Jon Gray
Colorado Rockies


56.0% Thrown  95.0 MPH

Here's where Gray needs to make improvements it he's going to become a true ace for the Rockies' staff. Gray doesn't do a good job of pinpointing his Four-Seamer, electing to throw the pitch slightly elevated over the heart of the plate instead of locating the pitch along the edges. This poor precision will make his nights pitching in Coors Field an even tougher ordeal.


10.4% Thrown  77.8 MPH

Gray added a Curveball last season and it worked out well. He has great flexibility in his Curveball, as he can use it to earn free strikes early in counts while also surprising batters for a sneaky strikeout as the bat rests on their shoulders.


25.9% Thrown  88.2 MPH

Gray's upside can be found in this pitch, which easily passes the eye test. It earned an elite 24.1% swinging strike rate last season, with an absurdly high 48.9% O-Swing mark. Even when batters did make contact, it produced groundballs at an excellent 50.5% rate. It's everything you want out of a Slider.


7.8% Thrown  85.4 MPH

Gray relied on his Changeup less with the introduction of his deuce, allowing him to pick his spots with the pitch better in 2016. The change led to an increase of deception as the pitch's O-Swing and whiff rates rose dramatically.