Derek Holland

Age 34
  • Born 10/09/1986
  • Bats S
  • Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
2019 Statistics
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3.7% Thrown 83.8 MPH 16.4 CSW%
6.7% Thrown 78.3 MPH 38 CSW%
62.4% Thrown 92.3 MPH 28.4 CSW%
27.2% Thrown 81.3 MPH 31.7 CSW%

Going by pVal, Holland had the best curveball of his career, with a 3.2 pVal that was his highest since a 1.3 pVal in his 2009 rookie year. Holland only threw it 6.7% of the time, with the pitch sitting around 78 mph. Only getting 0.8 inches of break, Holland’s hook moves 91% less than the average fastball and had a 0.0% K-rate. Yes, 0.0%.

GIF made by Ben Palmer. Blurb written by Nicklaus Gaut

Holland’s changeup averages 83.9 mph and was only used by the left-hander 3.7% of the time in 2019, allowing a .400 batting-average against, with a .548 wOBA. Even getting hammered like that, his -2.4 pVAl on the pitch, was his lowest since 2016.

GIF made by Ben Palmer. Blurb written by Nicklaus Gaut

Holland’s fastball averaged 92.3 mph last season, up from 91.5 mph the year before and finishing with a .260 batting-average against. Barreled at an 11.1% rate, Holland’s heater gets average break and below-average drop and finished with a 22.3% K-rate.

GIF made by Ben Palmer. Blurb written by Nicklaus Gaut

Thrown 27% of the time in 2019, Holland’s slider averages 81.3 mph and much like his curveball, gets some of the least break in baseball, averaging just 0.6 inches. It still managed a 19.7% SwStr% and finished with a 27.2% K-rate.

GIF made by Ben Palmer. Blurb written by Nicklaus Gaut
56.9% Thrown 91.5 MPH
21.2% Thrown 80.8 MPH
12.5% Thrown 78.4 MPH
9.3% Thrown 82.8 MPH

Holland is extremely sinker-heavy, relying on it nearly 60% of the time, and he gets more than 50% ground balls on the pitch. It’s not a strikeout pitch, but he throws it in the zone more often and got average results, with a .246 batting average against, though he did limit extra-base hits with it, which led to a solid .110 ISO on the pitch.

Holland’s slider is as close as he gets to a Money Pitch, missing the zone and chase rates by just a few percent. He’s lost a few ticks off the strikeout rate on the pitch, but it’s still pulling down a 32.8% strikeout rate and rarely walking batters. It still has the potential to be a good pitch, but the .246 batting average against needs to come down first.

Holland’s curve is a fairly straightforward pitch without a ton of drop, very close in movement to his slider. He’s not getting a ton of swing and miss on the pitch, but he limits extra-base hits. Batters only managed a .235 wOBA on the pitch.

Holland had a lot of trouble keeping the changeup in the zone, walking 14.3% while only striking out 10.2% of batters. Batters managed a .343 wOBA on the pitch with an even worse xWOBA of .356. It’s a fairly marginalized pitch with little value in his arsenal.

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