Steven Matz
New York Mets


61.6% Thrown  93.6 MPH

It's Sinkers all day from Matz, who has a great skill of tossing the pitch for strikes as he churns grounders and swinging strikes with the pitch. It's an excellent foundation that allows him to methodically tear up hitters.


16.8% Thrown  78.6 MPH

Matz's go-to strikeout pitch is this big hook that batters have plenty of trouble connecting with as they held just a .072 ISO against the pitch in 2016. Matz tosses it in the zone over half the time as it earns plenty of grounders and infield flyballs, making it the perfect #2 option.


9.7% Thrown  87.3 MPH

In today's edition of "Why Not?" Matz added the famous "Warthen Slider" to his repertoire in 2016 and it worked exceptionally well. It provides Matz with another option for pounding the strike zone while also earning swings on pitches off the plate at a 45.9% rate. Fantastic.


11.9% Thrown  83.2 MPH

Amazingly, Matz threw all four of his pitches in the zone above 50% of the time and his Changeup was deadly, adding a 44.4% O-Swing rate and 15.7% whiff rate on top of it. He got burned with a few mistakes with the pitch - five longballs on 255 thrown - and expect that to fall moving forward.