Carlos Martinez’s Fastball + The Best Pitches From This Weekend’s Games

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Congrats to Clayton Kershaw’s Curveball for winning GIF of the Week! It was a close battle with Chad Qualls’ Fastball but the signature Kershaw hook was simply too good.

Carlos Martinez‘s Fastball – Often it’s Carlos’ Changeup or Slider that steal the show, but this Fastball in on the hands of Chris Johnson left us in disbelief. That’s 96 MPH with excellent movement as it starts along the inside corner before entering no-man’s land.

Chris Bassitt’s Curveball – This could be Bassitt’s only time on this list, but it’s well deserved after dropping this nasty hook to Hunter Pence. Watch in glee as Pence’s backfoot steps away from the plate while the ball falls back over the plate for strike three.

Aaron Nola’s Curveball – Sometimes you can be one of the best hitters in the game and just have a bad at-bat. Here Anthony Rizzo gets so fooled by Nola’s Curveball that he whiffs while the ball hits him in the knee. It takes some serious filth to make that happen.

Gerrit Cole’s Slider – Cole has been one of the quiet aces of the National League, and he made easy work of the Nationals on Sunday. One of his best weapons is his biting Slider, which sent Danny Espinosa back to the dugout in a hurry at a startling 86 MPH.

Felix Hernandez’s Curveball – It was a solid night for the King on Friday, and he pulled out his best in a tough spot at the end of the 7th by striking out Jose Reyes on this sharp Curveball off the plate.

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