Justin Anderson

Age 27 RP
  • Born 09/27/1992
  • Bats L
  • Team: Los Angeles Angels
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0.9% Thrown 87.9 MPH 25 CSW%
47.0% Thrown 94.6 MPH 18 CSW%
52.2% Thrown 84.5 MPH 33.2 CSW%

Jusin Anderson threw a handful (0.9%) of changeups in 2019 and only once in the zone (12.8%). The pitch did register 1 strikeout but was otherwise absent from the stat sheet. It exhibits lackluster drop and run and is more just a change of velocity (6.8 mph) off his fastball.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Jon Straub

Anderson throws both a fourseamer (40.9%) and a sinker (6.1%). The fourseamer showed better whiff results (18.8% K vs 6.7%) and shows good rise and some armside run while the sinker shows a couple more inches of tail. Overall the sinker got a .266 wOBA though vs .382 for the fourseamer.

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Jon Straub

Anderson’s most used pitch was his slider in 2019 (52.2%) and it showed average results, holding opponents to a .319 wOBA. With below average depth but good gloveside sweep, it proved hittable in zone (84.5% Z-Contact) but was very effective when he could entice hitters to chase (34.8% O-Swing, 36.9% O-Contact).

GIF made by Ryan Amore. Blurb written by Jon Straub
55.1% Thrown 85.6 MPH
44.9% Thrown 97.3 MPH

With a 20.6% swinging-strike rate on his slider, Anderson possesses an excellent complement to his 97 mph fastball. Opposing hitters were only able to produce a .162 batting average and a .091 ISO against his slider, making it Anderson’s best pitch. Hitters will likely continue to wait him out in an attempt to draw walks, as his slider is in the strike zone only 35% of the time and is his most thrown pitch. Anderson shows a lot of promise out of the bullpen if he can cut back on his walks.

Anderson’s fastball can reach 100 mph, though he did see his velocity steadily drop over the course of his first big league season. Overall the pitch is a bit of a mixed bag, as Anderson walked way too many batters and had a subpar 5.8% swinging-strike rate. He made up for the lows by allowing an excellent .032 ISO getting a 63.9% ground-ball rate on his four-seamer.

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