Brandon Workman

Age 32 RP
  • Born 08/13/1988
  • Bats R
  • Team: Boston Red Sox
2019 Statistics
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47.3% Thrown 80.6 MPH 35.8 CSW%
33.5% Thrown 92.9 MPH 29.8 CSW%
19.2% Thrown 87.0 MPH 39.9 CSW%

While Workman’s curveball put in work in 2019, it was a tad lucky thanks to a .219 BABIP. He ended up flipping it and its fastballs usage, using the curve a ton more in ’19 and should be able to continue the 30%+ strikeout rate with it.

GIF made by NP. Blurb written by Jamie Sayer

Workman’s fastball was his primary secondary pitch (33.5%) and was very successful in 2019. The pitch allowed a .134/.237/.149 slash line and generated 35 of his 104 strikeouts while simultaneously setting up his excellent curveball. His fastball averaged 93.2 mph and a 12.5% swinging-strike rate, but he only threw it in the zone 37.4% of the time, which explains why the OBP was the highest of the slash line he gave up. His K% on the pitch was elite at 46.1%, but his 11.8% BB rate could be improved. Still, it’s hard to argue about the effectiveness of a pitch with a 23 wRC+ against.

GIF made by Andy Patton. Blurb written by Mark McElroy

Like his four-seam fastball, the highest percentage allowed in Workman’s slash line when throwing his cutter was OBP (.077/.302/.103). His 22.2% BB rate almost matched his 25.9% K rate, but his 16.7% swinging-strike rate was the highest of his pitches. He threw it outside of the zone 54.4% of the time and the cutter had just a 37.8% O-Contact, indicating that if hitters did a good job laying off the pitch, they’d often whiff instead of making weak contact.

GIF made by Andy Patton. Blurb written by Mark McElroy
38.7% Thrown 91.3 MPH
36.9% Thrown 80.5 MPH
24.4% Thrown 86.6 MPH

Workman’s four-seamer didn’t have great lateral movement or velocity, but its good rise produced plenty of fly balls and pop-ups. Hitters smacked a good amount of those fly balls out of the yard (17.4% HR/FB) but otherwise only managed a .256 average against it.

Workman’s breakout season coincided with a big jump in his curveball usage, which he employed more to induce weak contact than to rack up strikeouts. It produced grounders at an excellent 59% clip, holding opponents to just a .291 slugging percentage and 88 wRC+.

The cutter was Workman’s putaway pitch, as it produced a 13.9% whiff rate and held hitters to just a 69% contact rate. It was a bit prone to the longball, allowing a .400 slugging percentage against it, but it still held opponents to just a .200 average

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