Wei-Yin Chen
Miami Marlins


60.5% Thrown  90.7 MPH

Before hitting the DL last season, Chen had a major problem with his Fastball: its command was horrendous, sitting in the middle of the plate while previous sitting pretty along his glove-side edge. The poor location let to batters nearly doubling their HR/FB rate against the pitch and making it harder for him to setup his Slider.


9.9% Thrown  74.4 MPH

Chen turned his Curveball into a chase pitch with two-strikes in 2016, bumping its strikeout rate from 11.1% to a whopping 35.3% mark. There are better putaway pitches out there, though the approach worked for the most part, and held batters to a .206 batting average against the pitch.


18.1% Thrown  83.8 MPH

Along with his Fastball, Chen's Slider command decreased in 2016. Formerly, he was a master of dipping the pitch off the outside corner against left-handers and using his Four-Seamer to tease strikes along the edge. Last season, his slide pieces found their way closer to the middle of the plate, reducing its deception and allowing batters to hold better contact. Let's hope his feel for the pitch returns in 2017.


11.5% Thrown  83.5 MPH

After a pair of poor seasons with his Changeup, Chen found success with his slow ball last season, electing to throw the pitch out of the zone more frequently, increasing whiffs and lowering his line drive rate allowed by over ten points.