Michael Fulmer
Detroit Tigers


56.9% Thrown  94.8 MPH

Fulmer has a solid gameplan with his pitches: Toss his Four-Seamer inside to left-handers, and toss his Two-Seamer inside to right-handers. The plan worked well, especially with his riding heater as it earned a fantasy pVal of 9.1 in 2016.


25.6% Thrown  87.9 MPH

There's a lot of potential in Fulmer's Slider that hasn't fully been realized yet. The main issue is the pitch's location, as he's able to hit the outside edge well, but a little too elevated and not hitting the down-and-away corner often. The pitch has the bite and velocity to be a plus pitch, he simply needs to make the adjustment and the whiffs will arrive.


17.5% Thrown  86.1 MPH

During his debut, Fulmer seemed to be mostly a two-pitch pitcher with his Fastball/Slider combination. However, with a few starts under his belt he made the switch to feature his Changeup nearly 20% of the time and his season took off. By the end of the year, his slow ball held an excellent 19.0 swinging-strike rate and allowed an absurdly low .031 ISO across the 431 thrown. It's hard to hate those numbers as he heads into 2017.