Joe Musgrove
Pittsburgh Pirates


46.9% Thrown  91.5 MPH

Musgrove showed up with a One-Seam Fastball last season, which acts like a Sinker with different spin and less horizontal bend. He didn't whip it as much as his typical Four-Seamer, though it will be interesting to see if he can use the pitch to earn whiffs and grounders at a solid rate in 2017.


10.0% Thrown  78.9 MPH

Musgrove turns to his deuce a good amount to shut the door, leading to a huge 52.6% K rate with the pitch last season.


33.1% Thrown  81.7 MPH

Musgrove's Slider gets a ton of horizontal bend - moreso than an average Curveball, which is rare to see - and it was a major favor for its 40.8% O-Swing rate last season. Pair that with a solid 46.0% zone rate and you have a dependable pitch in Musgrove's repertoire.


8.4% Thrown  82.3 MPH

There's good movement on Musgrove's Changeup, though his command of it is lacking, often letting it float up in the zone when it should fading down and away from left-handers. Don't expect its usage to rise until he's able to consistently keep the pitch from elevating over the plate.