Carlos Rodon

Age 27 SP
  • Born 12/10/1992
  • Bats L
  • Team: Chicago White Sox
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10.1% Thrown 84.1 MPH 29.7 CSW%
52.2% Thrown 91.5 MPH 25.2 CSW%
37.7% Thrown 83.9 MPH 33.3 CSW%

It’s a real shame Rodon has not been able to stay healthy, because his stuff is nasty. This changeup had a 48.5% (!) whiff rate last season, greater than that of his slider. It also surrendered zero barrels, along with a whopping 72.7% weak-hit rate. Rodon still has a long road to recovery, but this pitch has a chance to bring his entire arsenal together.

GIF made by Mark McElroy. Blurb written by James Schiano

Rodon’s fastball is nothing to write home about. Below-average velocity and spin (29th and 25th percentiles, respectively) would make one question why he throws it more than 50% of the time.

GIF made by Mark McElroy. Blurb written by James Schiano

This pitch is gross. Rodon’s slider has never struck out less than 45% of opposing batters in any of his five big league seasons. It seemed like he turned a corner in terms of pitch selection, throwing it a career high 37.2%, before subsequently blowing out his arm.

GIF made by Mark McElroy. Blurb written by James Schiano
47.0% Thrown 92.9 MPH
26.3% Thrown 85.4 MPH
14.3% Thrown 85.0 MPH
12.5% Thrown 93.3 MPH

Rodon lost a little rise off his fastball, its swinging-strike rate dropped roughly three percentage points, and its strikeout percentage tumbled. Still, he began to work up-and-in to right-handed batters more effectively to help induce weaker contact on fly balls, which seemingly gives him room to grow here if he can discover a balance between finding whiffs and inducing more feeble contact.

This pitch put in work as the out-getter of Rodon’s arsenal. It has significantly more bend than the average lefty’s slider, and though it carried standard swinging-strike and chase rates (down slightly from ’17), he induced grounders with it 55.4% of the time. He allowed just a .054 ISO on the pitch and mustered an impressive 9.0 pVal.

Rodon’s changeup shows a lot more drop than is standard, and it carries an impressive 60.3% grounder rate. Though its swinging-strike rate fell down in step with the rest of his arsenal, he managed to increase its out-of-zone chase rate 7.2 percentage points to 27.2. Still, that’s not a strikeout pitch—it’s ground ball-or-bust here.

The 26-year-old’s two-seamer shows less arm-side run and drop than a typical pitch of its ilk, but it sported an impressive 30.3% chase rate. It’s not a spectacular swinging-strike-inducer at just 6.7%, nor does it get a ton of ground balls (45.5%). Still, he pounded the zone at a 57.2% rate and used it as a secondary strike-getter.

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