Closing Time 9/10: Ranking the Top 30 Closers Every Tuesday

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  • Craig Kimbrel landed back on the IL last week with elbow inflammation but expects to return this weekend. I’m still leaning towards staying away from him for the rest of the season, however, as we’ve already seen him return too soon from one IL stint and it’s fair to wonder if that elbow will ever be close to 100% this year. Despite being in the middle of a playoff race, it may be best for the Cubs to slow play Kimbrel’s return to the closer role like the Nationals have been doing with Sean Doolittle.
  • Mark Melancon‘s role going forward in Atlanta might be a little more up in the air after this past week after Shane Greene earned his first save as a member of the Braves. Melancon was able to come back the next day and pick up a save himself, so at the very least I’d consider him closer 1A if this indeed moves into a timeshare situation.

Rick Graham

Rick resides in the Boston area and has experience as a player and coach at the collegiate level. He has been covering relievers for Pitcher List since 2017.

  • Avatar SJ says:

    What’s the word on Edwin Diaz, is he definitely out as the closer? Saves are at a premium the next two weeks for me – should I consider dropping Doolittle for Lugo?

    • Avatar Derek says:

      Go ahead and drop Diaz for Lugo. You aren’t getting saves or ratios out of Diaz ROS

      • Avatar SJ says:

        I agree with you about Diaz’s returns ROS. However, I don’t have Diaz – I have Sean Doolittle.

        My question was about Lugo’s job security as closer ROS and if I should drop Sean Doolittle for Lugo. Basically, are the Mets going to use Lugo in save situations more than the Nats will use Doolittle for saves?

        • Avatar Rick Graham says:

          I think Lugo is safer considering the Nats haven’t committed to Doolittle as their closer yet. It would be shocking if the Mets went back to Diaz for save chances this season, but then again it is the Mets…

          • Avatar Wes says:

            Rick, I’m in a dynasty league and have Edwin Diaz for $15 for next season. I think its time to cut bait and grab Jairo Diaz for saves. Thoughts? I have Jansen, LeClerc, Bradley and Melancon right now. We also have holds, but I have Ottavino, Gallegos and Greene. If Edwin got the occasional hold and was used frequently for ratios, I’d keep him, but he just isn’t doing anything right now. Thanks

            • Avatar Rick Graham says:

              Yea I think thats reasonable. I don’t see the Mets turning to Diaz in any high leverage situation the next week or two so don’t be afraid to cut bait to win now.

  • Avatar naps says:

    Would you drop Laureano (or Ohtani/Brantley/Mallex Smith) for Neris?

    Up in SVHLD 5-4. I have Hader, Will Smith, and Melancon. He has Rogers and Barnes

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