Michael Ajeto

Michael co-founded Sounding Off Blog, where he wrote about the Mariners. Now he writes Going Deep articles here. You can follow Michael on Twitter @mikeyajetoPL, or you can not.

Yordan Alvarez has Been Historic

You may have noticed lately that Yordan Alvarez has been quite the sight to see this year. What may not be as apparent is Alvarez is measuring up with some all-time greats. Michael Ajeto digs in.

Going Deep: Why Can’t Any Pitching Metrics Pin Julio Teheran Down?

For years, Julio Teheran has overperformed his ERA predictors and expected statistics. Michael Ajeto goes under the hood to answer: Why? And how?

Going Deep: Making a Lot of a Little Bit of Shane Bieber

It's only been about five starts, but Shane Bieber may have taken a baby step towards figuring out how to wiggle his way into acedom. Michael Ajeto dives deep.

Going Deep: J.P. Crawford Made The Jean Segura Adjustment

You won't find him at the top of any exit velocity charts—at least for now. Michael Ajeto digs in to see if J.P. Crawford is legit.

Going Deep: Luke Jackson Has Not Been Lucky

Luke Jackson has been a lot better than you might think. Michael Ajeto demonstrates how he's been let down thus far in 2019.

Going Deep: Lance Lynn Has Made Himself Interesting

No longer can he be ignored: Lance Lynn might be peaking at the age of 32. Michael Ajeto goes deep.

Going Deep: Have You Seen Andrew Heaney’s Changeup?

In just three games, Andrew Heaney has flashed dominance, but also given up six home runs. Michael Ajeto peeks under the hood to see what Heaney is doing.

Going Deep: Introducing The Rays’ Next Relief Ace

To no one's surprise, the Rays are getting the most out of yet another player. Michael Ajeto introduces you to the newest elite reliever.

Going Deep: Dan Vogelbach, Destroyer of Fastballs

Dan Vogelbach is making some noise this year. Michael Ajeto looks into what's driving his success.

For One Night, the Mariners’ Best Pitcher Was a Catcher

During a 14-run shellacking, the Mariners sent catcher Tom Murphy to pitch the ninth inning. Michael Ajeto explores Murphy's eventful game.

For Pine Tar, It’s a Matter of Perception

There seems to be a lot of misinformation about the use of pine tar across the league. Michael Ajeto examines the state of foreign substances in baseball.

Going Deep: New Paddack On My Wrist

Michael Ajeto examines what makes Chris Paddack so effective.

Going Deep: Let’s See What’s Up With Caleb Smith

Michael Ajeto examines the newfound optimism surrounding Caleb Smith.

Going Deep: Tyler Glasnow Is Metamorphosing Before Our Very Eyes

Michael Ajeto tackles the different tweaks Tyler Glasnow has made since departing Pittsburgh.

Going Deep: Christian Yelich Made The Adjustment You All Wanted, And Now He’s Bananas

Michael Ajeto takes a deep dive to uncover whether Christian Yelich is playing way over his head.

Going Deep: How Good Is Tim Beckham, Really?

Michael Ajeto explores how legitimate Tim Beckham's red-hot start is.

Going Deep: Collin McHugh, Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Michael Ajeto reveals some profound changes Collin McHugh has made that make him one of the more interesting pitchers to keep an eye on.

Going Deep: To See Promise in Zach Eflin, Look No Further Than Zack Wheeler

Michael Ajeto examines how Zach Eflin and Zack Wheeler are less different than you may think.

Michael Ajeto’s 10 Bold Predictions for 2019

Michael Ajeto tosses his hat into the arena and breaks down 10 of his boldest predictions for the 2019 season.

Going Deep: Kyle Seager Has Gotten Away From What He’s Good At

Michael Ajeto explores how the shift has affected Kyle Seager and what he can do to conquer it.