Alex Wilson

Age 33
  • Born 11/03/1986
  • Bats R
  • Team: Free Agents
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45.5% Thrown 91.5 MPH 26.1 CSW%
54.0% Thrown 85.7 MPH 26.6 CSW%

Alex Wilson’s fastball had an average velocity of 91.6 mph and allowed a .333 BAA. The pitch was offered at 47.3% of the time, and of the 93 he threw on the seaon, Wilson had just five swings-and-misses. Of the six strikeouts he earned with the pitch, four were called and two were high out-of-the-zone whiffs by Paul Goldschmidt and Yasiel Puig. Perhaps the fastball would see more success if he located high in the zone more often.

GIF made by Andy Patton. Blurb written by Mark McElroy

Statcast marks this as a slider, but Fangraphs has it as a cut fastball. Regardless, it is Wilson’s most used pitch at just under 54% in 2019. The usage was similar to 2018, but it is hard to get a gauge on his repertoire in his just 11.1 innings pitched on the season. Before being DFA’d on April 29, Wilson’s average velocity on the slider was 85.7 mph and had a 47.2 swing% and a 29.4 whiff%, generating seven strikeouts but surrendering two home runs and a .296 BAA.

GIF made by Andy Patton. Blurb written by Mark McElroy
56.3% Thrown 86.5 MPH
28.0% Thrown 92.0 MPH
13.9% Thrown 92.2 MPH
1.8% Thrown 88.4 MPH

Wilson’s slider wasn’t a great pitch peripheral-wise. It failed to miss many bats with just a 5% swinging-strike rate, and opposing hitters slugged .600 against it. Overall it was worth a -0.2 pVal

Wilson’s two-seam fastball averaged the same velocity as his four-seam fastball but featured significantly more depth in terms of movement, which contributed to 50% ground-ball rate. Opposing hitters put it in play plenty though, highlighted by a 93% contact rate, which when coupled with a .341 BABIP against led to a .327 batting average against.

Averaging 92.2 mph in 2018, Wilson’s four-seam fastball baffled hitters to the tune of a .176 batting average against thanks to a .174 BABIP on the pitch. What makes it more impressive is that he threw it in the zone 52.9% of the time while giving up just a 79.1% contact rate with the pitch. It may be the third-most used pitch for Wilson, but it was his second-best option with a 1.9 pVal.

Wilson rarely features this changeup, which had just a 1.7% usage rate in 2018. Despite generating a 100% ground-ball rate and .000 batting average against, it’s best to consider this the clear fifth option for Wilson.

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