Matt Wallach

Matt studied accounting at the University at Albany and graduated in May 2019. He is a lifelong fan of the New York Yankees and can always be found talking baseball on Twitter @Wallach18

Going Deep: Willie Calhoun’s Mixed Profile

Matt Wallach examines the good and the not-so-good of Willie Calhoun's hitting profile and what it means for the 2020 season.

Player Profiles 2020: Oakland Athletics Bullpen

Matt Wallach breaks down the Oakland Athletics bullpen for the 2020 season.

Going Deep: Cavan Biggio Is Laying the Foundation, Part 2

Matt Wallach takes a second look at Cavan Biggio to see what else about his profile as a hitter stands out and what it could mean for his future.

Player Profiles 2020: Texas Rangers Bullpen

Matt Wallach previews the Texas Rangers bullpen for the 2020 season.

Going Deep: What Can Rowdy Tellez Become?

Matt Wallach takes a look at whether there is more beneath the surface than what Rowdy Tellez's 2019 stats suggest.

Player Profiles 2020: San Diego Padres Bullpen

Matt Wallach breaks down the San Diego Padres bullpen for the 2020 season.

Analyzing Baltimore Orioles Hitters For 2020

While the Orioles aren't expected to be competitive in 2020, they still have interesting hitters. Matt Wallach breaks down the Baltimore lineup for 2020 in this edition of our hitter previews.

Going Deep: David Freese Saved His Best for Last

The recently retired David Freese will always be remembered for his World Series heroics. He was also one of the most improved hitters in 2019. Matt Wallach takes a look back at Freese's career as well as how he improved in his final season.

Going Deep: Eloy Jimenez is Crushing Everything in His Way

Eloy Jimenez has been on fire this month, and Matt Wallach takes a look at what Jimenez is doing at the plate that is driving his red-hot month.

Going Deep: James Paxton is Acing Up

The Yankees may have gotten an ace starting pitcher after all. James Paxton has been pitching like one over the past few weeks, and Matt Wallach looks into Paxton's hot stretch and what he's improved that makes him the team's best pitcher going into the postseason.

Going Deep: New Zac in Town

Zac Gallen has all the tools to be an impact starting pitcher, and it's starting to come together for him as a D-Back. Matt Wallach takes a look at Gallen's profile to see if more strong results are in his future.

Going Deep: Cavan Biggio is Laying the Foundation

One look at Cavan Biggio's stat line may not look like anything special, there is more going on under the hood that is really exciting. Matt Wallach takes a look at what makes Biggio stand out and what it means for his future in this edition of Going Deep.

Going Deep: The Long Slump of Khris Davis

With a wRC+ of 57 since June, Khris Davis has been in a long and deep slump. Matt Wallach examines the causes of the slump and what the future could hold for Davis going forward.

Going Deep: Don’t Count Out Joey Votto

Joey Votto hasn't been his usual self this season, but things could be looking up after some recent adjustments he's made. Matt Wallach looks into some of those adjustments he's made and why we shouldn't count him out quite yet.

Going Deep: Aaron Judge Is Having a Weird Season

While still being a productive hitter, Aaron Judge has been off this year. Matt Wallach takes a look into his profile to see what has been throwing Judge off.

Going Deep: The Late Blooming Mark Canha

At age 30, Mark Canha is enjoying his breakout season thanks to a completely changed approach at the plate. Matt Wallach dives in to see just how he has accomplished this and if he can sustain his run of strong success going forward.

Going Deep: Wojo Has Found His Mojo

Asher Wojciechowski has been one of the most surprising pitchers in baseball recently. Matt Wallach takes a look at what he's done that has helped him succeed and if it's likely to continue.

Going Deep: The Secret Relief Ace

Taylor Rogers had quietly been one of the best relief pitchers in baseball this season. Matt Wallach takes a look at his season so far and what is the cause behind his strong season.

Going Deep: The Resurgence of Sonny Gray

After looking completely lost on the mound in 2018, Sonny Gray has been a new pitcher and All-Star in 2019. Matt Wallach dives in on how Gray has revitalized his career.

Going Deep: Something is Off with Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts has had an inconsistent 2019 season. Matt Wallach takes a look at what is odd about Betts' season thus far and if he can turn it around.