Zach Neal
Los Angeles Dodgers


61.9% Thrown  89.7 MPH

Neal favors his Two-Seamer over his Four-Seamer as he's able to both generate a ton of grounders while tossing strikes at a whopping 56.2% rate. The key is an absurd amount of vertical drop on Neal's riding heater, getting over four inches of bonus drop.


2.2% Thrown  74.6 MPH

Neal barely touches his Curveball, saving it for an early strike or a surprise third strike. Don't look for it to be a significant member of his repertoire.


14.0% Thrown  81.8 MPH

Neal is able to rely on his Changeup when he needs a strike, while also greasing the groundball machine as it induced 57.7% grounders in 2016.


22.0% Thrown  85.6 MPH

Neal turns to his Cutter as his #2 pitch that can generate strikes both by landing in the zone and miss bats, which he does often as he held an elite 20.0% whiff rate for his Cutter across 195 pitches in 2016.