Mike Montgomery
Chicago Cubs


60.9% Thrown  93.1 MPH

Despite throwing Four-Seamers, Montgomery doesn't get rise on his pitchers but instead close to the average Two-Seamer's drop. Paired with an excellent ability of locating the pitch down in the zone, Montgomery has earned a 53.9% groundball rate for the pitch in his career.


24.4% Thrown  77.0 MPH

Monty's money pitch is a huge hook that earned strikeouts at an excellent 44.2% rate. The pitch can find itself in the zone or rely on its 16.1% whiff to earn strikes, while limiting damage done with just a .058 allowed ISO in 2016.


7.1% Thrown  83.2 MPH

There's plenty of upside in Montgomery's Changeup, which held plus horizontal bend and vertical drop. Across the small sample of just 107 thrown in 2016, the slow ball held an astounding 28.0% whiff rate as batters chased the pitch 44.3% of the time when thrown out of the zone. If he gets a starting role for the Cubs this season, expect an increase in Changeups to come with it.


7.5% Thrown  87.1 MPH

Montgomery has yet another solid secondary pitch under his belt with his Cutter, which generated plenty of grounders and whiffs, while hitting the zone at an impressive 46.0% of the time. He has the tools to make a solid starter if ever given the proper chance.