Chaz Roe

Age 34 RP
  • Born 10/09/1986
  • Bats R
  • Team: Tampa Bay Rays
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28.8% Thrown 92.1 MPH 32.5 CSW%
6.3% Thrown 87.1 MPH 38.8 CSW%
64.9% Thrown 81.0 MPH 34.7 CSW%

Roe has some of the best pure stuff in baseball. This fastball explodes out of his hand and is in the 92nd percentile for spin rate. The downside to such an electric fastball? An inability to control it. Roe’s fastball was responsible for more walks than strikeouts in 2019, good for a BB rate over 24%.

GIF made by Mark McElroy. Blurb written by James Schiano

Roe’s slider is so devastating, it seems as if sometimes he needs to just rein it in a little. Enter the cutter, making its first appearance in 2019. Still a work in progress, it had the lowest strikeout rate (11%) of all his pitches.

GIF made by Mark McElroy. Blurb written by James Schiano

One of the best-looking pitches in baseball, Roe’s frisbee-like-slider was his most used pitch in 2019 wisely as it’s easily his best pitch and helped move away from his mediocre sinker. The two-plane breaking pitch has elite spin on it and while wasn’t as effective in 2019 as 2018 is still quite the valuable pitch.

GIF made by NP. Blurb written by Jamie Sayer
52.3% Thrown 81.6 MPH
40.5% Thrown 92.3 MPH
7.2% Thrown 92.4 MPH

Roe’s slider makes people drool. It basically breaks from one side of the plate to a foot off the other side. It’s not quite a Money Pitch, but it still boasts a nice swinging-strike percentage (16.2%), a ridiculous strikeout percentage (40.2%) and hardly walks anyone (4.3 BB%) while racking up a ridiculous 7.1 pVal. Watch it. Love it. Worship it as your new god.

Worth 1.8 pVal pitch in 2018, Roe’s sinker was great at drawing poor contact (86.8 Contact%, 53.8 GB%, and 21.4 IFFB%) while limiting hitters to a .224 average. It did struggle a bit in other areas, though, as it gave up a .172 ISO and a 125 wRC+.

A neutral pitch in 2018 Roe’s fastball was nothing to write home about, not quite drawing enough swinging strikes (6.8 SwStr%) or poor contact (36.4 LD%) to be an excellent pitch. Was also hit for a .308 AVG and a 152 wRC+ in 72 pitches.

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