Robbie Ray
Arizona Diamondbacks


71.8% Thrown  94.0 MPH

Ray was able to get a great about of swings and misses with his Four-Seamer, earning a 9.3% mark across the 1763 he threw in 2016. If he can keep batters to just a .694 OPS, there's hope for a step forward, though he'll need a proper secondary option that he can throw for a strike - Ray has no where else to turn to but his heater in deeper counts, leading to more walks than ideal.


22.3% Thrown  84.2 MPH

The money pitch for Ray is his Slider, which gets whiffs a ton at a 20.5% mark and induces whiffs of the plate at a great 42.5% mark. The problem here is the 27.8% HR/FB rate which was only slightly worse than his 26.7% mark the year before. He's prone to errors with the pitch and while there are moments ray brings that absolute filth, he lacks the consistency needed to take the step forward.


5.9% Thrown  86.4 MPH

Ray needs his Changeup become a solid third option, but so far its been a tough journey - just a 31.0% zone rate despite a low O-Swing mark and batters laced the pitch for line drives last season at a 48.3% mark. Ouch.