaybe-4
6/14LAA vs TBRCanning?Maybe-6SnellStart-10
6/14ARI vs WSHRayMaybe-6ScherzerStart-10
6/15PHI vs ATLNolaStart-8GausmanSit-3
6/15BOS vs BALSaleStart-10BundySit-3
6/15NYY vs CHWTanakaStart-8LopezSit-2
6/15TEX vs CINMinorStart-7RoarkMaybe-5
6/15SDP vs COLPaddackStart-7MarquezStart-7
6/15CLE vs DETBieberStart-10CarpenterSit-3
6/15TOR vs HOURichardSit-2ValdezMaybe-5
6/15CHC vs LADDarvishMaybe-6BuehlerStart-9
6/15PIT vs MIAMusgroveStart-8LopezStart-8
6/15KCR vs MINSparkmanSit-2OdorizziStart-9
6/15STL vs NYMPonce de LeonSit-3SyndergaardStart-8
6/15SEA vs OAKLeBlancSit-3MontasStart-8
6/15MIL vs SFGDaviesStart-7SamardzijaSit-3
6/15LAA vs TBRCahillSit-2MortonStart-9
6/15ARI vs WSHClarkeSit-2StrasburgStart-9
6/16PHI vs ATLEickhoffMaybe-5FoltynewiczStart-7
6/16BOS vs BALBullpen/Shawaryn?Sit-3MeansSit-3
6/16NYY vs CHWPaxtonStart-9CoveySit-1
6/16TEX vs CINJuradoMaybe-6GrayMaybe-5
6/16SDP vs COLQuantrillSit-3LambertMaybe-4
6/16CLE vs DETBauerStart-9TurnbullStart-7
6/16TOR vs HOUThorntonSit-3MileyStart-7
6/16CHC vs LADQuintanaMaybe-6RyuStart-8
6/16PIT vs MIAArcherStart-7AlcantaraMaybe-6
6/16KCR vs MINJunisSit-3PerezStart-7
6/16STL vs NYMHudsonMaybe-5VargasMaybe-6
6/16SEA vs OAKLeakeMaybe-5BrooksSit-3
6/16MIL vs SFGAndersonMaybe-6BumgarnerStart-9
6/16LAA vs TBROpener/Pena?Maybe-5Opener/BeeksMaybe-6
6/16ARI vs WSHDuplantierSit-3SanchezStart-7


Max Freeze

Max is the founder of the FreezeStats Blog and currently writes for PitcherList and FantasyPros. Max is a lifelong Cubs fan who used to pretend he was Andre Dawson while hitting rocks in his backyard as a kid.

  • Avatar Brad R says:

    Canning got bumped to Monday. Still probably a sit though? If you had to give it a # the 4-5 range?

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Yeah, I like the start against TBR a little better, so you nailed it. He’d be a 4 or 5 at home against OAK who is much better offensively on the road and seems to be at full strength.

      • Avatar Brad R says:

        I went by strict numbers and started Eichoff over Canning (lower team and trying to be under the 200 start limit after a heavy week last week)

        Yikes. Not an indictment against your rankings which i think were fair. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut and ride your guy against the tough team

  • Avatar Kyle Weber says:

    Hi Max, just wanted to let you know that I love the new ranking system you’ve implemented! I think it is especially helpful for the “Maybe” category. Keep up the good work!

  • Avatar StatsDontLie says:

    Just to follow along with the other commentor, big fan of the new system and the added granularity. Really helps provide some color when one has to make a borderline decision. Great stuff.

    • Avatar Max Freeze says:

      Thank you StatsDontLie! glad the hear there’s been some positive feedback, hopefully this helps you out now & in the future.

  • Avatar ANDY HERNANDEZ says:

    The New ranking system is great.

  • Avatar Kevin M says:

    Looks like Skaggs was bumped to the 13th @TB. Does that impact him at all?

  • Avatar james rogers says:

    I like the new numbers format. It particularly helps in the maybe category.
    I would also use the sign @ to designate where the game is being held. I know that is important to me, especially at Coors.

  • Avatar Brandon Tully says:

    Ranking system is a keeper. Love it!

  • Avatar Adrian Barker says:

    It looks like Woodruff is going vs the Astros on Wednesday instead of Peralta. Is Woodruff still a maybe?

  • Avatar Brandon Scott says:

    I do like that you put a number system now on start or sit… it really gives you a better idea to where that pitcher stands… Lets Go!

  • Avatar Max Freeze says:

    Thanks Brandon, that’s great to hear! Here’s hoping it helps going forward.

  • Avatar Craig Christensen says:

    Max, Can you add full names to this list? That way those of us who use FantasyPros Google Chrome player plug-in can see who is and isn’t available? Also how often during the week do you update this or is just a one-time post? Thanks!!

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