Jeff Samardzija’s Splitter + The Best Pitches From This Weekend’s Games

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Congrats to Carter Capps’ Slider for winning last week’s GIF of the Week! His questionably legal delivery has made him into one of the most dominant relievers in the game, and his Slider is carving up batters left and right.

Jeff Samardzija‘s Splitter – It’s been a shaky 2015 for Samardzija, but he still has some nasty stuff under his belt. He’s limited the use of his Splitter as of late, but he can pull it out of a hat to get out of tough situations, such as this lively one to Chris Parmelee.

Clayton Kershaw’s Curveball – It’s a staple for a reason, as Kershaw’s Curveball is one of the very best in the game. The slow-motion shot here shows just how much tumbling action the former MVP gets as it dives across the plate.

Michael Pineda’s Changeup – En route to 10 strikeouts was this riding Changeup that disappeared to James Loney. It just keeps going…and going…

Steven Matz’s Curveball – It was a sparkling second time out on the hill for the Mets’ rookie as Matz shut down eight Ks in his Sunday Win vs. the Dodgers. This Curveball helped through the outing, here silencing opposing pitcher Mike Bolsinger.

Felix Hernandez’s Curveball – Even though Felix recorded his first loss in Oakland since 2008, he still was pretty to watch, like this big hook to Marcus Semien to escape a 6th inning jam.

GIF Of The Weekend

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