Michael Ajeto

Michael co-founded Sounding Off Blog, where he wrote about the Mariners. Now he writes Going Deep articles here. You can follow Michael on Twitter @mikeyajetoPL, or you can not.

Going Deep: Joe Musgrove Could Be Better, If He So Chooses

Michael Ajeto hops aboard the Joe Musgrove hype train ahead of the 2020 season.

Player Profiles 2020: Cincinnati Reds Starting Pitchers

Michael Ajeto analyzes the Cincinnati Reds rotation for 2020 with in-depth player profiles.

Player Profiles 2020: San Diego Padres Starting Pitchers

Michael Ajeto analyzes the San Diego Padres rotation for 2020 with in-depth player profiles.

Fantasy 101: How to Evaluate Hitters Using Multiple Statistics

Michael Ajeto takes you through his process and shows you what you should have in your hitting analysis toolbox.

Going Deep: Tyler Beede Has Flashed Some Promise

Michael Ajeto examines one fateful game from 2019 that has him excited about Tyler Beede.

Going Deep: Let’s Troubleshoot Noah Syndergaard

Michael Ajeto identifies a few issues that may not have been previously considered with Noah Syndergaard.

Going Deep: Zack Wheeler Could Take a Leap

Michael Ajeto suggests that perhaps we should be more excited about Zack Wheeler.

Analyzing Seattle Mariners Hitters For 2020

Michael Ajeto lets you know what to expect from the 2020 Seattle Mariners hitters.

Going Deep: Sonny Gray Is Better, but Not This Much Better

In 2019, Sonny Gray was perhaps the best he's ever been. Michael Ajeto looks at his batted-ball numbers to gauge how legitimate his year was.

Going Deep: Luke Weaver Developed a 3rd Pitch

While there is room for skepticism, there is a lot to like in what we saw from Luke Weaver in 2019. Michael Ajeto takes a look at the legitimacy of Weaver's secondaries.

Going Deep: Dylan Bundy Should Make a Few Simple Changes

Dylan Bundy is reportedly on the trade market, and Michael Ajeto thinks he could be quite an interesting trade acquisition.

Pitcher List Mock Draft No. 3: Michael Ajeto’s Picks

Michael Ajeto takes you through his 23 picks in Pitcher List's third mock draft.

Michael Ajeto’s 10 Bold Predictions for 2019 in Review

Michael Ajeto reviews his ten Bold Predictions for the 2019 season. Some good, some bad. (But mostly bad!)

Going Deep: Kyle Seager Is Back, With A Caveat

In the past two months, Kyle Seager has quietly been looking like the Kyle Seager of old. Michael Ajeto goes deep to find out what's behind his success.

Yu Darvish Added Yet Another Wrinkle

Yu Darvish has been awfully impressive lately, but now he's folded in a new wrinkle. Michael Ajeto examines Darvish's many changes in 2019.

Going Deep: Joe Kelly Is Trying His Hand As A Relief Ace

At the age of 31, Joe Kelly has had what is likely the best season of his career. Michael Ajeto examines what those pivotal changes have been.

Yordan Alvarez has Been Historic

You may have noticed lately that Yordan Alvarez has been quite the sight to see this year. What may not be as apparent is Alvarez is measuring up with some all-time greats. Michael Ajeto digs in.

Going Deep: Why Can’t Any Pitching Metrics Pin Julio Teheran Down?

For years, Julio Teheran has overperformed his ERA predictors and expected statistics. Michael Ajeto goes under the hood to answer: Why? And how?

Going Deep: Making a Lot of a Little Bit of Shane Bieber

It's only been about five starts, but Shane Bieber may have taken a baby step towards figuring out how to wiggle his way into acedom. Michael Ajeto dives deep.

Going Deep: J.P. Crawford Made The Jean Segura Adjustment

You won't find him at the top of any exit velocity charts—at least for now. Michael Ajeto digs in to see if J.P. Crawford is legit.