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Welcome to PitchCon

Over 80 analysts. Dozens of prizes. It’s our third annual PitchCon – live-streamed on this very page starting Wednesday January 29th at 11am EST.

PitchCon (January 26-29) is a four-day online baseball conference where you can hear what some of the brightest minds in the industry have to say about all things baseball from the comfort of your own home. Guests like Eno Sarris, Randy Wilkins, Alex Fast, Pitching Ninja, and more will cover topics ranging from common mistakes in Statcast analysis to the state of pitching in today’s game to all types of tips for the fantasy season ahead. Every day over the course of the conference, we’ll also be giving away some incredible prizes like an original drawing from Ellen Adair, multiple subscriptions to baseball websites, a signed Tyler Glasnow baseball, and our traditional signature prize – a Lifetime PL+ membership we only give out during our annual PitchCon events.

Your contribution to PitchCon is for a great cause. 50% of all proceeds donated will benefit the Feeding America charity, a network of food banks that feeds over 40 million Americans. To learn more about their incredible work, please check out their website and YouTube channel.

When we formed Pitcher List back in 2015 it was with the guarantee that every article would always be free without a single paywall. Like many other baseball websites, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Pitcher List and PitchCon was created to help us keep the lights on. As a free website, we’re fueled by our constant visitors and up-to-date content and the lack of baseball has, sadly, taken its toll. We at Pitcher List are still committed to our paywall-free guarantee and – while we are proud to make PitchCon a free event – we humbly ask for your support. Our dream is to keep bringing you quality content without any cost and in order to do so, we need your help.

A contribution to PitchCon allows us to keep paying the Pitcher List team that has worked tirelessly to bring you quality content during baseball’s lockout. The same team that has brought you award-winning analysis, in-depth articles with the best graphics the industry has to offer, countless GIFs, new metrics, leaderboards, and pieces about whether Jacoby Jones should be replaced by a real-life tiger.

We know times are difficult for everyone right now. COVID-19 has affected virtually all of our lives in ways big and small. If you have it within your means, we would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make.


About Feeding America


Feeding America works to strike hunger across the U.S., working with food banks, pantries, and meal programs across the nation to help feed 1 in every 7 Americans.

98% of all donations raised go directly into programs to help those in need, reaching out to feed over 40 million nationwide.

We couldn’t be prouder to support Feeding America with PitchCon and we hope you can help us reach our goal to help them keep millions fed.


This is the third year we’ve held PitchCon and you can watch all of our previous events through our YouTube channel. Watch 2020 here and 2021 here.

Thank you for being a part of PitchCon and enjoy the conference!

PitchCon will begin January 26th at 11am EST and be live-streamed on this page for eleven hours a day, four straight days. The Twitch stream embed will begin early at 10:30am EST on Wednesday.

Here is our full slate of presentations and panels:


Wednesday January 26th (all times EST)   

11:00am – Opening Presentation w/ PL staff roundtable
12:00 – 100 Pitchers In 50 Minutes – Nick Pollack
1:00 –The Data of Baseball – Ariel Cohen, Derek Carty, Jeremy Frank, Jeremy Siegel
2:00 – The Yee-Haw Factor – Mat Kovach
3:00 – Potential 2022 Breakout Players  – Rob Silver, Grey Albright, Frank Stampfl
4:00 –  Low-Effort DFS: A Primer – Brad Johnson
5:00 – Understanding Cutting-Edge Pitching Metrics – Alex Chamberlain
6:00 –  Category Focused Hitting Targets – Joe Pisapia, Matt Williams, KC Bubba
7:00 –  AL/NL-Only League Strategies – Ian Kahn, Glenn Colton, Fred Zinkie, Steve Gardner
8:00 – 10 Players Outside the Top 100 with Top 50 Upside – Paul Sporer
9:00 –  Blind Co-Manager Draft Recap – Myles Nelson, Ben Brown


Thursday January 27th (all times EST)  

11:00am –  10 LIDOM Pitchers You Absolutely Need To Know About – Jordan Shusterman, Jake Mintz
12:00 – Fireside Chat – Paul Sporer, Nick Pollack, Jake Ciely
1:00 – OLR: Another Stat You Should Know – Daniel Port
2:00 –  Stories of Baseball Journalism – Steve Gardner, Britt Ghiroli, Randy Wilkins, Sarah Langs
3:00 –  Draft Strategy: Player ADP Debates – James Schiano, Anthony Tucker, Eric Dadmun
4:00 – Hitter Evaluation using Rolling Charts – Scott Chu
5:00 – The Misuse of Average Exit Velocity – Todd Zola
6:00 – 2022 Starting Pitchers We Love – Nick Pollack, Michael Simione, Eno Sarris
7:00 – Everything To Know About Scouting Baseball – Chris Blessing, Kimball Crossley, Geoff Pontes, Trevor Hooth
8:00 – Breaking Down Early 2022 ADPs – Van Burnett, Adam Ronis, Scott White, Clay Link
9:00 – The Great Graphics Draw Off: Part 2 – Justin Paradis, JR Caines, Cody Rogers, Ethan Kaplan


Friday January 28th (all times EST) 

11:00am – Second Round SP Decisions – Chris Welsh, Nando DiFino, Toby Guevin
12:00 – Navigating Your FAAB In-Season – Kevin Hasting, Drew Silva, Scott Pianowski
1:00 – Film Room with Nick Pollack & Special Guest – ???
2:00 – Upside Projections From The 2022 Baseball Forecaster – Ron Shandler, Ray Murphy, Brent Hershey, Ryan Bloomfield
3:00 – Why Is Baseball Boring and Can We Fix It? – Michael Jason Govier
4:00 – The Ins and Outs of Podcasting – Adam Howe, Scott Bogman, Nick Pollack
5:00 – Prospects To Get Hyped About in 2022 – Chris Clegg, James Anderson, Shelly Verougstraete, Eric Cross
6:00 – Our Strategies To Help Win Your Draft – Sammy Reid, Rudy Gamble, Derek VanRiper
7:00 – The Twisted State of Baseball – Ellen Adair, Zach Hayes, Adam Sloate
8:00 – Value Picks Past #300 – Jeff Erickson, Chris Weber, Mike Gianella
9:00 – Dugout Study Hall Podcast Episode – Matt Goodwin, Alexander Chase

Saturday January 29th (all times EST)

11:00am – How To Take Down The NFBC – Vlad Sedler, Jenny Butler, Scott Jenstad
12:00 – Drafting Our Favorite Baseball Moments – Chris Towers, Alex Fast, Danielle Salinger, Nick Pollack
1:00 – SpeX Revamped: A New Pitching Stat – Carlos Marcano
2:00 – A Look Into Baseball Content Creation – David Mendelson, Marc Luino, Rob Friedman
3:00 – Early Round SPs Under The Microscope – MLB Moving Averages
4:00 – Our Favorite Draft Targets – Justin Mason,  David McDonald, Callen Elslager
5:00 – Sleeper Hitters For 2022 – Mike Kurland, Jason Collette, Stephen Gesuele
6:00 – How To Draft Relievers In 2022 – Eric Dadmun, Greg Jewett, Jorge Montanez
7:00 – Short Hops and Tall Tales Podcast Episode – Noah Scott, Brandon Riddle
8:00 – The Nick & Alex Baseball Show – Nick Pollack, Alex Fast
9:00 – Closing Ceremony + PL7 Preview + Prize Winners Announced

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Sign Up Here To Win PitchCon Prizes FOR FREE

Adam Howe – Adam is the podcast manager at Pitcher List and co-host of the On The Wire podcast with Kevin Hasting.

Adam Ronis – Adam Ronis is a fantasy sports/betting analyst for Fantasy Alarm and Pickwise and a host on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.

Adam Sloate – Adam is a writer, editor, and manager for PitcherList and our sister site, QBList. During the baseball season, Adam writes for the We Love Baseball and Going Deep teams, and is responsible for all of the recent mascot deep-dive articles for PitcherList. You can find him on Twitter: @MrAdster99

Alex Chamberlain – 7x FSWA nominee. 2x FSWA award winner including Baseball Writer of the Year. The creator of the Pitch Leaderboard and frequent contributor to Rotographs. The man that no shirt can contain. You can find him on Twitter @DolphHauldhagen. The one. The only. Alex Chamberlain.

Alex Fast – An FSWA award winner for Research Article of the Year, Alex is the co-host of On The Corner and host of the weekend edition of First Pitch. He received his masters in interactive telecommunications from NYU’s ITP. All opinions are Alex’s and Alex’s alone. A die-hard Orioles fan, Alex is well versed in futility and broken pitching prospects.

Alexander Chase – Co-host of the Dugout Study Hall podcast. Loves Shohei Ohtani, Camden Yards, and the extra-innings ghost runner rule.

Anthony Tucker – Anthony Tucker is a lifelong Yankees fan in his first year writing for Pitcher List. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and convinces himself each fall that this is the year that ND Football ends their title drought.

Ariel Cohen – Ariel Cohen is an FSWA award-winning Baseball Writer of the Year who is also the creator of the popular ATC Projection System. Ariel has contributed to a slew of publications Fangraphs, CBS, Sportsline, and Rotoballer. Winner of the Tout Wars HTH 2020 league. You can follow Ariel on Twitter @ATCNY.

Ben Brown – Ben is a lifelong resident of the great state of Maine who loves the wild and wacky intricacies of baseball. He’s the We Love Baseball manager at Pitcher List, curator of all GIFs on the site.

Brad Johnson – Brad Johnson is the founder of the Baseball A Team and is dedicated to providing pure and unadulterated thoughts and advice on fantasy baseball. You can join the Baseball A Team community at and you can find Brad on Twitter @BaseballATeam.

Brandon Riddle – Brandon is a former Little League All-Star whose child-like mind still believes Steve Finley is the greatest centerfielder of all time. Catch him on twitter talking into the void about outer space, adult beverages, and baseball. Co-host of the Short Hops and Tall Tales podcast at Pitcher List.

Brent Hershey – Brent is the GM of content over at BaseballHQ and a big reason why we are here today as BaseballHQ’s First Pitch conferences are a huge inspiration to Pitcher List and really everyone in the baseball community. Brent works on the Baseball Forecaster, Minor League Baseball Analyst and so much more. You can find him on Twitter @BrentHQ

Britt Ghiroli – Britt is a senior MLB writer at The Athletic. She previously covered the Nationals and the Orioles (for You can find her on Twitter @Britt_Ghiroli

Callen Elslager – Callen is a law school student at Widener Law Commonwealth. When he doesn’t have his head in the books studying law he can be found with his head in a Fangraphs or Baseball Savant page learning more about the sport he loves.

Chris Blessing – Chris Blessing covers prospects over at Baseball HQ. One of his most recent pieces was a fantastic breakdown of guys like Spencer Howard, Tarik Skubal, Matthew Liberatore, and Nick Lodolo. You can find him on Twitter @C_Blessing.

Chris Clegg – Chris Clegg is a Senior MLB Writer at Fantrax covering dynasty, prospects, and redraft. He is also the co-host of the Fantrax Toolshed Podcast. You can find him on Twitter @RotoClegg.

Chris Towers – A multi-sport Fantasy analyst with CBS Sports, Chris Towers is also a co-host of Fantasy Baseball Today. You can find him tweeting too much at @CTowersCBS.

Chris Weber

Chris Welsh – The co-host of the In This League, Prospect One, and Black Book podcast, Chris Welsh is truly a prospect wizard. You can check out the In This League Patreon at and can find Chris Welsh on Twitter @IsItTheWelsh

Clay Link

Cody Rogers – Cody is a graphic designer at Pitcher List.

Daniel Port – There is no Pitcher List community without Daniel Port, our community manager. Daniel also happens to be a frequent contributor to the site where he’s written everything from player breakdowns to a fantastic series called player musings. You can find Daniel on Twitter @DanielJPort

Danielle Salinger

Dave McDonald – Dave McDonald is an accomplished high-stakes player who has one of the highest lifetime ROIs in the industry. He co-hosts the Friends with Fantasy Benefits pod with Justin Mason as well as RotoSaurus High Stakes Heat with Jake Halusker. He also writes for FanGraphs and is a founding member and first overall winner of the EARTH league

David Mendelson

Derek Carty – Derek is a fantasy and sports betting analyst who is the creator of THE BAT X and THE BLITZ projection systems. He is a graduate of MLB’s Scout School, has made appearances on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter, holds a LABR expert league record with 4 NL championships, and is better dressed than anyone else who will attend this conference. You can find him on Twitter @DerekCarty.

Derek VanRiper – I’m not sure we could list the amount of fantastic podcast content Derek VanRiper has put out and be done in an hour. DVR is currently a podcast host, writer, and producer at the Athletic. He also just raised thousands of dollars for charity with his Triple Crown League. You can find DVR on Twitter @DerekVanRiper

Drew Silva – Drew Silva is a senior MLB writer at NBC Sports EDGE as well as a co-host of the Circling the Bases podcast. You can find Drew on Twitter @drewsilv.

Ellen Adair – Ellen Adair is primarily an actor, but very much enjoys playing the role of baseball analyst. They have appeared numerous times on MLB Network, and a bevy of podcasts on Pitcher List, Fangraphs, CBS, the Athletic, Baseball Prospectus, SABR, and more. They are also the co-host of the podcast “Take Me In to the Ballgame,” on the Underdog Sports Network. You can find them on Twitter at @ellen_adair, or email ellendrawsbaseball at gmail dot com if you’d like to commission a baseball drawing.

Eric Dadmun – Eric Dadmun is a contributor on Pitcher List’s Core Fantasy team and focuses on reliever depth charts and rankings during the season.

Ethan Kaplan –Ethan Kaplan is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and marketing consultant. He joined Pitcher List in 2019 and primarily works on in-article featured graphics, YouTube thumbnails, podcast logos, and the occasional piece of merch. He is a die-hard Cubs fan, a friend to all dogs, and willing to die on the hill that a hot dog is not a sandwich.

Eno Sarris – Part-time sandwich photographer and consumer. Part-time beer purveyor. Full-time baseball analyst. When asked what baseball writer has had the biggest impact on their life or has been the most forthcoming with helpful advice, few in the industry don’t respond with a resounding: Eno Sarris. Eno is a baseball analytics writer over at the Athletic but you may also know him from his work at Fangraphs, ESPN, FOX,, SB Nation, and countless others. You can find him on Twitter @EnoSarris.

Eric Cross – Eric Cross is the lead fantasy baseball writer and prospect analyst writer over at FantraxHQ. He’s also the host of the Fantrax Toolshed podcast and a contributor to the Fantasy Baseball Black Book. You can find Eric on Twitter @EricCross04

Frank Stampfl – According to Fantasy Pros, Frank Stampfl is a top 10 fantasy baseball analyst when it comes to rankings. Frank is also the host of the Fantasy Baseball Today podcast as well as a member of the prestigious Tout Wars competition. You can find Frank on Twitter @Roto_Frank.

Fred Zinkie – Fred Zinkie is a freelance fantasy writer who currently provides articles for Yahoo! and combines with Jeff Erickson to record the Tuesday Rotowire podcast. Known as a frequent trader in industry leagues, Fred has recorded 5 first-place finishes and 4 second-place finishes in his 10 years as a member of Tout Wars. He can be found on Twitter @FredZinkieMLB.

Geoff Pontes

Glenn Colton

Greg Jewett

Grey Albright – Grey Albright has been a mainstay in the fantasy community for over a decade. The co-founder of Razzball, Grey’s resume is boundless. He’s the only person in the entire fantasy community to both win Tout Wars and be called a “little minor league” by Matthew Berry. You can find him on Twitter @Razzball.

Ian Kahn – The 2019 Tout Head to Head champion, Ian Kahn is also the co-host of the Under the Radar podcast for the Athletic as well as a dynasty contributor at @Rotowire. You can find him on television in Billions, Quantico, Bull, Elementary, and a few other one-word shows as well as on Twitter @IanKahn4

Jake Ciely – If Jake’s Twitter bio is any indication he’s literally the most accurate player ranker in the industry. He’s currently a senior writer at the Athletic as well as the president of the Flex League. You can find him on Twitter @allinkid.

Jake Mintz

James Anderson – James Anderson is the lead prospect analyst and assistant baseball editor over at Rotowire. He’s recently publishing pieces as a part of his Farm Futures series called Ranking Dilemmas where he gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how to rank particular prospects. You can find him on Twitter @RealJRAnderson

James Schiano

Jason Collette

Jeff Erickson – Jeff Erickson is the Senior Editor and Co-founder of Rotowire as well as the co-host of Rotowire Fantasy Sports Today on Sirius XM. He is a two-time Baseball Writer of the Year award winner and Tout Wars champion. You can find him on Twitter @Jeff_Erickson.

Jenny Butler – Jenny Butler is a high-stakes NFBC player. She wrote a roster construction piece for the FTN Five Tool Fantasy Draft Guide. She will be writing in 2022 for Fantrax and Rotoballer. You can find her on Twitter @JennyButler830.

Jeremy Frank

Jeremy Siegel

Joe Pisapia

Jordan Shusterman

Jorge Montanez

J.R. Caines – J.R. has been a member of the PitcherList Graphics team since 2019. Baseball has been a passion of his since 1989 when The Kid made his debut. He’s been playing fantasy baseball since 2001 and is commissioner of the best fantasy league you’ve never heard of. You can follow him on Twitter @jrcainesdesign

Justin Mason – The fantasy community is often lauded for its inclusiveness and camaraderie. That starts and ends with Justin Mason who has long been one of the most charitable, friendly, and incorporative human beings in the fantasy baseball industry. He is the co-owner of Friends with Fantasy Benefits, the creator of TGFBI, the co-host of Sleeper and the Bust for Fangraphs, an FSWA award winner and owner of more shirts with his name on it than anyone else in the world. You can find him on Twitter @JustinMasonFWFB.

Justin Paradis – Justin is the Graphics Team manager at Pitcher List and is the reason Pitcher List has the graphics it does. Thank Justin.

KC Bubba – Widely considered to be the voice of the fantasy industry, KC Bubba is the host of the ever-popular Benched with Bubba. He’s also the co-host of the AlwaysPressDFS podcast and the 2PTConvDFS podcast. You can find him on Twitter @bdentrek.

Kevin Hasting

Kimball Crossley

Marc Luino

Mat Kovach – Mat Kovach is a frequent contributor to Pitcher List where he’s written about the KBO, the art of umpiring, and why he loves Duane Kiper. Mat is currently a Data Automation Architect and you can find him on Twitter @SiddFinch.

Matt Goodwin – Matt contributes his wit and wisdom as a writer with both Pitcher List and Triple Play Fantasy. He is also the co-host of Dugout Study Hall on the PL Podcast Network. Whether it’s quirky or serious, he’s usually got something to say. You can find him on Twitter @TheCorkedMatt.

Matt Williams – You may know Matt Williams from his fantastic Twitter threads breaking down players for the upcoming season. Or you may know him as the host of the Turn Two Podcast. Or you may know him as the co-founder of the recently launched fantasy Website You can find Matt on Twitter @MattWi77iams

Michael Govier – Talking openly about mental health and fantasy baseball are both topics that are near and dear to Michael’s heart. He talks in-depth and with great passion about both on the Hey It’s Enrico Pallazzo Fantasy Baseball Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @mjgovier

Michael Simione – You may know Michael Simione by his other moniker: SP Streamer where you can find his work over at and host of the SPStreamer podcast. You can find him on Twitter @SPStreamer.

Mike Gianella – Mike Gianella has been writing about fantasy baseball since 2007 and writing about it for Baseball Prospectus since 2013. You can find Mike on Twitter @MikeGianella

Mike Kurland – Mike Kurland is the other co-founder of the newly launched Roto Fanatic website. He’s also the host of the Based Loaded Pod, a contributor over at RotoBaller, and an FSWA award finalist. You can find Mike on Twitter @Mike_Kurland.

MLB Moving Averages – MLB Moving Averages is a baseball writer formerly at the Athletic as well as the creator of the MLB Moving Averages algorithm; the preeminent MLB Betting Tool. He also happens to be a stocks wizard, too, and a host of the Corked Stats Podcast. You can find him on Twitter @MLBMovingAVG.

Myles Nelson – Myles Nelson has been bringing the absurd to Pitcher List since 2018. He’s been behind some of the Pitcher List team’s most brilliant creations like WorstBall, Grand Theft, and the Blind Draft. You can find him on Twitter @MylesNelsonPL

Nando DiFino – Nando DiFino is the co-host of “Under the Radar,” with Ian Kahn and Derek VanRiperrrrr, on the Athletic Fantasy Baseball Podcast feed. The show exists solely as a platform for Ian to do (admittedly very good) Ariel Cohen impersonations. 

Nick Pollack – Nick founded in 2014 after years pitching in college, coaching travel baseball, and giving private pitching instruction. He has been an on-air analyst for MSG, published in Washington Post, contributed at RotoGraphs, and currently discusses starting pitching to his heart’s content at his home site. Creator of the CSW stat and too many terrible fantasy baseball terms.

Noah Scott – Noah Scott joined Pitcher List in 2020 and is a member of the We Love Baseball team, where he writes about everything from knuckleballers to bat flips and anything in between. He’s also a co-host of Short Hops & Tall Tales on the PL Podcast Network, and you can find him on Twitter @noahascott6

Paul Sporer – Paul is a co-host of the award-winning Sleeper and the Bust podcast as well as the weekly Fireside Chat podcast. He’s a frequent contributor to Fangraphs and Rotographs and his work has also been featured on ESPN. Sporer is currently a Twitch Partner as well. You can find him on Twitter @Sporer and on twitch at

Randy Wilkins

Ray Murphy – The co-general manager of BaseballHQ, Ray Murphy is the 2016 Fantasy Baseball Writer of the Year. Ray has been playing fantasy baseball since Appetite For Destruction ruled the airwaves. He’s a four-time league champion in the NFBC Main Event and has won Tout twice and TGFBI. You can find Ray on Twitter @RayHQ.

Rob Friedman – Formerly Snorlax’s Daddy, Rob Friedman is an MLB and ESPN pitching contribution analyst who has been delivering some of the best pitching gifs on the internet for years now as Pitching Ninja. Rob is also the founder and CEO of the Flatground App and Flatground Bats, two Twitter accounts helping to prevent pitchers and hitters from falling through the cracks. You can follow him on Twitter @PitchingNinja

Rob Silver – One of the co-hosts of the Launch Angle Podcast, Rob Silver has many impressive accolades including an NFBC Main Event championship belt. Arguably his most impressive accomplishment however is that there is a parody account dedicated entirely to him on Twitter. You can find him on Twitter @RobSilver

Ron Shandler – Ron Schandler is a member of the Mount Rushmore of the Fantasy baseball industry. The founder of BaseballHQ, Ron has twenty top-3 finishes in national experts leagues and has earned several lifetime achievement awards. He’s also the founder of the Broad Assessment Balance Sheet (or BABS) as well as many other incredibly helpful tools. You can find him on Twitter @RonShandler

Rudy Gamble – A co-founder of Razzball, Rudy Gamble is the Tom Glavine to Grey’s Javy Lopez. Rudy is a back-to-back 15-team Tout Champion as well as creator of various MLB, NFL, and NBA projection systems and tools. Rudy’s Player Rater over at Razzball is largely considered to be one of the best in the industry. You can find Rudy on Twitter @rudygamble

Ryan Bloomfield – Ryan Bloomfield is a writer and social media director for Baseball HQ as well as an associate editor of the Baseball Forecaster. He also happens to be an FSWA award winner and 5x finalist. While he may not be the best poker player he is certainly a world-class baseball analyst. You can find him on Twitter @RyanBHQ.

Sammy Reid

Sarah Langs – Sarah is currently a reporter and researcher over at and has contributed plenty to Baseball Savant and the Stacast team. She’s also worked for ESPN, CSN Chicago, SNYTv, and the Mets Blog. You can find her on Twitter @SlangsOnSports.

Scott Bogman – The co-host of the In This League podcast, Scott Bogman is also a contributor to FNTSY Radio. Bogman started In This League with Chris Welsh in 2014 and has been giving some of the highest fantasy content ever since. You can follow him on Twitter @BogmanSports.

Scott Chu – Scott is the going deep manager at Pitcher List as well as a frequent contributor. He is also a writer and podcaster with friends with fantasy benefits and the creator of fantasy curling which was featured in the Wall Street Journal so, take that Pitcher List. You can find Scott on Twitter @ifthechutfits

Scott Jenstad – While Scott is an excellent writer and podcaster for Rotowire, his true talent is his performance in the NFBC. A legend in the industry with five NFBC main event titles, there are few more qualified to discuss FAAB strategies in the business. You can find him on Twitter @ScottJenstad

Scott Pianowski – Scott Pianowski is an FSWA award-winning writer and host of the award-winning Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Podcast. He’s also a music expert who enjoys word games and poker. You can find him on Twitter @scott_pianowski

Scott White – Scott is a writer and podcaster for CBS Sports. A 14-year vet of the fantasy sports industry, Scott has won everything from Tout Wars to FSWA Baseball Writer of the Year. You can find him on Twitter @CBSScottWhite

Shelly Verougstraete – Shelly Ver-STRAIT is a baseball writer covering prospects for Pitcher List, Rotographs, Over The Monster as well as Dynasty Guru. If she adds another publication it may be easier to start listing the places she doesn’t write for. She’s also a podcast co-host at Dynasty’s Child as well as OverTheMonster and a FANTASTIC dog dad. You can find her on Twitter @ShellyV_643.

Steve Gardner – The Senior Fantasy Editor for USA Today Sports, Steve Gardner has covered 18 World Series, a Super Bowl, and won 16 fantasy experts league titles. He’s a 2021 inductee of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame and a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Catch him on Twitter @SteveAGardner

Steve Gesuele – Steve has been writing for Pitcher List since 2020 and is one half of the Wins Above Fantasy Podcast on the Pitcher List Podcast Network. Steve has been playing fantasy baseball since 2004 and you can find him on Twitter @Stav8818

Trevor Hooth

Toby Guevin – The host of the BatFlipCrazy podcast, Toby is also the founder of and a member of the FSWA. You can also find Toby’s work on his youtube channel,, or on Twitter @batflipcrazy.

Todd Zola – Todd has been writing and talking about fantasy baseball since 1997. He writes for Rotowire and ESPN along with Mastersball. He also runs Rotojunkie and CREATiVESPORTS.

Van Burnett – On Twitter @Van_Verified — Van’s been a part of Pitcher List since 2019 and co-hosts Wins Above Fantasy, part of the Pitcher List Podcast Network. He’s a creative director in his day job, an award-winning indie filmmaker, and has been in his same home league in Peoria since 2001.

Vlad Sedler – Vlad Sedler is the Head of Fantasy Baseball at FTN. An accomplished high-stakes player who some call the FAAB Whisperer.

Zach Hayes

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