Sean Manaea
Oakland Athletics


58.5% Thrown  92.3 MPH

With two stellar secondary pitches under his belt, it comes down to Manaea's Four-Seamer to set the proper foundation. Fortunately, he was able to pound the zone frequently at a stellar 58.8% rate last season, but he was unable to avoid the longball, rendering a 17.6% HR/FB rate and an allowed .205 ISO. The last piece of the puzzle for Manaea is to throw strikes and limit the damage done off his Four-Seamer. Let's hope he can get there in 2017.


12.9% Thrown  80.0 MPH

With his Changeup taking the reigns for a strike when his Fastball can't be turned to, Manea relied on his Slider as a putaway pitch and it did its job perfectly with a 42.9% K rate in 2016.


28.6% Thrown  84.6 MPH

After featuring his Slider well over his Changeup in his first few starts, Manaea quickly favored his Changeup and became a new man. He gets a crazy amount of vertical drop with the pitch - nearly five extra inches of drop than typical Changeups - and it rendered a 19.2% whiff rate, 46.8% O-Swing mark, while still being to throw it for a strike at a 40.2% mark.