Luis Perdomo
San Diego Padres


62.6% Thrown  93.8 MPH

It's all about the Two-Seamer with Perdomo, as he generates a ton of grounders with the pitch (63.1%!) and is able to spot it for a strike at a solid 52.4% mark. Perdomo will turn to the heat in times of need, just like the 2-2 pitch above with the bases juiced.


23.6% Thrown  82.9 MPH

The breaking ball in Perdomo's arsenal is a above-average hook that earned whiffs at a respectable 15.3% rate in 2016. He turns to it when he needs a punchout, earning a 35.8% K rate last season.


13.7% Thrown  88.7 MPH

Matching up with his Two-Seamer is a Changeup of the same grip...and nearly the same movement...and near the same velocity. There needs to be a little more separation in the pitch's attributes if he's going to use his slow ball to generate weak contact and miss bats.