Nate Musser

Nate Musser is an avid Bay Area sports fan, and a sometimes sarcastic sportswriter. He's written for several now-defunct blogs and is hoping not to cause the downfall of Pitcher List. He lives in Northern California where he sometimes has a beard and sometimes does not.

Nate Musser’s Bold Predictions in Review

Nate Musser takes a look back at his bold predictions from the pre-season. Spoiler Alert: It's rough in there.

Quarter-Season Crisis

With a quarter of the 2019 season in the books, Nate Musser looks back at some of the big names and trends this year.

DraftKings Plays of the Day ā€” April 25

Nate Musser dives into this afternoon's five-game slate.

Back to the Drawing Board (Part 2)

Part two of the hypothetical redraft of Major League baseball picks up in the middle of the first round, starting and ending with a pair of young middle infielders.

Back to the Drawing Board (Part 1)

Major League Baseball has decided on a full redraft of the entire league, and Nate Musser dives into what that might look like.

Fantasy 101: Fighting the Injury Bug

With the season ramping up, Nate Musser talks about the strategies of maintaining composure when battling the injury bug.

Anti-List: Ichiro Comes Clean on Rampant Steroid Use

Satire: Ichiro Suzuki finally comes clean about his rampant steroid use.

Nate Musser’s 10 Bold Predictions for 2019

Nate Musser proclaims his great love for breakfast food and Trea Turner while offering his 10 bold predictions for the 2019 MLB season.

Across the Seams: The Kyler Murray Quandary

With Kyler Murray facing a decision to pursue a career in baseball or football, Nate Musser takes a look at which sport would be the most beneficial to play professionally.

Going Deep: The Quality Start

Nate Musser looks at the legitimacy of the quality start as a fantasy baseball category as well as and its advantages and shortcomings in comparison with counting wins.