Max Scherzer
Washington Nationals


55.4% Thrown  94.3 MPH

With its great velocity and consistent location inside the zone, Scherzer excells with his Four-Seamer, earning a whopping 24.4 pVal in 2016. The pitch earns a ton of swings-and-misses as well, holding a 10.9% Swinging Strike rate and even inducing chases off the plate at a high 27.6% mark. Talk about a strong foundation for the rest of your arsenal.


8.1% Thrown  77.9 MPH

Every so often, Scherzer surprises batters with a huge Curveball that comes in nearly 10mph slower than his Slider and a bunch more depth. The result is a swing rate of just 25.4% despite hitting the zone over 40% of the time. That's how you get a free strike.


22.8% Thrown  86.2 MPH

With batters focused on his Fastball, Scherzer sets up his Slider perfectly, with identical arm action to add to its the deception. The result is an elite 49.4% O-Swing rate with just a 52.4% contact rate. Need more confirmation? Scherzer throws his slide piece in the zone nearly half the time with batters swinging through air at a 27.1% rate. That's simply absurd.


12.0% Thrown  85.2 MPH

Believe it or not, there's upside for better things with Scherzer's third pitch - a Changeup that has seven inches of vertical separation from his Four-Seamer and moves in the opposite direction of his Slider. The problem last year was his execution - Scherzer allowed five longballs on the pitch while not finding the zone enough, raising its walk rate from 4.2% to 7.6% in 2016.