Stephen Strasburg
Washington Nationals


57.6% Thrown  94.9 MPH

Strasburg pumps in heaters constantly, earning zone rates above 61% in two straight years. Despite allowing 34.1% line drives in each of the last two years, his solid whiff rates (9.5% last season!) allowed him to consistently produce with his Four-Seamer and held batters to just a .237 BAA in 2016.


12.7% Thrown  81.4 MPH

2016 saw the lowest usage rate on Strasburg's deuce in his career, which may be a reaction to its vertical drop missing an inch or two from its 2014 iteration. Still, he was able to surprise batters with the pitch inside the zone, allowing him to hold an excellent 44.0% K rate with the hook in 2016.


16.8% Thrown  89.1 MPH

After only hypothetically talking about the addition in previous seasons, Strasburg's Slider was in full force in 2016 and it was an excellent addition to the team. While his Curveball and Changeup are best reserved as strikeout options, Strasburg can use his Slider to pair with his Fastball as strike machines, getting ahead in a variety of ways. Batters held a low .660 OPS against the 399 slide pieces thrown in 2016 as he pummeled the zone over 50% of the time.


13.0% Thrown  88.7 MPH

The most underrated pitch in Strasburg's repertoire could be his Changeup, which is straight up filthy. The pitch has earned a 24.7% swinging strike rate across his career as he does an excellent job pinpointing the pitch just below the strikezone to induce batters to hold an O-Swing of 43.9% during his time in the majors. Strasburg used the pitch more selectively last season as a strikeout pitch, keeping its usage below 15% once again but raising its K rate above the 50% mark.